Thursday, August 15, 2013

Young friendship is SO sweet!

As some of  you know, Alyona met a young man at the Bulgarian Reunion.  Those two became inseparable.  What makes it better is their family and ours gets along rather well.  Lots of similarities and kids mesh together.  Well, since we left the reunion, Alyona and her friend have been talking almost daily.  Starting to write letters.  Imagine Alyona's surprise the other day when she received a package.

Alyona getting ready to open the package.  He told her it was coming so that mailbox was checked at least 20 times that day.

Inside was a hat, a necklace w/ a turtle on it, candy and quite a few notes.  Sweet.  

And of course nosy sisters wondering what it all says.  LOL.  Seriously though, this  young man is very thoughtful and sweet.  He talks to all of us, not just Alyona.  We're actually in the midst of planning a possible camping trip this fall to meet halfway between the states.  I think these two may actually lose their minds if they see each other again in the fall.  Too be so young again and so smitten by someone.  Lovely.  Just lovely.  

Need to get the kids ready for VBS this evening.  They have thoroughly enjoyed it this week.  In addition, tomorrow we have some unexpected guests coming so we may want to clean up this house at some point today.   So, lots going on this week and will fill in later in posts.  Just getting stuff done, docs ready for schooling to start, etc. is taking up every once of time this week.  The amount of paperwork for Bojan to be able to ride a wheelchair accessible bus is just ridiculous.  Really is.  But, has to be done.  Blog has been a little slack this week b/c life has taken a turn for busy.  You wouldn't think the lazy days of summer would get busy but they do.  Logan had his ESL testing and I also talked to the EC specialists while there regarding Alyona, Alex and Logan going to middle school.  Hopefully, they will pay attention this go around at JCPS systems.  So far, so good.  They are moving along with things and listening to what I say.  Got to go.  We're supposed to drive Max to Raleigh this evening but not sure we can time it in enough to pick up kids from VBS.  We'll see.  Much more to say, much more going on. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Dentist trip

Today, 5 of the kids had dental appointments.  Honestly, I expected bad news at this point in time as how long can our luck last.  They've gone the past few years, all of them, w/ no cavities or issues.  We all joke around about it in the office.  I will be honest here.  Some parents may get on my case but I don't care.  I know FASD kids, no matter the age, need to be told to brush their teeth.  After awhile though, I just think it gets a bit ridiculous to tell kids of a certain age to brush their teeth.  That being said, my kids have much to be desired in that area.  And yes, I remind them to brush their teeth but I'm not going to play shadow but to the younger ones.  Otherwise, I'd be in the bathroom all night on tooth patrol and that's just not happening. 

To my surprise, NONE of them today again had trouble.  Irina has a wisdom tooth that needs to come out but none have issues or cavities.  Irina was the only girl to go.  All the boys went this go around except Logan.  Little One will be joining the next batch of kids on the 26th.  Trying to get her added into the mix and on a schedule.  So, 5 will go one time, 6 another.  Great that they are that cooperative with us. 

So, all was well at the dentist thank goodness.  I also discussed w/ the dentist his choice of toys at the end.  A big machine full of bouncy balls.  You know, those big bouncy balls that destroy everything.  In their office is a sign saying NOT to bounce the balls in there.  I said if this sign is here, how do you think the parents feel?  The dental hygienists came over and stood by me!  LOL.  He truly has heard this over and over from multiple parents.  We've decided to brainstorm for him on better prizes.  Parents discuss this in the waiting room....all....the....time.  It's crazy.  My rule at home is bouncy balls outside.  Seriously, 11 bouncy balls can be hazardous to your house!  Many items have taken hits in the past.  Got to love it.  It's kind of the joke amongst parents in the waiting room every time we all are there.  But, overall great visit at the dentist.  Relieved.  Hoping next visit w/ the 6 of them is just as successful.