Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer Time Fun

The other day, we had friends over.  I know, I know, there are always folks here.  But, it's fun.  Plus, nice that all the kids get along so well.  We go swimming together and one day had a water balloon fight as well here.  Thought I'd share a few pics. 

Kids making a whirlpool.

Nik is a fish in the water to be sure!

Summer can really swim this year.  She can swim w/out those armbands but tires so make her put them on since she can't stand w/ her head above the water yet.

Logan stopping for a shot.

Reni, is another one of our fish.

Alex, taking a short break.  He's one of my lighter skinned kids that really burns.  Sunscreen is his friend.

Filling up the weapons of choice!

Summer, really ready to launch her first water balloon.

Those holes can come quicker than you think!

Miss Alyona always smiling.  Well, not always, just ask her sisters.

Alex got just a little bit soaked on this one.

Notice him telling people to be quiet.  He went in for the big guns versus waiting for the little water balloons to fill up.  After this, the other girls one upped him w/ a 5 gallon bucket.

My cutie patootie!

Nik and Alyona getting ready to refuel.  Was wonderful to spend the summer days with friends doing water activities.  Awesome!  Hope your summers are just as relaxing.

The good about being post op

The good for Bojan has been receiving get well cards and some goodies to keep his mind off the pain.  Was wonderful for him to get some things before the surgery.  A dear friend gave him a Dr. Who dvd set (swear if we see one more of those I'll scream!) and brain teaser book.  Both have kept him entertained for sure.  He's saving the magic kit for now.  part of that is being in so much pain, you really couldn't concentrate or figure out directions for that matter.  Now, he's up to everything again. 

Bojan has really enjoyed receiving cards, many from folks he hasn't seen in awhile.  Some from relatives and some from people he's never met!  Been awesome.  He also received some goodies from my parents the other day. 

My kids recognize this box.  

It's Sherry's Berries!  Delicious strawberries covered in chocolate.

Bojan reading the card as Alyona looks on to see what it says.

Usually the berries do not look this way when they arrive.  My mom was not too pleased b/c she orders these all the time for other people as well.  Put it this way, ice packs were not all that icy this go around.  She told the company and guess what?!  More berries on the way this Tuesday!  We were SO excited.  As you know, my kids could careless what these things look like.  They are just as tasty.  Smooshy and all.  However, my mom thought they should know the quality they arrive in.  Hey, we are definitely not complaining about that one.  We too have used Sherry's Berries and have had no trouble ever.  Just thought it's important for others to know a company is good to their word and does the right thing.  

Much, much going on right now.  Trying to catch up on some old posts.  Had some friends come over today and Max is staying the night at a friend's.   Tomorrow, Warren's parents are coming to visit Bojan.  More posts to come this weekend for sure.  Trying to finish some and start some new ones.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A finished piece

As some are aware, art class is held at our home on Tuesday mornings.  A local artist comes over to teach homeschoolers & public school kids during the summer.  This past week, they completed one of their works.  Great the variety.  Wished I had a better picture but gives you an idea.  They are working on their second work of art now.  Nik LOVES to paint.  Reni, not so much.  But, she's enjoying the friendships so she's not complaining too much.  Here is a few of the kids with their art:

Most the kids you can not see but you get the idea.  It's awesome to see how everyone did the same piece of art but they are all so very different.  Love it!  Reni really loved birds in hers.  Nik and Logan are up at the top but can't really see them too well.  Can't wait to see the next work of art.  If any locals are interested in the class, do let me know.   Great opportunity.

He's baaack

Who you ask?  Why Naked Ken of course.  For sure I thought this guy had disappeared after our vacation but nope.  We keep finding him everywhere. 

Somehow Naked Ken can now apparently fly up in the air.  Here he is pinned above the archway in teh living room.  What lovely decor we have here now.

Not sure if Naked Ken had one too many or what but as I was pulling weeds in the sidewalk, I discovered him face down.  

Naked Ken now has a buddy.  Hey, at least this one has clothes on...for the moment.  Not to be out done, this was on the other archway.  Hey, at least he's symmetrical.

Truly, wasn't sure I'd even be allowed to post this one.  Summer and Nik were so proud to call me over to see the swing they built for Barbie.  It was all I could do not to crack up.  Of course she is naked.  Though it looks more like pole dancing, I assure you, they just built her a swing.  LOL.  They even demonstrated how it swings back and forth.  Really?!  Again, all I could do not to fall over laughing.  I held it together as best I could and said wow, what a great swing.  BTW, they have this connected to the top of hte stairs.  I did make them take it down much to their dismay.  Don't you love the clutter in the background.  I'm clearing off shelves, one by one.  

Hey, at least my kids are being creative even if it looks a little, shall we say odd.  If you don't make a big deal of it, they're none the wiser.  They make all sorts of things.  Just some days, you have to wonder about them.

If you don't hear from me....

good reason.  This monitor is about to die and will need to be replaced.  So, if I'm not here for a few days, you'll know why.  Working on a few posts right now & will get them up in a bit here.  Just wanted to give this quick note in case I suddenly disappear from cyber world.  LOL. 

Alyona's Doc visit at Duke

On Monday, Alyona had a visit at Duke Ortho.  She's been there before to correct a botched surgery job done years ago on her radial articulation.  She has permanent damage.  Long story.  Anyhow, this time she was going due to recently found scoliosis.  We took reports from our doc as well as the x-rays.  They did their thing.  Nurse and doc measured her and reviewed reports.  Alyona will be receiving an MRI on August 16th at the Duke Cancer Center Radiology.  After that, we will determine where to go from there. 

Alyona's scoliosis was a sudden onset.  As in we went on vacation and she should no signs of it.  Have pictures of her.  Around 2 weeks later, it was dramatically different.  In addition, curves to the left.  When they checked her reflexes, none on her stomach.  Typically, they said all those factors indicate some sort of pathology going on.  Both our doc said this and the docs at Duke.  The doc at Duke believes there maybe three possibilities here with her.  First, nothing going on but straight up scoliosis.  Obviously, this is what we're shooting for.  Second, some sort of Chiari malformation.  Final possibility, spinal fluid collecting in a balloon type fashion and pushing the spine out.  MRI will tell us which one is the most likely to be going on.

That being said, options.  Her percentage is too far gone to brace it.  Bracing option is out.  They only will brace at 30% or below.  Now, that brings us to Alyona.  She is in what they call the gray area where they take the wait and see approach until something gets worse.  Alyona's percentage is at 45%.  At 45 to 48 is the "gray" area.  However, Alyona is also in pain.  That's actually a good thing believe it or not b/c that means most likely, no tumors or things of that nature are the cause.  But, being in pain w/ scoliosis is not good either.  Crazy how all this works, huh.  So, after the MRI, we will see what Duke says.  We will be getting a second opinion to be sure as looking like more of a surgical option will be taking place for Alyona.  Our second opinion will come from the Shriners Scoliosis Team in SC.  Her appointment has been made already.  Was made during Bojan's surgery last week.  It will be in September.  So, that is where we stand.  Keep you posted the next few weeks. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tired Tuesday

Well, since I totally missed Manic Monday and am beyond way far behind on posts lately, I figured I'd do a little one now and then catch you all up later on what's going on around Chaos Manor.  So, here goes nothing & posts later on Bojan and Alyona's visit to Duke.  Here goes:

  • Alyona went to Duke for scoliosis appointment
  • Speech therapist had a spleenectomy (no speech for awhile)
  • Bojan is having a VERY hard time recovering
  • We're all tired of walking on eggshells and feeling frustrated today
  • Monitor on computer is going
  • Kids are swimming today
  • Kids had art class today
  • Kids have friends over today
  • Alyona & Little One have an eye appointment this week
  • Going to courthouse to file papers for Little One tomorrow
  • Got Bojan's wheelchair approved by the school today
  • Working on enrolling 3 new middleschoolers this year in public school
  • Friends coming over this weekend to cookout
  • Warren's parents coming to visit this weekend
  • Reni broke her glasses....again
  • Finally got that family portrait done
  • Making plans for next year's summer vacation 
  • Wanting to travel cross country in the future (like in 2015)
  • Need school supplies
  • Our deal with Staples has changed & can no longer get rewards voucher (bummed!)
  • Still trying to sell things around here
  • Need to list the house
  • Car needs washing
Much, much more going on to be sure.  Will have separate posts.   Crazy, crazy few days.  I"m sure most of you can understand that.  More to come.