Friday, July 26, 2013

Max's Dream Bus

The other day, Max drew the bus he wants for us.  Hey, when he dreams, he dreams big.  Though, can admit seeing us driving one of these things.  Though, I know it will never happen just given how much these things go for.  But awesome that he can dream. 

A picture of Max's RV for us.  Not sure what colors he would pick as these are all sketches w/ pencil. 

A little closer view of the front of it.  

I love how there is a trailer for us to tow all of our stuff in as well as the bus itself.  Hey, if you're going all out, might as well go all out.  So, when Max makes it big, or we have a sponsor of some sort for RV's, you may just see us driving around in Max's dream bus.   For now, you will not be seeing us in this.  C-MOW is here to stay for quite some time I do believe.  Think he can design a new paint job for C-MOW next year??  Time will tell.  So, what do you think of Max's bus? 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Budding Artists

This July, we started an art class that meets at our house.  Some of my kids have been participating.  Those who didn't (Alyona and Alex) wished they did. 

Nik, getting ready to start his painting again.  They do it in parts each week.

a group shot of some of the budding artists.  We have two classes, one right after the other.

 Nik's picture.

Nik just being Nik.  Enjoying being an artist.  

Artists at work.  Shower curtains on the table were a great idea.

There are 3 artists that come here and help the children.  So, each gets individual instruction if needed.  

And as every artist does, time to sign his name.

 Nik showing off his painting and his favorite Angry Birds bag.

Max starting on his art work.

This is Reni's artwork.  I think she loves birds.

Reni, working on the next piece...some sketching.

Max working on the boat part of his drawing.

Little One working on a piece.  Yana didn't want to finish hers, so gave it to Little One to paint.

Logan, drying his painting before applying the varnish. 

Max's finished piece.

Another shot at Max's but I used the flash this time.

Locals, if you'd like to join us, please feel free.  We are signing folks up for August.  VERY reasonable at $15 a month for an hour class each week.  And, they get to take the piece home!  While the one class is happening, the other kids play upstairs or outside.  We have a pool table upstairs and that tends to get a lot of use.  Very pleased with all the art work of the kids.  Interested in taking a class on Tuesdays, please let me know.  Just had to show you a few of what the kids were working on. 

The cookie requests

Okay, since I posted about the cookies here, people have asked me privately and on the blog if she sells them and if she can ship.  Well, she makes these for friends and family usually, however, would consider selling them and shipping would be fine.  They would be fantastic for parties, birthdays, reunions(can you imagine the Bulgarian Flag?!), etc.  Truly was surprised at how they arrived in one piece even after my kids had carried the boxes.  So, if you are interested in the cookies, please write Vicky here

Blessings Abound!

The other day, a friend was moving.  Her daughter is in high school now and they asked if we would be interested in some Barbie stuff.  Now, I was figuring a few dolls.  Umm, nope!

Part of a giant Barbie house.  

All that in the background is Barbie furniture.  And you should have seen the cool Barbie Cadillac. 

That bin behind them was filled to the top w/ Barbie stuff.  The girls were in heaven.  They wasted no time getting into the make up either.  Just look at Summer's eyes.  The Barbie Ship was another favorite.  But the house & the car by far was the best in their eyes.

Max adding on the last part to this monstrous house.  Love that it is so open for them since they have motor control issues.  Works well.  Thank you so much Kerrie & Danielle!

 They got this paper card kit in the box of goodies from another friend in the neighborhood.  Nik and Logan decided to bring in reinforcements in the form of Max to help out.  

Boys love crafts too.  Here they were learning to make bracelets.  

Nik eating marshmallows while Max works on the car.  Thank you Tonya for all the cool things!  Really is appreciated.  

Today, the boys really cleaned out their room.  Clutter and all.  sorted:

The younger boys sorting out the clutter.  Not an easy task.  Most of that is junk or broken pieces. URGHH!!!  Irina found 2 molded apples in the older boys' room.  Why are boys so disgusting??  I just don't get it.  

I've also been selling some things around the house here and there to help clear the clutter to sell the house and also make a little cash to help with our upcoming trips.  We love to travel but let's face it, gas is not the most inexpensive part of our trips.  LOL.  So, getting rid of things that are collecting dust anyhow and also gaining space int eh process I feel is a win-win.  We'll see.  Much more to do this evening.  But, house is finally getting a better grip on organization.  Shoot, we even matched ALL our socks today finally!  Sounds trivial but that was a mountain.  Getting things together slowly but surely.  More to come soon. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Time for a trim

Things tend to get away from us here some times.  We unfortunately are not the all matching, well kept, cleaned up bunch I once aspired for us to be.  Frankly, I'm lucky the kids put on shoes that fit.  Many times they'll grab what's by the door and be off. And yes, even caught Yana in Reni's shoes before.  So not just the younger ones.  I'll always tell them please, just don't wear something wear something dirty or full of holes.  Okay mom.  Yeh, right.  Hair is along the lines w/ clothing around here.  Originally, the girls and I were growing our hair out for the Bulgarian Reunion but right before we left, our lives were turned upside down w/ houseguest leaving that we totally forgot about the haircuts.  Finally got around to them last Friday.  And boy, were they way overdue.

This is Nik's much needed after cut.  We can see if his implants are working now.  Important for him in summer b/c they break down all the time due to corrosion.  

Summer is under there somewhere.  It was so bad, the hairdresser asked me to brush it out!  LOL.  

Irina's before cut.

We asked if we could donate the hair and the lady measured and said it wasn't long enough.  Has to be 10".  I told the lady we have a different organization that is not Locks of Love and they accept 8".  She went on to keep telling me it's 10".  We'll donate next year.  

Nik and Reni.  Reni told the lady how she wanted her hair cut.  Not down in this picture yet.  I said Reni, we could have done that at home.  URGHH!!!  She & Yana drive me nuts when it comes to hair.  Truly, hate wasting money if you're just going to get a straight up trim.  I'll know better next time.  Still, it needed trimming so no harm done.  Just when you shell out over a $100 for haircuts, you actually want them to get their hair cut!

Little One w/ her new do, helping find another new do for me.  That's what her and Alyona were doing.  

Summer and Alyona showing off their new styles and quite pleased with them I might add.

And the new Irina front view.

New Irina side view.  Much needed cut for sure and looks good.

I'd say Summer is still pretty pleased with that haircut.  I got one as well.  Got it all whacked off!  Great haircuts for summer.  Only snafu was when they entered houseguest's name and came out on the computer screen waiting room.  They thought we said her name and not Alyona's.  Easy mistake but got the kids to thinking about her again.  Hard not to to be honest.  Anyhow, we got our haircuts and were ready to go.  

We have portraits this weekend.  Our first family portrait in years.  I won a photo shoot and will definitely tell you all about the place after we go this weekend.  We're actually shooting on a location.  Something I've never done before.  My kids will be the ones pushing each other in the water.  Should be a lovely shot.  I can only imagine getting all 13 of us to smile.  When we had the 9 of us, if we got at least 7 to smile, we'd count it as good and accept the picture.  True.  See what we can do this weekend with it.  And, we'll have another person coming to stay with us.  Adult, so no ideas please.  No, this gentleman is a soccer player and is coming to teach the boys some tricks and things and to visit.  Very cool.  So, planning on going to the portraits and then to a park to do some soccer.  Never dull here, is it?  Hence the name Chaos Manor will live on.  More tomorrow.  I have a horrible, horrible sinus headache and what appears to be a chest cold in the middle of summer.  URGHH!!  I can not, can not get sick w/ Bojan going to surgery next week.  We all need to be well. 

Together shirt & tasty treats

Kids fight.  Brothers and sisters fight.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is most likely lying.  People are not going to get along every single second of the day.  There will be spats. Especially, with such a mixture of personalities here.  Well, the other day Alyona & Reni were going at it every few mintues for one thing or another.  So, decided to let them put on a together shirt.  A shirt idea we saw off Pinterest or somewhere. 

They did not want to look at the camera.  Can't blame them.

They were having none of this togetherness thing.  Being next to each other was killing them.  Kind of the point.  

Reni and Alyona getting a lecture on how we should care about each other.  Yes, you'll have disagreements but this day was just out of hand.

Now, Warren was WAY too nice.  Only had this on a few minutes.  Me, I would have left it on them for at least an hour.   

Loses it's effectiveness when they all want to try it on just for fun.

And, since it's a zombie shirt, a little acting involved here.

Summer just being cute.

Reni still not to happy about this whole deal. 

Reni getting ready to sample a cookie we got the other day.  BTW, PLEASE let me know Vicky if you sell these.  Quite a few have asked!  Also, if you ship.  

Cookies got hte approval by Irina for sure.

Told them to have one.  Logan getting caught w/ 2.  

And I do believe they all gave seal of approval for taste.  I'm telling you, these cookies truly were delicious.  

Kids just got out of the pool as it's raining.  Down pour rain.  We had art class today and now going to just veg out and watch a movie.  More to come.

A trip to Pelicans

Here we have a snow cone place called Pelicans.  Kids LOVE it.  Last year, they were just a buck.  This year, a buck.50.  Not bad but with us, definitely a little high.  Therefore, going is indeed a treat.  Well, found some coins leftover from last year.  Just enough for everyone and an extra to get one.  And, the day was hot and sunny so perfect weather for it.

Just look at all those flavors!  Such a hard decision.  Great news is all are fantastic.

 This guy is efficient.  

 Kids are mesmorized watching them make the snow cones.

Reni.  Still can't get rid of that fake smile.  Hoping by age 12.  ALL my kids go through it.

Little One couldn't see so had to give her a lift to be part of the action.

Yana definitely ready for summer time.

Reni and Summer.  I think Summer is enjoying that just a bit too much.  

 Since I won't let either one drink coffee, they both got coffee flavored snow cones.  They get them every time we come here. 

I can't remember Alex's flavor.  If it was candy apple or what. But, he liked it!

Summer, trying to figure some of this out.

Nik can make this whole thing bounce.  Crazy. 

Reni getting ready to give the monkey bars a try.

Alyona hanging around.

Warned Alex to not slide down or it would blister burn his hands.  Nik put his flip flops on his hands to slide down the pole.

Headed home with cool, full bellies.  We'll have to visit at least one other time this summer.  Have to try some more flavors.  all in all, a really nice time with the kids and two of their friends.  The snow cones were perfect and really hit the spot on a hot day.