Thursday, July 11, 2013

Alyona's Birthday

Yes, I'm well aware it was at the end of June.  Yes, I am that far behind on posts.  So, playing catch up.  Yes, our little Alyona turned 14yo.  Can hardly believe it myself.  She came to us at 7yo.  Crazy.  She reminds us all the time that she is indeed a teenager. 

My little girl is becoming a young lady right before my eyes and way too fast for this mom.  She is clearly a teenager and filling that role well.  

Thought these curly candles would be cool.  Never, ever will I get them again.

All those candles lit and happy birthday in the background.  

Alyona thinking really hard of what her wish is going to be.

And blowing out the candles dreaming of that wish.  May all your wishes come true Alyona!  We love you & hope your 14th year is a year of growth, progress, and full of joy. 

More great doc news!

Warren had a nuclear medicine stress test today for his heart.  All is perfect!  No blockages, no failures, no nothing.  Perfectly healthy heart which for a father to many, is a great thing.  Trust me, I don't want to go it alone.  LOL.  With this many kids, parents need to stay healthy as well.  My heart check up is in August. 

Just had to share the great news.  Not surprised but still nice to always get some good news.  Many more happenings but some kiddos have to go to bed first. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Teasing, toothless, and tasty

Odd title but lots of little stuff.  I have tons of pictures to catch up on and happenings so be prepared for a bunch of posts. 

Logan is still under the mentality that women are subpar to men in ANY circumstance.  Drives us all insane.  And sometimes, well, you just need to learn a lesson.  Logan kept teasing and teasing Yana.  She said do  I have permission to take him down.  After way too much teasing and pestering from Logan, I said absolutely.  So, she has him in a head lock.  We said you need to say mercy and you can get up.  He said never!  LOL.  Yes, eventually he did.  And no, he's not hurt at all...just the ego.

Guess who lost her first tooth?!  This was during the middle of the night on our long RV ride home.  We never did find that tooth.  Probably got vacuumed up.  

She was super duper proud of her lost tooth.

We had cupcakes for the fourth of July amongst many other things.  I was going to get creative but alas, I'm just not Martha Stewart and do not have enough time in the day.  So, simple it was.

A closer look.  They were good.  Make Duncan Hines cake mixes but we make our own homemade icing.  Rich but good.  Kids won't let me ever buy store bought icing any more.  

More posts on the way but tomorrow. 

Here comes the sun....

NOT!!!  Here where we live, it seems to have been raining almost nonstop at times.  Really, lots of rain.  So much, had to drain the pool down.  Rained again today.  Yana went for a run today and got stuck in the rain.  Crazy.  Our yard is taking a hit as these are torrential down pours at times.  When that happens, this starts to happen in the backyard since the neighbors built a fence that now acts as a dam:

The water builds up behind their fence and then comes rushing through.  

You can see where the bubbling is starting.  Granted, this is only from torrential down pours but this is all we've had this week folks.  Getting a bit ridiculous.

No, this backyard did not originally have a creek. LOL.  A landscaper is actually coming Thursday and Friday to give us estimates on a solution possibly.  I can only imagine. Hey, free estimates at least.  Solution will be another story.

So mad the picture turned out blurry.  There is water from the top coming down.  It is a water fall through our woods.  Gorgeous in person every time it rains.

This is the water coming to the drop off at the back of our property.   It then goes to a creek that is in our side yard and down the neighborhood.  That's a lot of water folks!  Drop off is about 6 to 7 feet.

Another view of the back yard when it rains.  It was not this way before the fence.  There used to be a drain between the two yards.  Not sure what happened to that but as you can see, it has left us with a huge issue to contend with.  We'll get a solution.  Thankful that it doesn't rain everyday here.  Just wasn't wanting to add another thing to the stupid to do list that never gets ta done.  And with that, need to go.  More to do.  

People are coming over to look at the RV.  Alex & Logan did their end of school testing.  We ran behind this year due to all the happenings, surgeries, adoptions, etc.  Alyona is doing hers now.  Reni will do hers this evening and Nik tomorrow.  Send them all off to be graded.  Then, I do believe I'm going to register Alex, Logan and Alyona in school.  Should be interesting.  Alyona and Alex have IEP's.  Logan will need full evals done despite them wanting to label him ESL I'm sure.  They do that in the state of NC so the schools can be exempt from their testing scores.  Nice, huh?  It does not help the kid and I fight the ESL label every single time as it is not a good thing in this state.  Not sure of other states but not here.  Irina was learning Spanish before English!  So, lots to do in regards to getting schooling stuff done.  Also, want evals for Summer, Little One and Houseguest done when she returns.  We'll get there slowly but surely.  Time to get going.  More to come.

Shrek's Swamp and sweet things

Figured it was time to catch up on a few things here and there.  We went on vacation and came back to a very, very green looking pool.  Aka...Shrek's Swamp.  There were storms and so we got all the leaves out and everything else.  But, remained green.  Pool guy said "only gone for a week?!"  Yep, honest to goodness, just a week.  He told Warren we're not even going to worry about getting the pH balanced at this point.  Here's some shock, come back as you may need two of them for this.  That's when you know it's bad.  Remember, we had just drained the entire pool, scrubbed it down and treated it. 

Not quite the pool we left when we went on vacation.  

When we poured in the shock, it started to bubble and turn yellow.  It was interesting to watch.  

Of course, the kids thought this was all cool.  We, did not.  

This I thought was cool.  From time to time, I check out adoption auctions or try to donate if I can.  It's tight but I try at times.  Recently, bid on something small but something I thought we'd get a lot of use of for sure.  It's a back pack cooler!

Insulated, nice design and something the kids can use as well.  With trips here and there and outings, makes it easy to take drinks.  Carolina is a bit hot in the summer time if you didn't know it.  LOL.  There are always adoption auctions going on.  I also bid on a skirt and got that but have not received it quite yet.  Summer will be styling though.  

Sweet thing.  Poor Summer wanted to swim so badly. Notice the rain on the door?  It was torrential down pours that day.  She loves the water.

During the week, there are always other kids over here.  Sometimes, we have 20 or so at a time. Most times though, around 15.  Not every day but a few times a week.  So, something to feed them all.  A friend brought her kids over along w/ a sweet watermelon.  The kids all ate piles of watermelon.  2 huge watermelons!  Folks, that's a lot of fruit.  Notice a tier of peaches on the table as well.  Got those from the farmer.  Nice to share some goodies with friends and let the kids eat that summer fruit that's out for what seems like a short time.  

More blog posts to catch up on.  For now, Max is fixing the RV steps w/ new outdoor carpet.  Outside steps.  We've chosen paint to paint the inside with.  One more person is going to come and look. However, if they don't get it, we're starting the decorating.  Making many lists today and getting things done.  Yana put new shelf liner paper in the cabinets.  Little projects were accomplishing today.  More to come and catch up on.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Visit to the doc

Well, today Little One went to the doc.  And I know I don't write a whole lot about her yet.  But today, just felt good.  It's great to know your child is healthy, growing and eating right.  Reason I write that is I have great experience w/ children when they come home and don't quite eat the way they should.  Those who've known us for awhile, know Alyona and the struggles we had early on.  It was not for the faint of heart and to this day, we still have issues from time to time.  But now, it's more a being a picky person type thing.  Well, Little One had similar issues to our Alyona.  Wont' go into a whole lot of detail just suffice it to say, she had a few issues.  So to go to a doc appointment and know that they are growing and thriving is enough to make any parent's heart melt.  Just feels good to know they are in the right place emotionally, physically, etc.  We go back in 6 weeks and then we are done with the GI doc for good.  To some, this may not seem like a big deal.  To us, huge.  It's like a few months ago when the eye doc for Alyona said we can stop coming and can go to a regular optometrist.  Felt good.  Alyona has ONH(optic nerve hypoplasia) and strabismus.  It's the little things that make us jump up and down inside and today was one of those days with Little One. 

While we took her to the doc, the other kids were home and an art teacher came to the house to work with a group of kids.  Not just ours.  Prices are very reasonable so this was a fantastic opportunity.  They'll be doing this for the next few months.  Can't wait to see the pieces they'll turn out.  Max will even be entered in some contest happening as well. 

WE are all tired of the rain here.  Tomorrow, is the only day we're home all day long.  Very happy and hoping we can get a few things accomplished.  We'll see.  Catch up tomorrow I hope on some lingering posts.  Just been super duper busy lately.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Manic Monday

Phew.  Been a busy past few days.  I don't have much time to write but do a quick Manic Monday post and then write more later. 

  • Prepping the house for sale
  • Got the outside looking good over the weekend
  • Working on inside next and hiring a person for a few odd jobs
  • Finally got folks to call me back about repair work
  • someone wants to look at the RV
  • Little One goes to the doc tomorrow about getting a g-tube taken out
  • Houseguest is still away for right now (hoping for a quick return)
  • We all miss her like crazy
  • Nik fell off the Ripstick going full force down the hill.  He looks like some motorcycle accident victim.  Road rash w/ skin off and huge bruises.  Ouch!  He had a helmet on.  Next time, need bubble wrap.
  • Went to a church VBS at a house this evening. Nice.
  • Going to a church carnival on Friday
  • My parents are coming to town on Saturday
  • Warren goes for a stress test on Thursday (as if there is not enough stress here.  LOL)  No, our cardiologist said he has a healthy heart but he does this as routine.  I've had one done too.  
  • My nuclear stress test is in August (I'm on cardio preventive exams as heart health in my family's past has not been the best.  However, mine was so great last time, he's allowing me two years between visits.  Wahoo!!!)
  • Alyona needs to go to the eye doc.  We no longer have to see a specialist.
  • Filling out adoption paper work
  • Art classes start here on Tuesday
  • Friends coming over Thursday to swim
  • making appointments for kids
  • need to set up evals for some of the kids
  • contemplating putting Alex, Alyona & Logan back in middle school
  • looking at various homeschool things
  • planning next year's summer vacation (crazy, I know!)
  • selling all sorts of stuff around the house to clear the clutter
  • bought fishing poles to let the kids fish at campgrounds we go to
  • thinking of taking a break from soccer for one season (still unsure)
  • way behind on just about everything you can imagine.  
  • Can't believe it's July
  • Need to call Shriner's for Bojan's upcoming surgery
  • Made s'mores today just for kicks
  • we are so tired of all this rain
  • have a rain barrel(found at a yardsale for $6!) but they all keep leaving the stupid lid on.  
  • knock on wood, family is all healthy and growing
Little bit of what's happening around here.  much, much more but I'll get to it all over the next several days and get some posts up.  Have a pile started but none finished.  Hate it when it happens but life/ kids come first.  Blog, not so much on high priority list.  Still, need to catch up on posts and pictures.  In time.