Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Time for a trip!

That time of year again.  Time for an annual summer family vacation.  Wish us luck!  So far, not starting off the greatest and we haven't even left yet.  Yana is sick. Hoping she gets better and SOON.  Little One is still fascinated with washing her the toilet.  And peanuts are everywhere in the washing machine.  Don't ask.  But, we're getting there

Is this really getting ready kids??

I swear my kids can find any goodie I hide in the RV.  Glow in the dark ball they discovered.  Lights up when bounced.  Nik and Summer were "helping."  Notice the dinnette tore up so we could put the food in it?  This RV has TONS of storage which is awesome b/c we most definitely need it.

Nik headed to help restock some supplies inside.  I had asked Max to open all the hatches and load up.  He knows what loading up means.  Chairs, cushions, grill, charcoal, sleeping bags, tent, etc.  I come back out to check and he forgot the tent!  I said where did you think you were going to sleep?!  The entire RV got washed including the top. However, the front has this 'brow' that none of us could reach.  

Nik demanded a picture, Summer, not so thrilled about it.

Reni helped me check bags.  Don't you just love how the boys sort?  Reni checked behind them.  After awhile, here and I gave up and said you're all old enough.  Told you what you need, your own fault if you forget it.  Hey, if my 3yo can pack and know what to take, they so can my teen sons.

Millipedes make for interesting conversation while loading up.

Games such as checkers, tic tac toe, and brain teasers are what's on the trips we take.  I try to unplug them and us as much as we can.  They found the camping lantern.  Love it.  It's a coleman and really awesome.  Push of a button and light.

Nik was the driver.  Little One was inthe passenger seat pretending to drive.  LOL.  She & Nik were having so much fun.  She does fit in w/ this bunch for sure.  Enough of a nut to make it.  

Are you done packing kids??  We're all getting there.  Going to Walmart first thing in the morning.  Hauling off the trash as well.  Then, on our way. I'm assuming around 10 am before we actually hit the road.  Was hoping for earlier but it is us.  Have a wonderful week everyone.  I will not blog until we are back next week.  We get back later in the week.  You will have plenty to catch up on and pictures to boot!  Can't wait to see everyone at the Bulgarian Reunion.   And Nashville is a place all of us are looking forward to as we've never been.  Excitement is returning.  Here's to some happy thoughts this week.  We are ready to hit the road.  Lucky 13 on another adventure.  Stay tuned for more.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our Weekend

This past weekend was our first weekend w/out one of our Littles.  Different was an understatement.  Hauntingly quiet even with 11 kids here and friends.  Just different.  But, we did keep busy.  Saturday we had a bit going on.  Yardsales I went to alone.  Was going to go w/ my cousin but went past the girls' room and well, just didn't feel up to company afterwards.  So, went in the car alone for the first time in a long time.  Came across 2 yardsales.  1 was nothing.  The other one had some awesome deals.  A striderite company had gone out of business and lots of leftover girls' shoes.  Brand new in the box!  Summer and Little One will be styling for sure.  Got the boys' a new hamper.  You'd be surprised at just how many they break.  Got a few little odds and ends.  Summer and Little One were thrilled b/c I found Dora backpacks.  A big one and a small one.  They've been wearing them on and off ever since.  Came home and we did clean up and a few other errands we had to.

Like taking in the fragrant smell of gardenias in bloom.

Admiring the beauty of it all.  I clipped a few for around the house.  You can't beat the smell, that's for sure.

 The kids enjoyed a dip in the pool.  Though this pic was taken from today actually.  

Think Summer will stay a float??

Angry kid getting ready to be a teenager in 2 weeks??  No, just sun in the eyes. 

Anyhow, after some errands, three wonderful ladies came over to our home.  Their watch our kids while Warren and I got a night out.  First time since 2005.  They knew we had had a horrible week w/ one of the Littles leaving and the intense grieving everyone was experiencing was taking a toll on us.  SO, they came over and we got to go out to dinner at the Angus Barn!  A dear friend had given us a gift certificate a ways back and we finally got to use it.  We had a wonderful meal.  Though, a little weird w/out all that noise.  Weird not having to cut someone else's food either.  Talked a bit and even had dessert.  Yum.  Too much too eat so took dessert home.  Came home.  Kids had a great time w/ everyone and no one was in trouble.  Truly, they all should come over more often. 

Sunday, we just got things done around the house.  Yesterday we had 17 kids here and today we had an art show hosted at our house.  A lady is going to be giving art lessons to kids locally here.  Great prices and awesome opportunity to be sure.  Much more happening and I will try to play catch up slowly but surely. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Manic Monday

Wow boy!  What a week in store for the Boyd Bunch.  Thank goodness it is nothing like last week.  Here we go.

  • Big summer vacation starts Thursday
  • making sure dog sitter is ready
  • need to start packing
  • need to do laundry (thank you Irina for help w/ that!)
  • need to preliminary pack the RV
  • need to air out tent
  • need to buy a fan for tent
  • need to cancel a few tickets since family size has changed
  • need to notify campgrounds of changed size
  • sent off adoption docs
  • waiting on homestudy draft to be finished (should be this week!)
  • still buggy out in NC
  • Max cut Bojan's hair
  • boys need hair cuts
  • girls need hair cuts
  • we were so out of it last week, I did nothing for Father's Day this year.  No annual t-shirt
  • went to a few yardsales
  • got to make stepping stones w/ Summer and Little One
  • kids are still very much hurting emotionally
  • kids are though looking forward again to a nice vacation
  • ready to jump in the lake
  • speech therapy all week
  • Nik has audiology this week
  • Max has PT this week
  • need to go to the store
  • working on refund from lawyer (they'll take money but boy, giving it back is another story!)
  • need to reschedule many appointments
  • Logan's lump is going away.  He's on 10 day antibiotics
  • need to refill meds for people before trip
  • 19 kids here Friday.  17 here today
  • stupid possum took over the dog bed on the back porch that I was airing out and going to wash but hadn't gotten to it.  
  • dog is missing her dogbed so now sleeping on the living room big pillow the kids use.  Spoiled dog.  Need to get a new dog bed one of these days
  • Digby finally did get that bath he needed
  • dogs are out of cookies.  Need to bake some this go around.
  • RV still not sold so definitely taking it this trip
  • organizing clutter in spots this week
  • got to send of kids' testing stuff
  • Alyona's glasses broke.  Her ONLY pair.  URGHH!!! 
So, so much more happening around here.  Oh and totally forgot I'm helping host an art show tomorrow HERE at the house!  What the heck was I thinking?!  Crazy.  Kids and I cleaned this evening.  I'll try to maybe get caught up on pictures and blog posts tomorrow.  Have a bunch started.  RV is getting inspected.  Need it back so we can start loading it.  I need a count of things. Packing is the trick to this whole trip.  ONLY take what  you need with 13 people.  Seriously.   Got to go.  More things to do before tomorrow.  Baking this evening.  More to come.