Thursday, May 23, 2013

Max's surgery

Yesterday, Max had his shoulder surgery.  All went well.  Even better than expected.  The doc opened him up and did not find the tears he was expecting.  He did however find a very loose capsule which was the cause of his arm continually falling out of socket.  Surgeon fixed that.  Max came home.  He had opted not to have the nerve block.  They told him it only lasted 18 hours.  His choice.  Did okay w/out it though. Today, he started to feel the pain for sure but drugs kept him happy.  Alex handled this surgery better than he has handled any others in the past.  For those that don't know, Alex has PTSD and is traumatized any time he is in the hospital or someone has something done to them at the hospital.  But, this time he was okay and we talked about it before Max came home.  Alex is growing up and able to confront things a bit better.  Relief.

Nik made a drawing for Max.  I told him to make a card and this is what he came up with.

Umm, I think Nik spent a little too much time studying a surgical room.  BTW, surgeon has a knife and scissors.  LOL.

A little drugged are we?

Max was even able to semi crack a smile after surgery.

And, he's out for the count for awhile.  

 I told them to be quiet so Reni and Alex chose to study on the stairs (no idea why) and review for the year.  They were not happy when I told them they forgot about all the work we had in the binders from first semester. 

 Not too many scars.  Under the white gauze is where the holes are that were drilled and then stitched up.  RMS is the surgeon's initials.  

Overall, Max is doing really well post op.  Though this evening he's really feeling it more.  He won't be in school till next Tuesday.  School is calling me tomorrow to arrange exam times since he has to have a scribe now.  I was happy the other kids have been very caring.  And Max couldn't say no as he is so used to playing w/ the Littles.  Well, Little One crawled up next to him and smiled big.  I tried to move her but Max said she was fine and not hurting him.  They both sat there awhile and watched a movie.  We're obviously homebodies the next few days here.   You'd think we'd catch up on stuff.  Been a long week.  Today was not a great day.  Not because of surgery but because of other things happening here.  I'll elaborate later.  Let's just say life lessons & that if you see two boys in my yard doing hard labor chores, do NOT smile at them.  Let's just say some orphanage habits are hard to break.  Does not excuse behavior though.  More on all this tomorrow.  I truly am tired this evening.  To be expected.  Next surgery isn't till July 30th so we have some time. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Help a dream come true

Last year at Camp Cheerio, we had the privilege of meeting Kris Martin.  A very, very inspiring young man who happens to be deaf and an awesome race care driver.  The young man gave us fantastic advice for Nik and always took time out to speak to anyone and everyone if they had a question for him.  He is the kind of person you want your kids looking up to as a role model.  I will let you read a little more and see if you can help him with his dream.  This is not a long post but very important.  Check out the link:

Kris Martin

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Camp Cheerio (part 2)

I told a little of Friday's events.  The whole camp is mapped out and scheduled which makes things so much easier for people.  It runs so smoothly.  Truly, many of those in charge could change some companies around if they were hired.  No glitches, no scheduling conflicts, etc.  Somehow, they pull it off every year w/out a hitch or hiccup.  Only 'big' hiccup this year was they couldn't find a movie at the end for the kids so they had to ask for one.  Now, if that is the biggest 'hiccup' than you know w/out a doubt it was a successful camp!  And the kids agree.  Every year they've asked to go back.  Not a one of them doesn't want to go back.  One of the Littles was screaming this year b/c she did NOT want to go home.  Seriously.  We are going back next year.  How could we not?!  So now for a few more pictures.

Alyona and one of her friends at camp.  They look forward to seeing each other each year.  Friendships at this camp tend to be long term.  It's wonderful.  Building in the background is the gym where they all hang out.  

Max and Summer enjoying some ice cream at the icecream social.  They had all sorts of flavors.  Too busy eating to smile. LOL.

Reni and Nik in disguise w/ one of their crafts.  Should have had the Littles put these on.  LOL.

Summer is enjoying dodgeball a little too much in my opinion!

 Nothing like basketball and dodge ball on a rainy day.

 Max was a volunteer this year and thoroughly enjoyed it.  He can't wait to be one next year.  

 Had to take a picture as they weren't fighting!  Bonding time. 

Bojan was having a heck of a time with his leg getting wet and not being able to get the shoes one.  At least he was smart enough to take t he leg off before jumping in the lake.  A few of my kids jumped in the lake.  Go figure.

 This was the weather the entire time we were there.  And this was one of the clearer views. 

Though the views were dismal this time, the fun brightened everyone's day.  Really did.  They went canoeing, bowling, archery, crafts, bouncehouse, gym, basketball, petting the horses, and just too much else to name.  Old friendships renewed and new ones started.  Awesome!  This camp benefits the kids, the parents and the siblings.  It is not only fun but life changing for many.  I can not stress how beneficial this is to go to our family.  I do know this year, I will try to raise the funds for scholarships for future families.  I'll do that over the summer.  I think more should have this experience to be sure.  More later.  FAS Support group meeting this evening if you are local.  If you don't have a support group in your areas, make one!  Trust me, you'll laugh and find what you need.  Kids are downstairs making cards for Max.  He will have  3 month recovery time and is not looking forward to that over the entire summer.  His surgery is at 6:30 am tomorrow. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Camp Cheerio Recap (part 1)

Oh where to start?  Well, we got started late?  Why you ask?  Because of what happened the night before.  It was ridiculous and petty and I was extremely disappointed in my children.  I know I told the story already but still, made me angry.  Since we were up late dealing with that, did not get the packing done we needed to.  So, bunch of unhappy kids on the way to camp b/c we said if you do not confess, everyone will stick w/ Mom and Dad unless in group activities.  Surely someone would own up to it.  Nope.  URGHH!!! 

We see that sign and everyone just wants to jump out of their seats!

As you can tell, not all that happy yet b/c at this point, they still  thought they were staying w/ Mom and Dad the whole time.  

Alex thinking about things.

Houseguest about lost her mind when she saw all these horses.  Loved petting them.

This was t he only clear few hours we had.  Rest of the time, fog and rain.

Cool new signs and many updates this year.  Was awesome. This camp always looks so beautiful.  You can tell they really care about the place.

Okay, so have a few group shots that I do every year.  Just this year I can't post them yet as the Littles are in the shot.  So, here's part of the group goofing off.

Bojan hanging out at the cabin before a meal time.

Yes, I let the manly husband hold the diaper bag. LOL.  Bojan and Dad.

On the way to Cheerio while filling the van, I went in and bought Nik his gummies that someone else stole.  He was thrilled. I looked at him and said "Don't Share!"  I got glares from everyone.  You know, ONE of them was indeed guilty.  

Alyona enjoying some dessert which comes w/ every meal.  Little One was miffed when I wouldn't let her have dessert first.  LOL.  She'll learn in time.  In fact, only took her one meal after that.

My Summer Bummer.  The slowest eater on Earth!  She had such a good time with friends at camp.  Enjoyed it a lot.  We all did.  I have more pictures coming.  I have to weed through what I can't post.  In addition, weather was horrible so didn't even take the camera out much.  But still, caught a few.  The first day we arrived, we checked in, ate lunch and went to classes.  Met for dinner and then there was an ice cream social a bit later and the kids hung out at the gym.  Just fun times getting to know everyone.  Part two coming soon. 

Manic Monday

Well, been a few days since on here.  Felt great!  But, back to work.  So, here goes a Manic Monday post and then later tonight I'll talk about Camp Cheerio.

  • Had an awesome time at Camp Cheerio
  • Hard news to swallow
  • obviously behind on emails
  • finishing up homeschool stuff
  • figuring out Irina's graduation stuff
  • need to order a diploma
  • ordered a sign...came in w/ wrong date
  • tried to save $$$ and now phone service is screwed up
  • Warren is working on said mess w/ phone/ internet folks
  • having trouble w/ one daughter
  • Max's surgery is this week
  • one of the Littles is getting her AFO's checked out again
  • Kids start exams this week
  • got an awesome surprise boxes in the mail from a friend.  Great boost!  
  • house is a mess after the trip
  • it rained the whole time we were there
  • budgeting for a very tight month
  • thinking of doing fundraising site for some necessities insurance doesn't cover.  Not sure if that's appropriate though.  (post later to ask)
  • trying to sell the RV
  • pool is still not drained.  missing sump pump
  • been a long week already
  • found missing sump pump.  Wahoo
  • Cleaning pool 
  • washing tons of laundry
  • roof is leaking again
  • I HATE paperwork
  • I feel like Dori on Finding Nemo...Just Keep swmming, just keep swimming
  • can't find the maker of our kitchen cabinets to order replacement drawer(lifetime warranty)
  • Warren got the ceiling fan working again so that's great
  • trying to do some spring cleaning of sorts
  • won a voucher for next season for kids' soccer season
  • having to go nowhere this weekend which will be wonderful
  • figuring out the big summer vacation trip
  • van got 21 mpg to the mountains and back (not bad for fully loaded van)
  • heart in gut w/ the tornado that hit Oklahoma
  • FAS meeting tomorrow evening
More going on as usual here.  Trying to get organized b/c I do have a bunch coming at me at once lately.  One thing at a time is what we try to do.   Will do a Camp Cheerio post later tonight after baths are done.