Thursday, May 16, 2013

Away we go!

Time to hit the road to Camp Cheerio.  We're very, very ready to go.  Can't wait for the Littles to have their first Camp Cheerio experience.  When we go away, we like to be technology free.  So, off line until Sunday.  Have a wonderful weekend and stay dry.  Be back soon with lots to say.  Not just about Camp Cheerio. 

Angry Birds, angry mom

Today is Thursday.  Right now, some of my kids are in the living room trying to grasp a life lesson.  More in a minute.  The other day, Nik got creative and drug Logan along w/ his escapades.  Nik LOVES angry birds.  Loves it.

Logan and Nik getting ready to shoot.  You know, legos and a sling shot can only end badly.  

Nik's angry bird contraption.

So happy that destruction took place.  all that time to set it up only for it to be knocked down in a matter of seconds.  

Tonight, I'm just absolutely disappointed and angry with my kids.  Now, I know I don't say that often but this just ticks me off.  Here's the deal.  We went to the grocery store yesterday just for hot dogs.  While there, I went and took the Littles and Summer to get their hair cuts.  At the store, Nik bought Lifesaver gummies w/ his tooth fairy money.  He got home and put it in a Ziploc bag and in the cabinet.  Today, he wanted to show his speech therapist.  It's gone.  Someone stole it.  This is NOT the first time things have gone missing in this house.  Those who know FAS and RAD know exactly what this entails.  But, we don't allow that as an excuse.  We expect one to admit they took it.  Very, very aggravating to say the least.  All are old enough to know better.  Eventually, one of htem usually cracks.  Tonight, all are holding strong.  URGHH!!!  Right now, they're outside doing jumping jacks.  It just is disappointing as a parent.  you teach and teach and teach them well.  It is not the fact that a little bag of candy went missing.  It is the principal of the whole situation.  And the fact that they've done this over and over and over and over again.  Though I will admit,  it has gotten much, much less over the years.  Still, not where it needs to be.  So tonight, we tried the all for one, one for all approach.  So far, none have cracked.  I can usually do these things but for some reason, this time it's wearing me down.  I know staying strong is key w/ these kids and that's why mine have made it this far.  It's taken a lot of work.  The trouble w/ an FAS/RAD kid is they will truly believe the lie.  And then you have to spend gobs of time tearing it apart so they can 'see' what is the truth.  It's hard.  Mentally hard.  I am SO looking forward to Camp Cheerio.  We truly need this time away.  But first, we must find the guilty party.  All over a stupid bag of candy.  And no, you can't let it go.  If you let this go, t he bigger things are next.  We learned that lesson years upon years ago.  I think it is important for folks to know yes, we still continually deal with issues years later.  But you can never give up.  If you give up the fight, you've given up on the kids.  And the kids are worth the fight despite the crap they put you through.  LOL. 

Picnic, painting and prepping

Today is Thursday.  Day before we leave.  Trust me, Nik has kept us abreast of how many days we have left till departure.  If he knew time, I'm sure that he would have it done in hours and minutes as well.  Nice to see the excitement in them though.  He has officially been packed for 3 days.  I have yet to go through the bag.  Can only imagine.  The other night, it was just beautiful out.  Not many bugs and perfect picnic weather.

Some of the kids getting ready to have a picnic dinner.  Sloppy joes.

Nik hates it when people sit next to him.  Hates it.  Can you tell?

Alyona.  Innocent enough in this shot.

Logan.  Umm, I'm giving him the Darwin Award.  Seriously.  I posted on FB the other day.  He found a piece of cheese in the woods from well over a week ago.  String cheese.  Not refrigerated.  And ate it!  Yuck!  The other kids were totally grossed out.

Boys goofing off being boys.

Nik helping paint a chair for the girls' room.  He wanted to do it.

My artist in training.  He dressed himself.  Saved all his clothes 

Weird looking floormats, huh?

Before any trip, we like a clean car to travel in.  So, kids know the drill and have different jobs.  I scrubbed and cleaned all the floor mats.  Alyona coming back w/a broom.  

Big plus w/ Big Bird is you literally just sweep out the van.  NO carpet!  Love it.  Reni was sweeping out the van and Alex & Logan were pushing the Littles on the swings.  Worked out. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's Tuesday

Phew.  What a week and it's only Tuesday.  Well,our last social worker visit was today.  Chaos Manor was in full swing.  Let's see what happened this go around.  Summer and Alex got into it for whatever reason, I'm still not sure yet.  She hit me in the nose. He hit me first.  Really guys?  There was popcorn literally everywhere in the living room.  And I mean everywhere.  Since I was preoccupied talking, I didn't see them keep making popcorn.  Littles and Summer probably had enough for 5 people!  LOL.  Maybe not that much but you get the picture.  My kids made a redneck basketball goal.  You know, put a large plastic container and drill it to the fence post.  Only trouble was I had to keep yelling at them for hitting the house/ rv.  Asked them to move it.  Now, it sits in the front yard drilled to a tree.  Jealous, I know.  Wait till you see the pics of the bright blue bin.  Geez.  As if they had nothing else to do while she was here.  They pick that.  URGHH!!!  Max was telling all about the fridge smelling rotted and that we should toss it out front.  Nice one Max.  Fridge broke.  Determining whether we should fix it or not.  We have 2.  Trouble is, other fridge sounds like fan is going on that one.  Waiting this week to see if it does go and then determine how/ when/ what we should fix.  For now, 1 fridge working.  Truly, we need both of them.  When the fridge was emptied, it sat of course.  It has baking soda in it but a 65 degree fridge will not smell good even w/ nothing in it.  We have to leave the freezer part alone as it still works on the bottom.  But Max's description made it sound like slime/ mold was inside.  It's NOT.  It's white and clean.  Since this was not enough excitement for her, my kids decide to leave the door open.  You guessed it.  Alaska escapes.  Are you kidding me?!  They retrieve the dog.  One of the littles is insisting she needs a bath.  Maybe feeling pity at that point, the sw asks if we have the chance to get away.  What?  And Warren and I leave all this for a vacation?  One can only dream. 

She was a good sport about it all.  This is life as you know.  You take the good with the bad.  One thing I give my kids credit for, is for being themselves no matter who is over.  She left and Irina and I took the Littles and Summer for our evening walk.  Beautiful day for it.  We enjoyed the walk and so did the kids.  Return home.  In that not so long amount of time, somehow, some way, they managed to break the popcorn popper and the microwave!  Though now we have the microwave working again, smells like there was a fire of sorts.  Warren thinks they attempted to use the grill feature.  Made spaghetti and tried to wind everyone done.  Didn't work.  They were wired.  Everyone eventually settled down.  Homestudy will be done soon and we'll be onto the next step.  Only thing they need from me is medicals.  Our doc signed them all but forgot to notarize them.  So, working on that part.  Never dull.   As you all know, feels great to have another step in the adoption process complete.  More later.  Hoping tomorrow is a boring day.   Really do hope.  Did I mention I can't wait for Camp Cheerio?! 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Practice for Camp Cheerio

The other day it was hot.  Kids want to go in the pool but currently, we're draining it.  Today, it was drained. Tomorrow and Wednesday, we have to scoop all the water out and then scrub it down before the refill.  Takes 3 full days of water hose cycling on to fill it up.  That's a lot of water folks!  Hence, why we only do this clean out every 2 years.  Anyhow, the kids still wanted some water fun so found a slip and slide we had.  Have a bunch of cute pics but if certain people are in them, I can't post them.  But, still managed to get a few in.

Everyone helping to get it set up for the little girls.

Summer could live in the water.  She's part mermaid I do believe.  Not sure why the gladiolous bulbs are out in the middle of the yard but oh well.  Get to them when I get to them.

Summer going down the slide.  Kids tried to put it on a hill for her.

Irina and Reni are still really close buddies to be sure.

Alex being Alex.  He wasn't going to go on b/c it was too babyish.  Yeh, he caved.

And collision averted!  Summer is really growing, isn't she?  Not sure who's idea the soap was but not happy.  I needed that dish soap. 

Summer and Logan hanging out for awhile after  the others had gone inside.

Logan really was having a good time w/ this thing.

I would love to read her thoughts right now.  A girl deep in thought.

Can't wait till the pool is ready.  Time for the new season to begin.  We have two new littles to teach to swim.  Summer really had gotten the hang of it last year.  My kids and I can stay in the water all day.  though, we don't allow that or we'd fry.  Pool is in the open yard.  More to come the next few days.  Enjoy your week.

Manic Monday

Boy oh boy.  What a weekend and so much this week.  Let's get started.

  • Camp Cheerio is this weekend.  Wahoo!!!
  • Need to print off waiver forms
  • big decision was made today
  • social worker comes tomorrow
  • getting homestudy well on it's way to being done
  • doctor forgot to notarize forms
  • Summer just ate one of the Little's ice cream sandwich
  • Summer's last soccer game is this evening
  • Renewed tags on van
  • SO behind on miscellaneous paper work
  • speech therapist coming this week
  • ready to get the 'Littles' set up for therapy but have to wait a little more
  • pool is drained
  • cleaning pool this week & refilling
  • painting a chair for girls' room w/ free paint from Lowes
  • kids working on school work
  • Max's pre-op this week
  • Need to pack
  • trying to sell rv
  • toaster still broken.  Need a new one but not happening right now
  • need to call repairman for fridge
  • now, other fridge is starting to go
  • Warren managed to temporarily fix the ceiling fan
  • hate it when it rains it pours theory comes into play here
  • back into the stretching, working out bit
  • Reni's last soccer game is tomorrow night
  • never got the trash taken off the other day
much, much more happening around here.  I'll have to get caught up one of these days.  Camp Cheerio is around the corner though and trust me, we truly need this break.  Got to go.  

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Friday Night Fun

This weekend we went to my husband's annual company picnic.  Now, I should clarify the word 'picnic.'  More like a carnival.  They had piles of food and drinks.  Desserts as well.  Bounce houses galore.  Place for the littles to play and an arts and crafts area.  We did not go to the arts and crafts area as it was way to crowded and standing in line wasn't going to happen but for so long w/ the bunch.  There was a DJ and the older teens danced the night away by the stage.  Climbing wall, etc.  A diverse group of happenings to be sure. 

Getting out of the car.  Don't they just look pleasant?  LOL.

Camera hog checking in.

Everyone watching dad try to get the stroller together for the littles.  Took the double one for the terrain we were going to be on.  Love our umbrella strollers b/c you can toss them in the van, grab and go.  This one is a pain b/c you have to take it apart each time to fit it in the van.

Reni and Nik.  My virtual twins.  Nik doesn't allow a whole lot of people to hug him as you know.  

Getting there w/ teh stroller.  Kids can hear the music & are ready to go.

Heading to the festivities.  Love that Alex and Yana are holding hands.  See, my kids do love each other every once in awhile.  And Summer is just getting so big.

Can't even tell I lost 11 lbs. this year.  LOL.  Especially, while eathing that little cup of ice cream.  Lots of bounce house lines.

Alyona with her ice cream.  We were waiting for the littles to be done.  The older kids went off and we'd let Alyona go w/ them but she wanted to stay.  

Irina and Reni spent the entire night together and had a blast.  They stopped long enough to say hello.

Logan taking a break from playing soccer w/ people he just met to have some chips.  He could not find us later that evening so actually did what Warren said and went to security.  Only trouble was, he said Lauren Boyd was his dad.  Security was great as Logan's accent is still very heavy.  They asked my name and he gave it to them and they found him that way & called his cell.  Usually we make our kids go in pairs.  However, he wanted to play soccer w/ his new friends so we said alright.  Learning independence.  It's a balancing act at times.

Nik and Bojan enjoying fireworks.  I have some great pics of the kids loving the fireworks but can't show them yet.  Captures a good deal of joy.  Actually, Bojan took those pics.  We all just had so much fun watching fireworks.  Relaxing and seeing how happy they were.  Was a nice experience.

Mayhem when we got back in the van.  Wild, wild kids!  Summer was messing w/ the littles and no one was getting buckled.  All were meeting up again so everyone was talking at once about what they did there.

Came home and went straight to bed b/c it was after 10 for them and had to get up early for soccer.  Busy but fun.  More to come about our weekend.