Saturday, May 11, 2013

RV for sale

It has come time to sell C-MOW.  Chaos Manor on wheels has served us very, very well.  But, our family unexpectedly grew this year and a different set up would serve us best.  A little about our RV.  It is a class A motorhome.  1995 Holiday Rambler Endeavor LE model.  It was serviced last year for $3,000 and that included 6 brand new tires.  As you can imagine,  you will have to do NOTHING to this rv for quite some time except fill it w/ food for trips.  It is definitely ready to roll.  We have loved travelling in this RV.  Plenty of storage to be sure.  We are located in Garner, NC.  Those interested, please email us at  Selling for $13,500.  If you look on RV trader you will see this is a VERY fair price for the same exact model elsewhere.  Time for a few pictures.

Love the incompleted fence, huh?

Hard to get a shot w/ the other car parked where it is.  It is a 32' RV.  Gas.

Side view.  Underneath is all storage.  Generator is on the driver's side.

Another view.  Sorry for the messy yard.  Steps are automatic.  All awnings pull out just fine as well.  No rips or tears in them. 

Dinette converts to a bed.   In addition, lift up the cushions and that is ALL storage.  Love it! 

Couch has places for 3 seatbelts.  Chair across has one seat belt.  Dinette has 4 seatbelts.  Couch folds out into a bed.

Okay, that is NOT dirt or stains.  My kids tracked leaves in as I was taking pictures.  URGHH!!!  Carpet is clean.  Very neutral colors in here.

Tried to get a close up but it was hard.  Odometer is around 59,000 miles on it.

Drivers seat.  Seats in the front are leather.  This RV has the sun blocking shades in the entire unit.  

Kitchenette area. Stove is propane.  Works fantastic.  Dual sink area.  Microwave.  Again, all works perfect w/ no issues whatsoever.

The black doors are the refridgerator.  Standard RV fridge.  The mirrored doors next to it are bigger than they look and allow for ample storage and place to hang clothes if you wish.

The bedroom in the back of the RV.  The entire bed lifts up and allows for a ton of storage.  You will not run out of space.  As a family of 12, we had not run out of space to store things if that gives you an idea.

Upper bathroom cabinets.

Hey, it's a bathroom.  Not much to write about but it works and so does the shower.

View from the bathroom area looking up front.

The back view of the RV.  Has back up cameras.  The white in the windows is just the pillows laying against the glass. 

So, brief overview.  If interested, please email  Never hurts to advertise in multiple places.   You never know who's looking.  We intend to buy a travel trailer for the van to tow.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mudpies, music and Max

Wow, getting slack again this week.  Must mean we're busy.  I know, I know, no excuse.  Well, can't help it.  This week has been exceedingly rainy here.  So, the other day I was pushing Summer and House guest on the swings.  Little One wanted on but I said you have to wait your turn.  Go play in the sand pit for a bit.  And, she did.  As well as a few other kids.

Summer was happy as could be digging in the dirt.

Soon, she had a little join her.  Nice, huh?

Nik was giving Summer a hand with all that mud.

Nik, rather proud of his trowel full of mud.

Looks classy enough to go to Bojan's concert in about 20 minutes, huh?

And that's another sippy cup gone.

She was going to drive to Bojan's concert herself I suppose.  We rushed in to give them a bath.  Had no idea when I said go play in the sand pit that it had turned into a mud pit.

Some of the kids waiting for the concert to start.  I had a friend take Reni, Yana, Summer and Nik to soccer that night so we could go to the concert.

One of the littles playing with the ipad to entertain while the 30 minute wait to start began.  They took turns which was nice.  they like to color.  Wanted to give them something to do that didn't make noise.  :)

I swear his shirt is not purple.  Strange how the color looks here.  Bojan and I striking a pose for the camera.  He played a great concert and is nice to see how they improve from year to year.  Out of the 12, he's currently the only musically inclined one of the bunch.  And really, I don't see that changing much in the future.

Yep, he'll hate me for this one.  Max was passed out.  Trying to get his shoulder at a comfortable spot.  So tired, one of the little girls tried to put a soccer medal on him. LOL.  Surgery can't come soon enough for him.  He's a trooper.  If you see a horrifying sleeping picture of me, it's because my son will get even.  

We're working on a lot of stuff this week again.  It will get done.  Just need an extra 2 days in one of these weeks and I'll be there.  Tomorrow is Friday.  Awesome company picnic at Warren's work.  We can't wait to enjoy some fun. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Upcoming Surgeries

Since we have a few over the next few months, thought I'd share a little more about them. Not only that, I think it might have been a bit confusing talking about both boys at once.  Someone asked about Max using crutches and he will not be as he's not the one having anything done to his leg.  So, a few quick things. 

Irina.  I know I haven't talked about her but she needs dental surgery.  Getting wisdom teeth pulled.  Can do that at any time so was trying to schedule around the other more major surgeries.  Though trust me, I had all 4 at once done & am by no means downplaying it.  Luckily, Irina only needs one wisdom tooth removed. 

Now, Bojan.  Bojan is having his clubfoot amputated.  Many would think why would a clubfoot need amputation.  Bojan had a few surgeries in Serbia on it before coming to America.  Once here, he had more surgeries.  However, he also had one not so great surgery job (same guy that did the botched surgery job on Alyona) on his leg.  Duke then tried to fix it.  After years and years, Bojan is still in severe pain daily.  Hurts him to stand, walk, anything.  He has literally begged us and Duke to get it amputated for 2 years now.  Duke won't do it and simply suggested pain meds the rest of his life.  So, we went to Shriners for a consult and that is who is doing his surgery.  His surgery is scheduled officially for July 30th.  July 29th he will have pre-op.  I want to be there but given our current situation, I will have to stay home w/ the rest of the kids.  Warren will go it alone.  I wanted to be there but at this point, can't.  Bojan will be in a wheelchair for about a month.  He can't do crutches b/c of the way his prosthetic locks.  We've tried it before.  Never works.  Problem is, this house is not wheelchair accessible and is always tough after surgeries for him. 

Little One will also have surgery this summer.  I won't elaborate at the moment.  It will be outpatient so that is good.  I think recovery shouldn't be too bad.  More on this at a later date.  Hers will be either in the end of July or August.  Guessing August w/ the way docs schedule out so dog gone far. 

Finally, Max's surgery.  He is having surgery on his shoulder.  Currently, he is holding it in place by an ace bandage.  He takes it off here and there.  Today, he didn't wear it to school.  His shoulder pops off.  He has to put it back in several times a day.  Surgeon will fix it.  It's some suspenor ligament or something like that that holds it in place.  Recovery for Max is 3 months.  He loves throwing the kids up in the air and playing w/them.  He does it everyday.  Kids miss that.  He can't hold the Littles any more w/ his right arm.  This will be tough on him.  Max is our hard worker and loves to do hard labor.  Not happening for at least three months.  Max's surgery is scheduled for May 22nd. 

But, that's the short surgery update.  More to come as it gets closer.  Hoping all goes well.  More in a bit.  Enjoy your evening folks.

Civil War Field Trip (part 2)

After walking the trail and exploring the field a bit, we went back for a tour of the Harper House.

Logan helping prep all the soldiers w/ guns.  Aka...sticks.  Hey, it's using your imagination so I shouldn't complain.

Ready for battle.

Logan getting ready to carry his friend down the field and back.  We wanted them all to experience what it would be like to be in uniform and having to lug heavy stuff back and forth during the war.

A good friend carrying Alyona.  Though light, Alyona is not the easiest thing to carry.  

It was only in the 70's this day so not hot at all.  However, Alex wore a thermal shirt for whatever reason.  Still, made him do it.  They all after this experiment appreciated a bit more what all the Civil War soldiers had to endure.  And that was our point.  Funny thing.  House guest decided she was scared of bugs & flowers in the middle of the field.  I mean a look of terror over took her when Reni handed her a purple flower.  Don't know what was up with it all.  She did not get bit or anything like that but boy oh boy, she did not want to step on flowers or bugs.  

A remake of what the room would have looked like during surgeries.  This is where they preformed the amputations.  The guide said they threw the limbs out the window.  My kids asked if this was real blood.  My kids are all about the gore factor of course.

Nik really studying the loom and how this was made.

Harper House served as a makeshift Union Hospital during the Civil War.  The family stayed upstairs w/ their 8 kids during this time.  Unreal when you see it.  Kids were surprised to see the kitchen was outside in a separate building.  

After the tour, we had a picnic lunch.  Veggie straws, pretzels, bologna sandwiches, and granola bars.  Yum.

The biggest hit of all, surprisingly was hummus.  Yep, hummus.  The kids LOVED it.  Even the littles.

Nik enjoying his granola bar w/ chocolate no less while chatting it up w/ Logan.  I'd like to say they were comparing what they learned but that would be a lie.  Nope, they were just chatting.  We had a great time and did learn a few new things.  I can honestly say my kids after this unit study do know a little about the Civil War and why it happened.  I think it's important.  BTW, even my middle schooler could not tell me anything about the Civil War.  I think it's ashame.  He's been to public school the whole time.  Hmm.  I wonder.  My high schoolers couldn't tell me all that much when we were studying the Revolutionary War earlier this year.  And I wont' even get into Geography.  I just think there is something lacking in public schools.  We went when we were younger and knew this stuff.  Now, it's more studying for an EOG February!  Bojan started hearing about the testing materials in January folks.  January.  School isn't even half way over by then and they are focused on the stupid end of year tests.  Crazy.  But I digress.  We had an awesome time learning about the Civil War.  Right now, we're entering our review time.  I want to see how much they've retained in history and science.  I hope we've learned something this year. 

Another Manic Monday

Time to get started.

  • Supposed to rain all week long
  • Hope the roof doesn't leak
  • Social worker coming out here this week
  • Bojan's concert Tuesday
  • Soccer practice
  • Soccer games
  • Company family picnic this Friday
  • Eye appointments for four of us
  • Need to go to bank
  • Need to get end of year school stuff done
  • Looking at cirriculums for next year
  • Ready for Camp Cheerio
  • Car needs license tags...they never sent them
  • Nik pulled a tooth that was NOT ready to come out
  • Reni is annoying all of us lately (preteen!)
  • Trying to sell stuff
  • Dogs need nails cut
  • Fridge broke
  • Having pizza and salad for dinner
  • Have 90 bulbs to plant today
  • Need to order testing materials
  • Need to order Irina's diploma
  • Max's surgery is this month
  • Max can not keep his shoulder in right now.  He has it in a make shift sling from an ace bandage.  It's bad and surgery can't come soon enough.
  • Yana has been writing a book on adoption from her perspective
  • Irina is working this week
  • Need to call doc to redo medical paperwork.  Was never notarized.
  • Need to catch up on blog posts and emails.
  • Toaster broke
  • Had great time on civil War field trip
  • Going strawberry picking this week for sure after the rain
  • Draining pool this week
  • Organizing Memorial Day Cookout
  • Helping organize family reunion
  • A LOT going on behind the scenes the next few days
  • Working on selling RV
  • Need to make surgical dental appointment for Irina
I need to get working on quite a bit at once.  Warren is on steroids and inhalers this week.  Yuck.  He breathed in fumes last week of apoxy from a dental visit.  Doc said he must of gotten too much b/c lungs are inflamed.  Who'd of thought?  He went to work.  Probably shouldn't have but did.  It's obviously NOT contagious but you know if people hear you practically choking, they think the worst.  Max's shoulder is really, really bad.  Keeps falling out of socket.  He holds it on w/ an ace bandage.   Anyhow, try to do more posts later this evening.  Try not to get as slack as last week. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

It's that Time Again

In 2 weeks we leave for Camp Cheerio in Roaring Gap, NC.  I looked at pics from last year and this is the one place besides home that Nik feels VERY welcomed and like he belongs.  He counts down every single year.  Love it.  We as parents look forward to this time.  We actually get to relax and our kids have fun.  Win-win.  We learn something new every single year we go.  It's wonderful. So, sharing some pics through the years.  Still don't understand why I don't have 2007 pictures.  I'll find them at some point.  These are our group shots we take each year when we go.

Gosh, they all look SO young!  This was when we had 7 of them.  May 2008.

They seemed to color coordinate themselves this year.  Neat to see the growth in some of htem each year.  Max really grew.  May 2009.

They rarely all smile at the same time.  This was May of 2010.

This was the year that we had really, really needed this break.  A break from the house and all that was happening that year.  In addition, we were getting ready to go to Bulgaria to meet the three newest kids.  Crazy time.  We were beyond happy to be there.  This was May of 2011.

The bunch that I thought was complete last year.  The 3 newest Bulgarians not knowing what to expect but just being told it was the best time by the other 7 kids.  They were just excited.  This was May of 2012.

Every year, we've come back.  It's just great friendships that are formed there and a place where everyone feels welcome and is able to be themselves.  This year, we will introduce two new littles to this experience as well.  I can not wait to see the joy on their faces as well.  We are ready.  And, in case you're wondering, Nik has counted down.  It is now just 12 days away.  We are just as excited as the first time we went. 

Civil War Field Trip

I know, I am quite behind on all sorts of things.  But, it's the end of the year, we're in the midst of adoptions, upcoming surgeries, fridge died, and too many other happenings around here to name.  Suffice it to say, blog had to take a hike for a bit last week.  But, we're back.  Warren is sick.  Inflammation in his lungs from a dental visit last week.  Steroids and inhaler.  Not the best combo.  Crazy stuff.  Weekend has been filled with soccer, monthly shopping, hauling off trash, and some serious cleaning.  But, on Friday, we went on a field trip with friends.  We are studying the Civil War so went to the site of the largest battle in NC.  Bentonville, NC.  There were a lot of group shots and things so I am limited as to what I can share with you.  However, there are a few pictures that show what we all did there.

There is a little museum part to start with.  Alyona and Summer checking out a few items.  

Summer being Summer.  Just enjoying life.

Hanging out with friends.  We were waiting for everyone to go to teh bathrooms before we walked the trail a bit.

Burning off some energy.  

Just enjoying the day looking at some memorials.

One of my tree climbers.  Trust me, I have plenty of them.

Logan and Nik hanging out in the woods.

Reni had to get in on the action as well.

Summer is just as daring as the rest of them.  My kids could have hid in trees during the Civil War.  LOL.  I will have part 2 soon.  Just trying to get some other things done this evening.  Busy week ahead of us.  More to come.