Friday, April 19, 2013

Blessings abound!

I know I have been slack lately with the blog.  Good reasons though.  Life is trudging on here.  Kids are all getting spring fever.   Badly.  My kids naturally love to be outside but frankly, they'd be happier sleeping under the stars and staying outside full time.  I think it's a good quality to have.  Well, except when we're trying to get some school work done.  This week, we received a box from a friend in NJ.

Alyona of course was ready to tear open.


Okay, the face is her trying to hold all the clothes up.  LOL.  I have such a cute picture of Summer but another little person was in it.  Again, in a few months you all are going to be bombarded by pictures.   

Isn't this fantastic!  And the best part, they all fit her perfectly.  Love it!  She looks so good in that blue and yellow outfit too.

Summer, getting ready to dig into some of the snacks that came with it.

Logan, eating his bar.  Despite the girls' room being done, the clutter corner is not as fast at getting fixed.

Aren't these cool?!  We'd never seen them before.  Very delicious too.  We all enjoyed eating these gold bars.

Nik and Summer enjoying more goodies that came in the box.  Love that the fashionista dresses herself.  Thank you so much Ms. Heather.  We all had a great time with our box full of surprises.  Though, the girls and I were having trouble just who's bathroom the body wash and lotions should go to.  LOL.  We'll all smell very good this month to be sure.  

The kids played with boxes for quite some time.  Sometimes they make stuff out of them, sometimes draw on them and sometimes sit in them and watch tv.  

Today we got braces and prosthesis fit.  Took all the kids b/c Irina was working.  Warren and I both went.  Nice to get compliments on the kids and behavior from strangers.  All the while holding my breath hoping they don't act up.  You know how it goes.  Kids change with the wind.  I was waiting.  But, they were good so was happy.  Picked Bojan up from band a few minutes ago.  He's got a couple of concerts coming up which we'll be attending.  Can't wait.  He has really improved over the last year.  Well, need to get going here.  Enjoy your evening everyone.  Max is gone for the weekend hanging out w/ a friend.  We have soccer games tomorrow.  I know I bring snack for at least 3 different teams.  Rearranging homeschool bookcases this evening.  How long do you all keep your work from the school year?  Any laws as to how long it must stay here?  More to come.  Alternating between kid watching paper work, and blog writing this evening.  We're getting ready to go on our nightly walk w/ the Littles.  It's windy and nice out.  Storms will be rolling in very soon but enough time to take a stroll in for sure.  Plus, we all have to walk off the Nutella we just ate. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nasty, naughty and nachos

Okay, we're still alive.  And I know I'm beyond way behind.  But other things have been happening around here lately that frankly took precedence over blogging.  Kids are doing well.  Can't complain.  I could but it won't help.  They are getting spring fever.  So am I.  We're dealing with it.  We all love to be outside.   Hard to want to do work.  Though, outside on the picnic table some now.  That's pleasant.  Tomorrow we have a prosthetic appointment for 2 of the kids.  Nice when you can knock more than one appointment out.  Thought I'd share a few pics as of late. 

Yep, Shrek's swamp is back this year.  Though, it looks a bit artistic.

Warren thought it resembled a Starry Night.  No, just a pollen ridden pool.  We'll be draining it completely in May and filling w/ all new water.  We drain ours every 2 years.  Kids get in and scrub the vinyl top to bottom.  Shoot, we all typically get in and take turns scrubbing.  Not fun but everyone knows if you want to swim, got to keep it clean.  So, in 2 weeks, this will be gone, prepped and ready to swim in by mid-May.  Freezing by then, I'm sure.  

 This is Summer enjoying her nachos a little too much.

And this is what happens when you give little kids some nachos.  Little kids equates big mess.

Sad part is, I truly did NOT think they'd enjoy the con queso.  I thought it'd be way to spicy as Warren accidentally bought the medium one.  They devoured it!  And no, these 3 did NOT eat that whole bowl.  This was a bowl that all of us shared.  We are thinking never again w/ dip.  Now, Summer likes salsa but not the con queso.

This is what happens when you let your children watch Home Alone 3.

These are boobie traps.  ALL OVER the upstairs!  

Yarn every which way possible.  Sad part is, Warren went upstairs.  You guessed it!  Boys were hysterical, Warren was...NOT!  Girls were mad b/c a boot almost fell on top of Reni.  It was like Mission Impossible.  Granted, the traps took time.  These are not the best ones shown.  They are all down now but gee whiz.  Seriously, writers of sitcoms should come here for ideas.  They'd never run out.  Anyhow, more to come over the weekend.  Just was swamped this week.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Is it cold in NC??

Only if you go to the snow cone place!  The other day it was just beautiful outside and we wanted to kick off the spring time.  We fell in love with Pelican's last year.  A snow cone place here.  Just enough of a sweet treat w/ only 100 calories to boot.  LOL.  Plus, with the playground next door, perfect for everyone.  So, we headed with some other friends of ours to check it out.

First we have to decide on over 100 flavors.  No easy task.  Nik wanted coffee.  Yuck!  But, he  and Logan ate it.

Reni enjoying her cotton candy flavor.

Some of the kids just hanging out.

And, since room in the van, we brought one of the girls' friends.  She'll hate me for this picture so shh, don't tell her it's in here.  LOL.

Alex, enjoying his snow cone.  Can't you just see the clear blue Carolina sky in the background?  It was just beautiful out and we really did enjoy ourselves.  More to come with playground pictures.  

Summer loving her snow cone.  Got her cotton candy.  She is my sweet tooth.  Her and Little One LOVE sweet stuff.  And I mean love it.  

Well,  have some playground pics from here as well.  I'll share those too.  Lots going on this weekend so didn't have much time to blog.  Hopefully, this week.