Thursday, April 11, 2013

Reni's birthday gift

Today Reni received a birthday gift from Nana Babooshka.  Yes, that's what we call my mom as that was what stuck when Irina & Max arrived home.   Though most the time they call her Nana. 

Reni, waiting to open up her present.

She also sent some things for some of the girls. And, a cool Christmas ornament for our tree.  An rv.  Pretty cool.  

Reni, checking out all her clothes.  Alyona, still upset about the hair. 

Summer with her bathing suit.  Well, the one she wishes was hers.  LOL.

Reni, still going through her pile.  Some really cute stuff.

Summer really liked this one.

I'm guessing we have some of the same taste b/c Summer is wearing that shirt too!  LOL.

Now, Alyona is more excited.  Reni got a cute bathing suit too!  She'll be styling this summer to be sure.

Summer w/ one that is her size.  Even Little One got a cute ladybug suit.  

Thanks Nana for Reni's birthday gifts and thanks for all the goodies for the girls.  They will all be cute as can be this summer. 

Since we're on "mean"

Today Warren took off work so we could run errands and get quite a bit of paperwork done.  You'd think there'd be a faster way after all these years and all these adoptions but the answer is no folks.  Process is always slow especially when it comes to paperwork.  Anyhow, we're going here and there w/the kids.  Thought we'd treat them to lunch until Warren took t he kids back to the van while I stayed and chatted w/the bank manager who has seen us through since adoption #1.  We were catching up of course.  While inside, Logan, for whatever reason known to man, decided to smush Alyona's hair w/ gum.  Don't believe me?  How could he do such a thing?

Alyona had been crying.  Summer is stunned and Reni is NOT on Logan's side.

Took a picture b/c Alyona wanted to see it.  You can't tell but it is a big glob all the way down to the root.  Sooo, out to lunch was cancelled.  Back home it was to fix her hair and eat lunch.

And this is the result.  You can't tell by looking at her but her hair is thin anyhow.  Would have been nice to keep it all.

Alyona clearly not happy.  Logan is in trouble.  Bottom line.  Still, actually trying to think of an appropriate punishment.  Trust me, plenty of ideas.  This was just low.  Not funny at all and totally uncalled for.  I said on this blog I'd always share the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Well, this is one of those examples.  I know things will happen with kids.  But you'd expect a 12yo to act a bit better.  Of course, I've heard some stories of what some 12yo's have done so maybe this is on par w/ development.  Nope, not falling for that.  It was plain mean.  The trouble w/ orphanage kids w/ a past like his of bullying, this is seen as 'funny' & they don't get the feeling remorse factor.  Still working on that.  Though Logan is getting better, still a ways to learn.  We'll get there.  

More going on.  Next post I promise is not a mean post. LOL.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

They're just mean sometimes

Okay, some of you may be aware we are having a bit of trouble w/ Little One and her habit.  Her habit is sucking her finger all the time.  And do I mean all the time.  Trouble is, this is pushing her pallate up.  She has severe speech apraxia and possibly some other speech issues.  It is critical the finger come out asap.  That being said, someone recently gave us something called no bite.  The girls decided to paint some nails in the house and tell the kids it's cherry flavored.

Nik is practically foaming at the mouth with this stuff.  The nasty taste is instantaneous.

Reni, wiping her mouth out with a rag.  Hoping that would help.

Reni's reaction when Irina told her she used it to wipe out the dog bowl.  LOL.  Irina was kidding but that was priceless.  Can't believe I caught it.

The girls, deciding who would be the next victim.  Summer, was chosen.

Summer, not so sure about this taste.  Nik, about to explode b/c someone else is receiving the joke this time.

Summer, ready to go get a drink.  Nik, just goofing off.

We have not tried this on Little One yet but intend to very soon.  My parents used to put tabasco sauce on my sister's thumb for sucking it.  We must get the finger out though or she seriously won't be able to speak.  Timing is everything here and we're running out of time.  She tries so, so hard to speak so I guess "being mean" by putting no bite on will be worth it in the long run.  Gloves do not work.  Saying not to only works for about a minute.  Giving her something else to chew on doesn't work.  So, slowly running out of options.  Anyone else have success w/ this no bite stuff you put on their fingers?  Or suggestions on what's worked for you.  Busy day today and we had soccer practice this evening.  Tomorrow, we stay here and get some work done for sure.  Have a nice evening everyone.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Manic Monday

Boy is it ever!  Much to do this week to be sure.  Here's a small taste:

  • Social worker came today to do a PPR on Little One
  • Speech therapist returned
  • Purchased all our ipads over the weekend w/ our generous gift
  • Nik is dying to use it but it's charging
  • May not even need a lawyer
  • In the 80's this week
  • Windows open, pollen out
  • Someone is interested in the RV
  • Looking at travel trailers to suit our needs
  • Filled out Bulgarian Reunion registration
  • Filling out Camp Cheerio registration this evening
  • Signed up for a spring festival at Warren's work
  • Soccer practice this week
  • Cleaned house & purged much this past weekend
  • Realized some of my kids need shoes and clothing
  • Summer's summer clothes are g-o-n-e.  I'm serious, she has none left.
  • Bought Summer a few things to tide her over till I get to the consignment shops.  We went to Crazy 8.  Love that store!  If I had an unlimited budget, think I'd stay.  LOL.
  • Nik picked out the ugliest bathing suit ever
  • Nik's coil is fraying
  • Nik needs 2 new batteries and waiting for pre-approval from AB
  • Have to install many apps on all the new ipads
  • Trying to catch up with thank yous
  • Trying to help plan a family reunion
  • House is back to normal...finally
  • There is so much more going on but not much time to write
That's a very short list.  Too much going on to write it down.  But, things are going along well.  I really have nothing to complain about.  We are all healthy.  After 9 out of 14 of us being sick on and off for 2 weeks, we truly appreciate the health of all of us.  tomorrow is another gorgeous day.   We have soccer tomorrow evening.  Was going to take the homeschoolers to the park but Alex & Logan are not being the best.  And I want to enjoy it too.  Trust me, plenty of other days to enjoy outside.  Took a walk before dinner w/ quite a few of the kids.  Thought Nik had tipped the stroller back (umbrella stroller, we all do it, kids love it) or something as one was crying.  Took her out and there was a huge wasp that had stung her arm.  3 times!  Poor kiddo.  She was fine but we all know that hurt.  Have a feeling she'll have an aversion to t hat stroller.  All the other kids were recounting their wasp horror stories.  Got to go.  Enjoy your evening folks.