Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Soccer Saturday

Last Saturday we had our first set of soccer games.  Thought I'd share some.

Great, out of order again.  Well, after soccer, they had this little activities/ rec games set up in the church.  Summer is enjoying getting warm again and making a frog.

Summer enjoying a very warm blanket before the start of the game.  This was taken with my Uncle Allen.  They do not live very far from us which is nice.

Summer, getting ready to kick the ball in. Notice Reni and Alyona walking away to get food and do some activities.  Reni's game was not until 3pm so time to kill.

Nik enjoying making a frog as well. 

Such blurry pics but that is Reni walking back.  She played goalie some and did awesome.  Though she hates playing goalie, she is fairly good at it.

Logan, getting ready.

So hard for Nik to do this part...shake hands.  But, he does it.

Nik's team having a meeting after the game.  Wished he'd pay attention as he booked it down the field the wrong goal!   working with him.  

They all did good for their first game of the season.  It was SO bitter cold.  Really was.  Kids had fun at the activities as well.  I had my bad camera with me so hence no really good shots.  All Reni's shots were terribly blurry.  Sucks b/c I wanted some of her as goalie.  Next time.  It was a long day that day and kids were troopers for sure.  Afterwards, we went to Jersey Mikes b/c we had free coupons.  Got to love that.  It was only 4 of us at the time after Reni's game.  Every once in awhile, nice to take just a few of them out.  One on one type of stuff.  Tough, they seem to prefer to be together.  Go figure.  Went to Sam's later to grab a few things as well.  Long day but pleasant.  There are no games this weekend so we'll be ready for the next one for sure.  

Where is that baby boy of ours???

Well, today is the day.  It is a day I look at in two ways.  Happy we made it this far and sad we made it this far SO fast.  It's bittersweet.  When your baby boy turns 18 years old.  Today our son Max turned 18.  Today.  Still can't believe it.  Not even as I look over the selective service page wondering why Im' looking there.  He can't be 18.  Just can't.  Only yesterday I was holding that little wiggle worm.  You know, the one who couldn't sit still and was like a squirrel on speed when we got him.  Tiny little thing.  4 years old and wearing size 18 months.  I don't have things scanned in of the pictures back then.  Wish I did.  Fell in love with the pink tights on my little boy. 

We knew he was special long ago.  Not long after being home, I will never forget being at my parents house and Max had sidewalk chalk.  He wrote his name.  My mom said he wrote it wrong.  I said no he didn't.  He actually wrote it upside down so she could read it b/c of where she was standing.  It was that critical thinking that we knew his potential was high.  His puzzle skills at 4yo were unreal.  Visual abilities were like no other.  3-D puzzles at his age were nothing for him.  Building all kinds of structures out of legos. 

It was in 2nd grade we started realizing his artistic ability was a bit higher than his peers.  His logic skills were incredible as well.  He and Warren would build things like crazy together.  Through the years, Max has always been our thinker.  Our artist of the house.  I'll never forget when the school lost Max for the 3rd time.  They were afraid to call me and rightfully so!  Anyhow, they finally found him...under the bus.  Why?  Because he wanted to draw the underside of the bus but needed to see what it looked like.  Max is the compassionate one.  LOVES little kids and one woman is going to be very, very happy b/c this kid will make one of the best fathers ever, hands down.  Max is in high school.  He is a junior so one more year to go.  He will graduate high school, I have no doubt. 

There is so much more to say about our Maxi as we some times call him.  Well, really just me.  He hates it.  Don't care.  I'll always see him as that little boy.  Now, if I need my handyman, hairdresser, artist or whatever, he is there.  Max has come such a long, long way since that trip so very long ago.  There have indeed been ups and downs.  That's just part of life.  We are very proud of the young man Max is turning into. 

Warren brought him home peanut butter ice cream cake.  Yum.  Tomorrow, Max goes to the prom.  I'm too young to  have a son going to the prom.  Way too young.  But, my wanting him to stay little will not stop him from growing up.  Just wanted to say Happy 18th Birthday Max!  We love you!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hit and hit hard...

with a nasty stomach bug going through this house.  I would not wish this on anyone.  So far, Logan, Alex, myself, Little One, Max, Yana, Warren, and Bojan.  That is thus far.  I am hoping this is IT but no telling.  So, posts have been null and void b/c truly, it is all I can do to keep up with the house at this point.  But, yesterday was the first time despite people still being sick, that I could function normally and get a hold of this house. 

And yesterday, I get a call from the school.  From the librarian.  Max works in there during school.  Apparently, Max has decided to go to the prom...this Thursday people!  This Thursday.  My son.  I've asked him probably a dozen times if he was going or wanted to go and the answer was always no so I dropped it.  Now, literally days before and I have to scramble.  So, tonight after soccer we went to TJMaxx and found a great tie for him.  I order the corsage earlier today.  Hey, at least I used to work in a florist shop so I know how to do that and who to order from.  Found him shoes to wear and his suit.  Trouble is, he was sick today.  Fine now though.  But no way to get the pants tailored in time.  Warren is going to try to work some magic tomorrow night.  I am not the sewer in the family as I never got to learn.  Whereas Warren's grandmother taught him.  Thankful for that.  Arrangements are being made for who's driving whom.  Think we got it all even though we've all been out of it lately.  This is our first prom you know. 

Max turns 18yo tomorrow. I'll have to do a post on that for sure.  Warren has to go to the dentist tomorrow.  Been a busy, busy past few days.  I really thought spring would slow us down a bit but I was very wrong.  Now that we're on the mends here, more to catch up on.  I also had a broken computer till Warren could fix it.  Off to do a bit more paper work this evening.