Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hair dressers

Today is Thursday and has been as busy as the rest of this week.  Tomorrow is science class that I teach and nothing prepared yet.  Partially b/c I left the book in Warren's car. URGHH!!!  Had an IEP meeting for Max this morning.  Things have to change.  I'm just disappointed right now.  I won't elaborate yet.  Didn't help that I was 20 minutes late for the meeting so we're finishing another day.  That part is fine.  Max missed the bus this morning.  Yana woke him up 2 minutes before the bus came.  Lovely.  Obviously, he's not too happy w/ her today.  Went home and tried to straighten out a mess w/ the company we bought our shed from.  Claimed we hadn't made a payment.  Had bank proof, date of transaction, etc.  They told me they'd take the late fee off as if they were doing me a favor. wasn't LATE!  I hate dealing w/ stupid sometimes.  After the phone call, I get an email message by the same company saying we hadn't paid them.  My response wasn't as kind as previous conversation on the phone was.  Don't get it.  We're paying our bills, on time, and we're getting nastygrams.  Just if I told you a few weeks ago we paid and when we paid, and transaction # of it, don't bug me again for something that was clearly on time. 

Anyhow, did some school w/  the kids, speech therapist came and then went to get pizza for lunch.  Haven't done that for ages.  Kids voted to eat here so Nik & I went to pick up.  Still getting used to Big Bird.  So, forgive me if you see this big van run over a curve.  Getting used to the length is the hardest part.  That and I'm not used to so many electronics.  Afraid to touch anything.  I'll get there.

Kids are doing okay.  We're all just tired this week.  Glad it's almost the weekend.  We have noticed a huge difference w/ Alex and Logan gone.  It's definitely more peaceful.  That may sound mean but it's true.  Right now out of the bunch, they are the two I'm having the most difficulty with.  Both are 12yo, both think they know everything in the world and mom is the most annoying person ever, both are in preteen hormone stage, both are being belligerent and both are driving the rest of us insane. 

This is not an innocent face.  LOL.  Making it to 13 yo for them and us is going to be a mighty challenge.  But, it will happen.  Lessons learned and all.  Older kids get it and are trying to help explain it to them but you know, Logan and Alex know it all so they're not listening.   Funny b/c the more they get in trouble, the more the older kids will pipe in and go I tried to tell ya.  

See, Alex can be sweet if he wants to.   Yana texting while Alex and Alyona style her hair.

Alyona, Reni being the stylists to Irina and Yana.  Logan looking on.

One night, we surprised the kids.  Lowes foods marks donuts down every night at 8pm.  We bought 2 dozen for breakfast the next day.  Was a great surprise.  Every once in awhile, do something sweet.  

Well, done nothing to prepare for science class tomorrow.  Not a thing.  Need to get busy. Also, mentally preparing as one of my daughters enters the dating age.  Yikes!  As respect to privacy of my older kids, won't say more though I know she says more publicly on FB than I do here.  However, they do something stupid, I've warned will go on the blog.  LOL.  Now, that threat should be good enough to keep her on curfew, in line, etc., right?  Right?  How did you other parents handle this dating thing.  Geez, glad I was never a teenager.  LOL.  More to come tomorrow.  Just really need to get the younger kids a bath.  Summer and Little One have a blast that you'd think they were in a water park.  It's nuts.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bulgarian Reunion Cross Post

We are gearing up for our 3rd Reunion folks! Time to shake off the winter blues and make plans for the summer!!

When: June 21-23, 2013
Where: Winton Woods Park-Cincinnati, OH
Who: ALL Bulgarian Adoptive families, regardless of completed, in process or researching your Bulgarian adoption.

Registration cut-off May 1st. (If you are a family that wants to participate but may travel that weekend please coordinate with us)

This is a wonderful opportunity to build your adoptive parent support network, meet other families that you have spoken to along the way and honestly just have a great time. It is also a great cultural event to communicate your willingness to keep your children in touch with their birth country. Kids will learn to dance the horo, write in Cyrillic and other cultural activities throughout the weekend.

Last year brought 26 families from 13 states, this year it appears the gathering will be growing. Currently all of the park's cabins deluxe cabins are held for families and 9 of the 10 camper cabins are held; however, you can always bring an RV, grab a campsite or reserve one of the local hotels (5 minute drive).

Please e-mail ASAP: yvonne.villemure @ (take out the spaces)

It is very important to let me know if you plan to join because we are in the planning stages and need to build off of fairly accurate #'s. Likewise, if you he already said you will be joining and have changed your mind please also let me know so I can change it in my count. :)

Check the blog for details and to keep up to date:

Please feel free to cross post on other yahoo groups, support groups, facebook, share with your agency's or encourage families that are just beginning the process to join.

Hope to see you this summer!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shriners Consult & Interesting Hotel

Well, as you know, we left yesterday for SC and came back today.  It's a 5 hour drive from here.  We weren't able to leave until after 5 of the kids had dentist appts.  10 kids, no cavities or issues.  Wahoo!!!  Anyhow, fixed some quick spaghetti, we ate it and were on our way to SC.  Won't bore you w/ all the details. 

Got to the hotel and no good signage.  That was only the first thing.  Went to check in.  Price w/ discount was not what they were showing me.  Fixed that, given directions to the room.  They were suites.  It was an old apartment complex converted.  VERY poorly signed & #'d.  So, went back to ask a 2nd time where this dog gone room was.  Searched again and found it.  In the pouring down rain.  No awnings or coverings.  Very poorly lit and steps everywhere.  Not many steps but for kids that are coming to Shriners w/ limb differences, a problem.  Walked into the room. Mind you, it's 11:30 at night, no time to find another hotel or go out in the pouring rain to complain.  The room smelled 'funky.'  Mixture of old smoke and funk.  Yuck!  Then, we noticed everything falling apart in the room from ceiling to drawers to whatever.  Bojan even noticed claw marks on one of the doors!  I don't even want to know that one.  Ants and roaches all over the kitchen.  Didn't step foot in there.  I would not even let Little One get a bath.  Nope.  So glad we brought the playpen and her own comforter.  Wished we'd have done the same for us.  Tried to open the sliding glass door for fresh air.  Umm, nope.  So, opened the main door to air out and try to get fresh air in there.  Alarm clock was broken too in there.  Of course we woke up late.  After not really sleeping to begin with.  Fred Flintstone had better accommodations.  But, our goal was to be there for Bojan, not to enjoy some luxury stay.  Though, at that point we were all wondering why we didn't bring our own RV.  Oh, gas.  That's why.  Seriously though, no one stay at the Hawthorne Suites by Wyndam in Greenville, SC!  That bad.  Really.  After telling Shriners about our stay, they're crossing it off their list of recommendations.  Shoot, they asked us how our stay was and Bojan went off.  LOL.

Got to Shriners after not finding it for awhile.  Realizing shortly after this that Warren's iphone does indeed have a GPS app.  Again, I'm blaming this one on sleep.  Anyhow, got signed in.  Only thing I found odd is they ask for your adoption certificate.  Really not sure why on that one if he's on our insurance anyhow.  But oh well.  Shriners has got their act together for sure!  VERY efficient, informative, know their stuff, etc.  We were very, very impressed and wished this facility was closer.  Doc even has the top hand specialist in the world that comes there 4X a year.  Said next time if we'd like, he'd take a look at Alyona.  We told him the story and for now, are leaving her alone for many reasons.  Trauma being the main one.  For those new here, years ago Alyona had a botched surgery job done on her that left her w/ permanent damage.  They were very thorough w/ Bojan.  Wished Duke would have sent his file.  Even after a month of having the release to do so, they didn't.  Bojan was x-rayed and we discovered something we weren't told before on one of his previous surgeries.  Had the docs there a little perplexed as well.  They put a staple at the top of his bone.  Was a little weird to be sure as that is not typical.  Anyhow, they asked Bojan what he thought and things of that nature.  Recognizing that this is what he wanted we are all proceeding w/ the amputation surgery.  Their surgery team will contact us soon w/ a date.  Our prosthetic docs here will be fitting everything else and we have complete confidence in our prosthetics team here.  NO issues w/ them whatsoever. 

Shriners had this very technical and cool gait room to see how he walked even.  Just was an awesome set up.  They have a sign saying no pictures in the hospital so I didn't take any.  We even got to see therapy dogs.  Really neat dogs and Little One had a field day w/ those.  The whole hospital is just filled w/ pleasant people and great information.  I do not regret one bit driving all that way for Bojan to get his leg amputated.  Well worth it to be sure.  It has been beyond a long day.  We're all exhausted.  I will write more on it all later at some point.  Just wanted to say it was a successful trip.  IEP meeting coming up on Thursday morning.  Hate those.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Manic Monday

Definitely going to be a manic everyday for sure.  Start w/ a few this week.

  • leave for SC Shriners today for Bojan's amputation consult
  • come home Tuesday evening
  • Alex and Logan are staying w/ Grandparents this week (Warren's)
  • Taking Bojan and Little One w/ us.  Rest are staying home.
  • Wednesday, Little One has an allergist appointment
  • Thursday, Max has an IEP meeting
  • Thank goodness soccer season starts next week
  • Kids are ready for soccer
  • We got a new van this past weekend.  See previous post.
  • Working on my workout program this week
  • Went for a walk w/ the girls last night & we decided to do this every night after dinner
  • Made a wish list for Max's birthday.  It's his 18th coming up at the end of March.  Finally, I'm early when folks ask me what he wants.  
  • Max's birthday wishes are here.  People have asked so I asked him.  His response was I don't need anything mom.  So, he listed about 2 things and I put the rest down just so relatives/ friends have something to go off of.  LOL.  My son.  Hey, at least he's simplistic.  Most his age would ask for electronics or a car.  I lucked out! 
  • Still have piles of paperwork to do.
  • PPR is done.
  • Dentist just called.  Now, appt. is earlier
  • Way behind on school this morning
  • House is a mess
  • Finally got rid of the hot tub eye sore in our yard.  Yeh, a little less redneck day by day
  • learning many new things this week
  • have to go grocery shopping later this week
  • need to drop ink cartridges off at Staples
  • need to haul off all the trash from cleaning out the garage
  • somehow my brush has disappeared
  • lots going on and at some point, I'll explain
  • truly enjoying the last few weeks here.  Busy, but a good busy.  
  • CPA is working on our taxes
  • Taxes will be used for much needed repairs.  One year, we'll actually do something fun w/ it.  LOL.  
Don't have time to make a long list here today.  Haven't packed anything up.  Warren's car is loaded down w/ boxes and need to take those out to make room.  Reload the stroller in that car and put stuff in we shouldn't forget.  Like directions.  It's 5 hours from here.  Leaving early evening so probably get there around 10 at night.  Go to bed and wake up early.  So, off we go.