Saturday, February 16, 2013

Goofing around & new suits

Today it snowed.   Not much but enough to make NC folks pack a Walmart like the apocolypse is coming.  LOL.  It was pretty but truly we wanted much, much more snow.  I wanted a good snowball fight and things.  I did get some excellent shots of the kids.  Really great ones.  Was so proud until I realized there was no card in the camera.  URGHH!!!  Hate that.  Oh well.  Trying to get things done around here for sure.  We'll most likely go next weekend to look at a new used van.  It's a 2012 Chevy and a diesel.  Would tow what we need and is a 15 passenger.  Something we really need.  I used to have a bright yellow X-terra.  This van is that same color.  Bright yellow.  We will not miss it in a parking lot if we do end up buying this vehicle.  Teens may be mortified but we're just going to tell them it's character building. 

Have a few non-eventful pics to share.  Figured why not. 

Bojan trying on his new suit.  He needs them for concerts and things of that nature.  He picked it out.  We love Zulily.  The only major complaint I have w/ them is they are slower than molasses on the delivery aspect of things.  Everything else is great though.  But, if you order, plan on 2 weeks for it to come. Anyhow, Bojan looks pretty sharp I do believe.  The suit came w/ the jacket, pants, vest, tie and shirt.   All for $42.  However, I got it for $22 b/c I had a credit.  Where else can you get all this for $22?!  A brand new suit.  Slowly want to get all the boys a new suit.  But two oldest need it first for sure. 

Irina, smiling for the camera.

Nik was happy it was his turn to lick the bowl.

Sisters, goofing around.

Max, also looking dashing in his suit.  To tell you how close they are, I had them pick their suits out separately.  They picked the same one color, style and all.

A full view of it.  We obviously need to tailor the pants.  And, he'll have to lose the sneakers when he wears it.

Not sure what's so funny but they're getting a kick out of it for sure.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Busy week

Boy, have I been slack.  There is a very good reason why but I just can't say at the moment.  But, I will say there are plenty of things good and not so good keeping us busy around here.  I've had sick kids and an injured husband.  Have not slept good for quite a few days as they're always keeping me up lately.  Good news is everyone is on the upswing.  Well, Warren gets an MRI on Friday to see about surgery.  We will then decide about Bojan's eval appointment at Shriners.  He's going but I may have to find someone to go w/ me.  We'll know more next week. 

Can't even finish a post.  LOL.  Today is Friday.  Warren had his MRI.  We'll know results next Wednesday.  Nik, Bojan and Yana had eye appointments today and all did fantastic.  Nik's eyes are actually improving!   Low key afternoon after homeschool academy.  Today we all hung out afterwards and had goodies.  Yum.

This weekend we have soccer tryouts and football practice.  We were supposed to clean out the garage but weather may not allow that to happen.  We'll see.  Contractor is ready to go as soon as we clean out the garage.  Best part, he's allowing us to work w/ him to dramatically cut costs which will be wonderful.

Much, much more going on.  And soon enough, I will be able to share.  However, it will be a little while before I can.  Trust me though, it's a wonderful thing.  So my time has been occupied.  More to come.  Try to catch up w/ a few things that I can share.  Stay tuned for more.   

Redneck Fire Pit

Well, sometimes Nik just comes up with the strangest ideas.  Hey, at least he's thinking.  Let's see what my son is building today.

Nothing like cutting down sticks from the woods.  Must find the right ones to hold your pot.  

Has to be sturdy sticks to hold your cooking pot.  Plastic bucket.  

Nik made sure he got it just right.  And what better place to put it than in the front yard.  You know, since the house doesn't look trashy enough w/ piles of bikes or things being sorted.

Ahh, his redneck fire pit.  Even Jeff Foxworthy would be proud!  Nik was really wondering why I wouldn't let him cook in the plastic bucket let alone build a fire.

Max's drawings

I know I am beyond behind on posts.  Very good reason for that though which I'll explain later.  For now, continuing w/ some other things.  Don't worry though, life is very good right now.  So, back to Max's drawings.  He started one.  Keep in mind, this is an unfinished drawing. 

A building he is working on.  He's using that old perforated printer paper.  We need to buy him a new sketch pad for sure.   I think it looks like some sort of courthouse.  

 Close up of the front side.  Like the railings and the detail.

This is the more unfinished part.  What blows me away is that it doesn't take him any time to knock out a drawing.  I'm actually thinking of setting up an Etsy store for him w/ prints of various things.  People at school have even paid Max to draw for him.  So, I think there may be a niche there.  Who knows.

Today is Friday.  Much more to come as far as posts go.