Saturday, February 9, 2013

Field Trip -- park

After learning, it was time to play.  Aka, PE.  Never a lack of folks to play with that's for sure. 

Alyona took this shot and asked to put it up here.  This is really a fun slide.

Some boys goofing around.  They enjoyed hanging out w/ their friend Sam.

A smaller slide for some little ones here and there.  Though Summer likes the big slide too as does another one.

Summer and Nik.  Yep, that pretty much shows her personality and spunk.

Ahh, the princess on her pedestal.  

Well, these went out of order.  Oh well.  After the park we went to Pizza Hut.  Boys like having a table to themselves b/c it is much more cooler than eating w/ the adults.

Summer, our fashionista.  Got to love the shades in the middle of winter.  Truly, movie star quality.

Love this picture of Alyona.  Not sure why the lines got in there.  She looks so content and natural here.  Hard to believe she is 13yo.  Time flies.

Boys enjoying their lunch.  All you can eat buffet is a dangerous thing for them.

No trouble eating from Ms. Summer.

Nto sure what the face is for.  LOL.  Those plates on the table were all the ones they were finished w/ thus far.

Some of the princesses enjoying their meal.  

We had a great time hanging out with friends and learning at the same time.  We do this about once a month at the nature center.  Can't wait to go again!  Thanks for going w/ us Jamie.  This week, we're staying home all week long.  Need to get some make up work done for sure.  Went to quite a few places lately which is great but there is also work to be done.  Kids know this and know it can't be all fun all the time.  Next week is a definite work week.  Even our speech therapist has to catch up with us.  More to come tomorrow.  Just got back from the farm and bonfire this evening.  Great time.  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.  I know our friends up north got some serious snow.  We're not having much of a winter here in NC at all which is great for that electric bill.  But one big snow would be nice.

Field trip-- nature center

The other day I took the homeschoolers to something called Discovery Days.  It is great b/c the kids go to the nature center and learn about a certain topic.  Then, we always play at the park afterwards.  This topic was rocks and minerals which is great b/c that is the unit we are starting next.  So, we went w/ friends.

Some of the kids very interested in learning.  This one had electricity so they of course were very involved.

They have stations w/ activities and each kid visits the stations and does the activity.  All hands on. I usually read what they're about.

Anything that involves electricity is a hit!

Yep, camera hog Nik ready for his shot.

Now, Alyona and the rest got a kick out of learning about this beehive.  

Love this picture b/c it captures Alyona enjoying her brother and his jokes.

Nik w/ the woodpecker puppet.  They absolutely loved these puppets.  Especially, the little house guest we had along.

 Nik enjoying some sand art.

It really was a cool little thing they did.  Trouble was we got to the car, put them in the back, under the stroller.  Yeh, bad move.  LOL.  

We enjoyed our time at the center but then it was time to play at the park.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Miscellaneous pics

Time for that title again.  No catchy words, just some pictures that we've taken here and there. 

Not sure if he's trying to look like Mickey Mouse or what.

Nik and interrupted by little sister.  Both are camera hogs btw.

Nik and I guess his impression of the scream guy.  He does this and says scary.

Bojan trying on something for the concert.  I had ordered him a suit but it hadn't arrived yet.  See, got a super great deal on a great suit.  Ended up paying just $22 for the suit.  This is NOT it as it has not gotten here yet.  And, he had a concert this evening so had to get him to try on something of Max's since he had nothing left that fit.  He grew a bunch.  Hence, the new suit but didn't come in time.  Oh well, he'll have it for the next one.  BTW, he was so sick, he couldn't even get to go to the concert.  Felt so bad for him.  It was the all county one that he tried out and made.

Love the mess when boxes arrive.  Who are we kidding, not just when they arrive.  Max was caught off guard here.

Alex was feeling under the weather.  Despite all the blankets you see on the couch, he had to drag his full sized comforter downstairs.  Alex is fine now.  He has horrible, horrible allergies but we really can't give him any allergy meds due to other meds he is on.  Trust me on that one. 

No idea what they're watching or why Summer is the opposite way.  Oh well, they all look content.  The kids love the bean bag chairs Santa brought them for Christmas.  The girls' new room is going to be that color and purple.  Their choice.  I think it will be very cool.  

Got to get some sleep soon.  Soccer try outs are tomorrow morning.  Can't wait to see folks again.  Always a fun time.

What we CRAVE

Yes, that time again.  Another cravebox in the mail.  We really do love getting these things. 

Kids love seeing that blue box come from the UPS man.

Open it up and it's always filled with goodies.

Not sure why this picture is gray on the bottom half.  It was a great snack box.  Kids ate it all of course.  We weren't really keen on the microwave pasta but then again, we really don't eat all that much processed food and make our own spaghetti sauces.  They had some great coupons as well for Earthbound products and we use those in the produce aisle.  Nice box and everything we ate in it.  Gum went fast.  LOL. Always does in this house.  It is an orphanage thing.

Today is Friday.  Yana is at a friend's for the evening and Irina is babysitting this evening.  Alex was invited to stay the night but we said no, it was our turn to have someone here.  Alex thought that meant tonight but w/ Bojan being sick we said no.  Another weekend for sure though.  IF the boys clean that room.  How do boys stand it at times?! 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

House happenings

Still playing catch up around here.  Not sure what all I mentioned on Monday but figured I'd mention a few things here.  Bojan received some awards today.  I know one was A/B honor roll and one was a character trait award of fairness.  Bojan also has his first all county band concert on Friday.  We'll all attend but Irina who will be babysitting for a friend. 

Tomorrow, homeschoolers are going to the nature center for a lesson on rocks and minerals.  We're going w/ friends there so that will be nice as well to hang out.  Not sure if Reni will be going w/us or not.  She has a fever tonight.  Seems like just a cold but wait and see.  Alex and Bojan are both severely stuffed up.  I do believe those two are strictly allergies though.  Warren is also under the weather.  Hoping it is all just colds and allergies and we can keep on trucking through this season.  Usually if we make it through February, we're good to go. 

Well, scratch that.  Bojan now has a low grade fever.  This may shape up to be an interesting few days.  Like I said, hope it is all just some 24 hour cold type of thing.  Hoping.  Time will tell. 

House is a mess.  Just going to lay that out there.  This remodel has to happen and soon.  See, we were going to try to sell and move.  After much, much research, it will be highly unlikely.  We have a great contractor lined up.  Now though, we must do a lot of the work ourselves.  Since Warren recently hurt his knee ( most likely torn MCL doc said), he is limited for a bit.  We'll have to ask for help to clear out the garage one weekend.  Not going to be fun, but has to be done in order to get started on this room for the girls.  Thinking maybe next weekend we can do something.  We're ready for order to be restored here for sure. 

Our speech therapist I think comes back from vacation tomorrow.  Not sure.  I sorted through a stack of papers yesterday.  We need to take our taxes to our CPA this year and hope for the best.  Really hoping for at least a little to come back to help w/ house repairs needed this year.  Unfortunately, our tax refund never goes to "extras" or fun, typically, it goes to repairs or medical needs.  Got to love it.  Hey, we'll be happy just not to owe.  LOL. 

Boys are still enjoying football.  Girls have decided not to continue with dance.  However, they all really want to play soccer.  And that's fine.  I like them to try things here and there.  My kids are the type that can not do multiple things at a time.  I know some parents have their kids in 3 or 4 activities a week.  We've learned with not only FASers but w/ PI kids as well that less is more.  They handle things better w/just one thing.  I think the girls realize it may be overwhelming for them.  And that is perfectly okay.  Now, they love soccer so I know that is here to stay.  I may have volunteered to be an assistant coach a few days ago.  Geez.  Hey, I'm there anyhow.  And, it is exercise.  And I"m all for that right now.  Well, need to sign off of here and get a few other odds and ends done before bed.  Like weight lifting and stretching.  Enjoy your week.  Think tomorrow will be awesome. 

Selling the van

I know, a very boring title but this is real life.  It has come time for us to sell our van.  And the ONLY reason we are selling is because we have honestly just outgrown it.  I figured I'd post it on here just in case.  You never know if someone knows someone out there in the market for a great van.  I can say with all honesty this van is in EXCELLENT mechanical shape.  Absolutely a sound vehicle w/ nothing going on.  Tires are not all that old and are also in excellent shape.  They have plenty of tread left on them. 

It's a white 2008 Ford E350 XLT.  It is a 12 passenger van.  Took this picture after our ice storm so it does need washing.

Side shot.  

These are the tires.  All purchased at the same time.  You can see the tread.

Again, great shape, no patches or anything.  Don't ask me the brand of tire, I'd have to go look.  I just know they're great tires and are NOT cheap. 

Front of the van.  I have a shot of the back that I would share privately.  Only reason I didn't put in on here is b/c of the license plate.

Sorry I didn't get a better side shot.  I will take one for future inquires for sure.  But, couldn't move the rv to take the shot.  I do not drive that rv.

Inside is a beige interior.  No dings in the glass or anything of that nature from highway rocks.  Like I said, this car is in pretty decent shape.  We do not want to sell but don't have a choice.  It is a 12 passenger van.  It is truly built Ford Tough.  We've owned two of these vans thus far and never had trouble w/ either one.  This one has 63,000 miles on it.  Asking price is $13,000.  Please feel free to contact us if interested for more details.  Thanks for looking.  You just never know who may be in need of a big van.  And, if anyone hears of a bigger van or bus for sale for us, let us know as well.  We've already been to craigslist, ebay, local listings,, etc.  Sometimes though you'll see something on the side of the road for sale.  Just shoot us an email. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Miscellaneous pics

Hey, post 3 in one night!  I'm getting in the groove again. 

Nik loves to create things.  Know you can't tell but this is really cool.  It's motorized and is just plain neat.  Nik always makes the coolest things w/ Kinex.  He loves those things as do the other kids.  They are always building w/ them.

Summer and a little visitor we have absolutely love this cart.  Take it all over the house.  Awesome.  Had it for years and is by far one of the most favorite toys.  That bucket on the left is our sugar bucket.  We have one that size for flour, bread flour and popcorn as well.

She's happy just to be going in the car.

Nik was cold so I gave him my jacket.  Warren gave him his hat.  Next time, maybe he'll listen to mom when I say it's cold outside.

Stupid picture I know.  However, ladies take a look at the size of her gorgeous lashes.  Totally jealous.

Summer has shot up over the last few months.  Really, really growing.  She can even count to ten now!

Summer helping me set up for snack time.  Over 60 hungry football players to feed.  She was a little slow.  I finally just dumped the box on the table as the field was rushing towards us.  It was just a beautiful day there and got to meet so many new people.  Also great time to share our testimony regarding adoption.  Met 3 folks that are interested there.  Just don't know where to start.  You just never know where things will take you.  

Enjoy your evening.  I'm definitely back.  Have lots to catch up on. 

Groundhog Day at the park

This past weekend, we did a few things.  First, we went to a Groundhog Day celebration at a local park.  After, we went to football practice.  Then to BJ's and home.  Long day but we made it.  Anyways, they had this local celebration at a park.  We decided this was the year to go. 

Nik, Irina and Logan checking out the owls they had.  

 Summer really enjoyed dancing w/ the Chick Filet cow.

Summer and rEcycle.  Yeh, I don't get it either.

Who wouldn't have a good time hanging out w/ a cow??

There was a hoola hoop contest.  I was just stunned at how long Nik could go.  He really was good at it.

Reni, Summer and Nik were the ones who gave it a try first.   Logan tried a bit later too.  

Logan having a good time at the hoola hooping.

Told you he was really into this.

They were all playing freeze dance here.  Now, Nik was out about mid-way.  This shot was after the crowd died down.  Reni last quite some time.  Logan went onto win things but Reni, Irina and I clearly saw him cheat.  I HATE the fact that still after being here 14 months he still feels the need to cheat.  We're working on it for sure.  Takes time.

Summer enjoying her slide ride.

Never too old to slide.

Heading out w/ the crowd.  Believe it or not, it really was chilly that day.  We were all so cold, we left early before the groundhog made his appearance.  Our toes were all freezing. 

Nik thought it was cool to push the stroller.  He really does make a great big brother at times.  Other times, he'd sell them up the river.  LOL.  

I thought the celebration would be a bit different.  Logan did conquer his fear and held a snake.  Proud of him for that.  The best part was the park but you could go there any time.  We all took a vote in the car and decided we're not going next year.  It wasn't bad, just not all it's cracked up to be.  After, we headed over to football practice.