Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dem Bones

In homeschool, we're studying the human body right now for science.  I do more unit study stuff than anything.  Seems to work for them.  They get more out of it.  We've been working on bones this week and trying to do some hands on stuff.

We're studying bones and I had each one trace their hands and fill in w/ the bones on the inside of it.

Yes, even Ms. Summer participates at times w/ our lessons.  I know she's in pajamas but hey, we weren't going anywhere and I was too lazy to tell her to get dressed.

Nik, putting together a skeleton.  Then, I'd say where's the skull and they'd have to point.  Nik had trouble w/ the humerous but seemed to get femur.

Everyone working on their hands.

Summer's crazy look.  Don't you just love the papers all over the floor.

They were watching a youtube video called Dem Bones.  You dance to it and it tells you all the bones and what they're connected to.  All are dancing along but Nik and Alex.  

Next project we did that day was to make a backbone out of a pool noodle.

Goofy.  Each got a turn.  A rope (dog leash we used), pool noodle cut into 24 pieces, and elastic hairbows are all that is needed for this.

We talk about the backbone as we do the project.  They really got this one.

Backbone was getting longer and longer.

We all liked this bone learning project for sure.  Great teaching tool. Need to get this week's lessons together.  Kids are chugging along in homeschool.  Need to get crackign on fractions more.  I got horribly slack last week on math.  More in the next few days.  For now, need to get to bed.  Warren was at the ER this evening.  We'll have to go to the orthopedist this week for an MRI.  Ironically, we were just saying how it has been ages since we've had to go to the ER w/ the kids and isn't it great.  Irony, huh?

Flag Football

Alex, Logan and Nik are taking Upwards Flag Football.  It's a camp of 5 weeks.  Today it was cancelled due to the ice.  Totally understandable.  The boys are having a great time there and even practice at home.

Nice thing about a large family, always someone to play with.

Kids were playing a game and one of the girls' friends joined in.  Alyona wasn't much into playing football.

Irina and Warren having a chat.  Warren has lost 7 lbs. thus far.  We'll get there bit by bit folks.  Was proud that he lost that much.

Kids getting ready to play a game of flag football in the yard.  Great practice for them.

Logan in action. 

Alex tossing the ball back.  He has an awesome arm on him.

My kids love to play outside and I think that's great.  And nice that plenty of people are willing to participate.  Great practice for them.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Redneck sleigh ride

Okay, today it is just messy out.  Bad ice storm here in NC.  Got more than predicted.  Those who do not live in this state you must understand, NC is not geared toward winter weather.  Nor, can they predict it it seems.  So, we left homeschool academy classes early today and came home.  Only to find public schoolers were released even earlier than they said they would be.  All of us home, we ate some hot soup for lunch.  Well,let's not get fancy.  They were ramen noodles folks.  The ice was still coming down.  My kids don't care.  Honestly, if it were acid coming down from teh sky, I truly believe they'd find a way to play in it.  They are just outdoor kind of kids.

Reni at least chose a coat that was long and warm. 

Logan.  Not really in a winter coat.  no gloves, hat or scarf. 

Sad when the only one w/ common sense in the house is the dog!  Nice and warm w/ a blanket to boot.

Summer not happy w/ me b/c I yelled at her.  Notice anything folks?  That is not snow btw.  It is ALL ice!  Freezing outside and my daughter is dressed  w/ tights and a dress on.  Hey, she remembered the hat.  I made her get on gloves and a jacket.  I know, I'm a mean one.

 What else do we need to do during an ice storm but take apart a broken microwave.  It blew up the other day.  We have "old timer" now that we borrowed from a neighbor who said no take backs.  It doesn't turn and takes much longer to heat up but works for now and that's what we need till we can buy a new one.  Mean time, Max thought he should take this one on our front porch.  Yes, the redneck look is in here folks. 

Reni and Alyona happy as can be to go on their first redneck sleigh ride of the season!  All they needed was a little bit of ice to get going.  

 Nik, nothing slowing him down.  Not even his ears!  Figured out we think what is going on.  Double ear infection, not the internal device malfunctioning.  We'll take him in the morning to the doc.  Could not get out of the driveway this evening to take him.  No fever, etc.  Just ears hurting.  Was just one at first that's why we were questioning the device.  Believe it or not, glad it's an ear infection and not the other issue.  Giving him motrin to keep swelling down if there is some.  I'm sure they'll give him steroids and antibiotics tomorrow. 

Alex and Nik ready to go down the hill.  They love our yard.

 Summer landed in the leaves poor kid. 

Alex getting ready to come in...or so I thought.  

Ms. Summer going for a ride.  Notice this time, no hat and jacket not buttoned up.  At this point, I give up.  Now, the yard is completely white.  Looks like snow now but is a complete sheet of ice!  Beautiful though.  Irina and Yana are at a friend's house this evening.  Rest of us just hung out here.  Played pool and watched a movie.  Tomorrow is a busy day.  

Snow Tubing Trip-- Decision to make

Just wrote a post and it accidentally got deleted.  Love it.  Here goes again.  Since there is an ice storm out, may actually get the chance to work on quite a few posts this evening.  This is the last of the snow tubing posts.  We were heading down the mountain.  In an rv.  Dangerous winds.  On a road that trucks are not allowed on.  I was terrified coming up and made Max sit in the front going back down.  Could not handle it. 

When we got back to camp, it was bitter cold.  And I mean bitter cold.  Found out later wind chill was -8 below.  The tent would not stay secure.  Had metal stakes and all that.  The wind was so bad, it was rocking the rv.  Decision was made to go home that evening.  Feed everyone and leave. 

While I cooked spaghetti for dinner, Summer got her carseat ready.

Irina trying to get the seatbelts out.  Trying to get everything ready to go.

Waiting to go.  Ironically, ready to go and NO KEYS!  Max had lost the keys.  We found them eventually.  

These two did not want to go home.  Can you tell?

Two ten year olds not sure about having to go home early.  

Honestly, it was for the best safety wise.  -8 was just too cold.  Plus, no way to fit them all in the rv to sleep.  No tent.  Cold was an understatement.  Shoot, they were shutting down the resort!  That should tell you something right there.  We made it home safe and sound well after midnight.  BTW, they have all voted we go to the beach or somewhere like that next year for the birthday bash.  We're thinking Knoebels in PA. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snow Tubing Trip-- 2nd session

After a l-o-n-g break, we were able to head back for the 2nd session.  Noticeable change in weather.  As in drastic change in weather.  More on that in a minute.

Alyona did not want to go out a second time.  With wind conditions so bad, she could not even stand on the conveyor that brought you back up.  I was trying to hold onto Summer and the tube that was blowing all over.  The man in front of me fell off.  Yes, it was that crazy outside weather wise.  Even staff kept commenting they'd never seen anything like it.

Yana coming in to warm up.  None of them made it down a whole lot of runs.  We were there right when the session started.  Lines were long.  Then, after ONE run, everyone and I mean everyone would come in.  Most would get something to eat. 

Warren explaining to Nik we had to go home.  Even the staff at Hawksnest said they were shutting down the next 3 days due to dangerous conditions.  We couldn't agree more.  Just so bitter cold and winds so bad, we never got to go down but once or twice on the second session.  Max couldn't even talk when he got inside.  Mouths were freezing.  My hands were so numb, it took about half an hour once inside to feel them again.  They hurt.  Everyone hurt.  It was crazy and many other people were talking about it all as well.  

Logan warming up inside our group room and Max coming back in.

The decision had been made.

 Having to leave Hawksnest early.  As you can see by the sheer # of people, we were not the only ones. 

Reni and Yana trying to warm up.  We couldn't wait to get back and make hot cocoa.  

Heading back to the rv.  You can't tell by the picture just how windy it was.  Wind was whipping so badly, it stirred up the gravel on the ground and threw it at our faces.  Horrible feeling being hit by gravel.  In addition, the wind picked Alyona up off the ground!  Sure did.  Warren grabbed her down.  That's how strong it was.  We were very nervous to make it home.  More on what happened once back at the campground. 

Snow Tubing Trip-- lunch break

After our first session at 10 was over, it was time to break for lunch.  I had intended to go back down the mountain but after the trip up the mountain, rv was going to stay put and we'd just eat in there.  That's the great thing about taking it all with you. 

We had a 4 hour break between sessions!  Tons of time for lunch and just relaxing.  Most the kids ended up playing Uno.  

Alyona thought it was cool to sit up front.  

Yana was a bit wiped out from the first session I do believe.  Rest, kept playing Uno though Logan would get mad.  Remember, severely color blind.  Not the best game to play.  But, he got out voted.  We do have other games but this is their favorite.

Summer decided she wanted to play w/ her Innotab during the break.  Thanks again Dee.  Awesome gift and perfect for her.

Nik and Summer content on the bed hanging out waiting for time to pass.

Please mom, let us go back on the slopes!  It's almost 4 o'clock.  Summer had to borrow her brother's hat b/c they left hers in the tent at the campground.

First picture.  Can they all even look at the camera?  Umm, no.  Alex is looking down at the ground.

Yes, now we'reall looking in the right direction but Summer's hands are in her face.  Let's try again.

Can we all smile, not quite.  Maybe another take.

All right, it is what it is.  Too cold, too sunny, too tired.  Hey, I gave it a good shot I thought.

And I pretty much gave up on take five. 

Lots going on this week behind the scenes here at the house.  Tomorrow is homeschool academy and need to prep for that one.  Making a volcano.  Should be interesting.  Right now, need to study speech with Summer and Nik.  After that, phonics with Nik, check the other kids' work and onto making dinner.  Need to fill out Bojan's paper work for Shriner's.  Need to fill out that killer eval for Nik as well.  Sorting out Irina's diploma requirements.  Just a lot to do this week as well as make some pretty hefty decisions in our lives.  Blog has taken a temporary backseat this week.  Hence, why I'm so slow at uploading pics and updating things.  Public schoolers also started a new semester and need to iron out details for them.  Like Bojan can't take gym.  Sorting out what activities all kids are participating in this semester.  Track, band, football, dance, soccer, etc.  Busy times.  I'll get there for sure.  Just need about a week to get on track.  So, wanted you to know why I've been rather slack lately.  More to come but that's a tad of what's going on.