Friday, January 18, 2013

Ready to explode!

Nik has been bugging me for weeks to make a volcano ever since we got the kit.  He loves natural disasters.  Not sure why.  I've been in quite a few hurricanes and hate them.  He watches storm chasers on documentaries.  Anyhow, he has been dying to make this volcano.  Poor kid.  I"ve promised him every night but we end up too busy.  Finally Bojan and Irina pulled it off. 

And they started the process!  

They kept reminding me the whole time of how I was smart to wait so long to do this and what a pain in the butt it was.  LOL.  Better them than me!  Hey, if you're going to volunteer, you're going to follow through.  

Logan and Nik were happy to start painting it the next day.

Pics out of order again.  Notice Nik laughing the whole time.  Bojan is used to this stuff when they cast his leg.  Notice Irina & Bojan are far from laughing.

Reni wanted nothing to do w/ helping building that thing.

Was going to take quite awhile to paint this thing.

And this is their volcano.  Paint all over my table.  People wonder sometimes why I don't always buy new furniture (though I did buy this set new).  Here is the's always messy.   No matter what.

And the finished product a bit closer up.  I think they did a fantastic job.  ALL of them.  Well, those who participated.  Now, it is ready to explode and hoping to do that tomorrow.  Tomorrow is busy though.  Cleaning day, packing & cooking day, football practice, etc.  We're ready though.  Enjoy your evening.  Hopefully more to come tomorrow.

Prepping C-MOW

For those new, C-MOW is Chaos Manor on Wheels.  Aka.... our rv.  Before any trip, we thoroughly clean it out, wipe everything down, etc.  This trip, since it is a birthday bash, we are even starting to decorate.  Today, we started to get a few things in there ready.

Christmas garland at 75% off makes for very cool party decorations.

Summer feeling all the gel things on the window.  

Hey, we're going snow tubing so we definitely need some snow decorations.

We put these all over the windows, stove front, mirrors, etc.  Nik did this part.

Summer getting ready to sweep.  She's watching Alyona.

We made the bed in the back.  If we decide to keep the bus, we'll most likely add some color to those walls.

Alyona working hard.  What's great is we all do a little something.  I wiped it all down along w/ Irina.  Yana vacuumed.  Alyona swept.  Nik decorated.  Etc.  We all pitched in a bit and no one complains.

Alyona sweeping up the last of it.

Close up of our bed.  My mom gave us the bedding and it fits perfectly in here!  I notice on the pic one of my helpers forgot to tuck a side in.  LOL.  It's nice to travel in a "home" away from home.  You have that less thought of "oh no, what if my kid spills something in the hotel?"  What if my kid breaks something.  Just seems like there's less hypervigilence being able to bring our home w/ us and not worry (to an extent) what happens to it or in it.  Whatever is spilled gets cleaned up.  Stains taken care of at home if necessary.  We do love that about it.  

So, turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and green beans for dinner.  Working on a few more posts later.  Getting there.  We're getting ready for our Birthday Bash trip.  Can hardly wait.  1 pair of the 3 pair of boots that I ordered came in.  Hoping tomorrow is the day the rest arrive.  Fingers crossed.  The rv is almost ready to go.  So are we all.  We're cooking up Chili, marinara sauce, muffins, cake, etc. tomorrow to take w/ us Sunday.  Picking out a few good movies to take w/ us.  We're all ready to fly down that mountain for sure.  We'll be taking a blog break while away.  We always do.  But will post Tuesday night pics from the trip.  Really excited.

Max's drawings

Wow, post #4 today.  I must be back on track.  Well, getting there anyhow.  We've stayed home all day.  Vegged out today really but also started prepping C-MOW.  Getting it ready to roll out on Sunday.  Can't wait.  More on that later though.  For now, thought I'd share a few drawings Max did and one Yana started.  I'll take more when she's done.

Max and a mower we will never own.  LOL.  He's dreaming here.

This character is from the movie MIB 3.  We like the MIB movies.  I really want him to draw one of the worms from the movie.  You know, those worms drinking the coffee.  I think that would be a cool drawing.

This is the hawk that Yana has started.  Definitely not done but I think it will turn out great.  She also will submit an essay and drawing to the contest to release a hawk.  I know the chances are slim for any of them to be picked but I truly think it will add to the experience when we go.  

So, those are a few drawings.  Post 5 will come a bit later.  Turkey got put in the oven way later than it was supposed to.  Tomorrow is cleaning day and boys start football tomorrow.  Should be exciting.

Field trip to Occaneechi

Well, really a field trip to Burlington to learn about the Occaneechi tribe.  On Monday, we took a field trip with another family of homeschoolers to learn about the Occaneechi tribe and how they used to live.  So many really cool things we learned for sure.  Burlington is about an hour and a half away from us.  Not too bad especially when you had company w/ you. 

That black fur in the middle is a glove made out of bear fur.

It really was amazing all the different kinds of animal fur and hides they had and what they used them for.  

This gentleman was very good at explaining everything and answering questions any of the kids had.  He was just then showing the kids how they used to pick things up from the fire w/ the antlers.

We went outside to see where the tribe would have lived.  About 75 people living in a circle w/ a few huts and such.  I don't dare want me kids to complain about sharing a room.  LOL.  Very informative presentation.

There were 4 sections of mat laid out.  One was all about food and cooking.  Another about animals.  Another about weapons and hunting.  Another about games and everyday life.  We all learned something new for sure.

It was SO wet outside and muddy.  Really, really wet.  We were soaked by the time we went back to the shelter where the mats were.

Summer with some friends in a hut.

Summer and Nik having fun trying to balance on a log.

Reni and Irina just hanging out.

Of course my son is fascinated with the weapons on display.

Watching him shoot one of those darts.  All the kids have decided they want to make one.

Watching him throw the arrows.  Truly unreal how far those things can fly!

Getting ready to throw some arrows.

Checking out the weapons again.

Summer learned how to mill corn and I'm sure she could do it everyday.  Now, to harvest that energy for other things.  Notice how even the shelter is soak and wet?

All the kids that we got to share this experience with.  Summer had just gotten wet.  After this, we had some snacks in the car while heading home.  Very nice trip and lots of learning involved.  Can't wait to go some other places this semester.  This was new for us. 

Homeschoolers and hawks

Locally, we are going to an event on groundhog day.  Well, during this event, they are planning to release a few rehabilitated hawks.  Deal is though, you must write why you want to release the hawk and also draw a picture if you feel like it.  Well, I gave this to them as an assignment.  Couldn't hurt and they'll appreciate the release more I think when they see it.  "Oh, I wrote about that."  Or something of that nature. 

This is Nik working on his hawk drawing.

Not sure why she's not so happy.  LOL.  They're all working on the drawings.

Alex was working on his essay.  I was just happy all were willing to do it.

Now that is some serious bed head.

All comparing notes and drawings.

A close up of Nik's hawk.  The sun is shining.  Hawk is in a tree w/ the babies on the top in the nest.  Below you'll see a car on the road.  A little above that are diagonal lines and a cloud.  That is us snow tubing w/ snow falling!  Love it.  He is so excited to go, he wants to incorporate it in his drawing.  Bojan and Yana are going to write and draw something as well.  Can't wait to see them all. 

What we CRAVE

Time for another CRAVEBOX.  I think this one was called the resolutions box.

A good view of what we received.

2 cans of soda, some mousse that the girls love, eye cream, chip clip, great coupons, sample of tea, four fruit bars, one granola bar, and dietary supplement.  Great haul for sure!

Definitely was a packed box this time full of goodies.

A little bit closer up view of everything.  Got to love FREE coupons.  We love Wholly Gaucomole so that came in handy.  Tried the smart ones frozen meal.  Umm, not all that filling if you're trying to lose weight.  We tried the 10 calorie drinks and they weren't too bad.  The fruit bars had much to be desired.  I'll be honest, they were the worst we've ever tasted!  And that simple peanut butter bar on top had more of the consistency of cardboard.  Now, to some I"m sure they taste wonderful.  For us, we'll stick to fresh fruit if we want it.  And our Nature Valley granola bars we eat.  And let's get real here, we love chips when we get the chance.  But, at almost $4 a bag, very little chance for chips any more.  LOL.  Guess that's a good thing especially w/ weight loss and healthy living.  And, we all love rice chips, not in this box, but you'd never believe how expensive rice chips are.  Crazy.  

Anyhow, all in all we enjoyed trying new things in this box of surprises.  Can't wait to see what next month brings.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Quick announcements for Bojan

I know, I know tons of posts behind.  It's life.  Just had to share a quick bit.  Bojan tried out and made all county band here!  He made 8th chair out of 15.  Remember, he's only been playing for a year and a half!  Last year, no one was sure he'd even be able to play with the missing finger and shortened digits.  Well, that's nothing folks.  Those thinking of adopting kids w/ limb differences, go for it.  No issues.  Just had to say congrats to Bojan.  We're proud of him for sure.  We find out all the details next week including costs. 

I called Shriners the other day.  We have an appointment now for February 26th at 8am.  We're going to have to stay overnight in Greenville, SC as there is no way to drive in the middle of the night (5 hours from here), have the appointment and drive right back home.  So, we have to stay in a hotel somewhere.  Those that know the area, is there anyway you can recommend something that truly won't break the bank??  We have 3 of us coming so only one room.  Need inexpensive recommendations.  Also, I'd love to hear what to expect w/ this appointment.  They'll have all his old surgical histories already in hand, x-rays, etc.  How many hours does this usually last w/ first appointment?  Asking b/c we have to drive straight home the very next day.  Thanks for any input.

Kind of a Bojan day despite it being my birthday.  LOL.   More to come later. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Manic Monday

And indeed it is!  I will have to be quick on this one for sure as we're about ready to go out the door today.  Here goes a little of what's on this plate.  It is full.

  • Going on a field trip today to Burlington to learn about Occaneechi 
  • Need to cancel speech therapist for the day
  • Speech therapist coming rest of the week
  • Vet comes this week
  • My birthday is Wednesday
  • Prepping RV for the Birthday Bash trip
  • Need to shop for Birthday Bash trip
  • Gathering all clothes for trip
  • Will be premaking a few of the meals for the trip
  • Cleaned house this past weekend
  • Cleaned rv and van this past weekend
  • Keeping up w/ exercise routine
  • Reorganized homeschool stuff
  • Girls don't have dance this week
  • Bojan is thinking of trying out for all county band
  • Yana is thinking of trying out for track again
  • May have a house guest very soon
  • I know, it always seems we have a house guest.  LOL.
  • Would love to do a birth sib search but too pricey at the moment
  • Can't find Logan and Reni's sib b/c we don't have a birth date for them
  • We've started working on fractions
  • Having to make volcanoes this week at homeschool academy
  • Irina is enjoying self-defense classes
  • Irina is looking for a job today
  • Calling Shriners today
  • Need to make a few more little reservations for camping for Bulgarian reunion time
  • Going to sell the rv possibly
  • Looking into getting a bus (yeh, don't ask)
  • Talked w/ the contractor on girls' new room
  • Making decision today on which plan
  • ONE more payment on Warren's car
  • Just realized I forgot to call a friend yesterday and go over there
  • Boys are excited about starting football
  • Soccer sign ups are in February
  • FASD support group meeting is this Tuesday
  • Behind on emails
  • Behind on posts
  • Loving the spring weather in January
  • Trying to keep everyone healthy
  • Weight loss challenge is still on
  • Think dishwasher may go soon
  • Warren's car needs repair
  • Alaska has eaten herself raw.  Yes, asking vet.
  • Warren has a dentist appt. this week
  • Need to call zoo
  • Kids need to write about a hawk for the chance to release one into the wild
  • Trying to stay ahead of cards this year
Well, that's enough for now as we have to go.  Much more happening behind the scenes here but you all know how that goes. Can't wait for a week filled with some new things to do, learn and experience.   Enjoy your week.  I will post about our field trip later today.