Saturday, December 7, 2013

Yana's sports banquet

Yesterday, Yana attended a sports banquet.  Took some pictures before she left.  You know, because moms can do that and not get in trouble.  Just given the 'look.'

First picture attempt.  Tried it w/ lights on and off and flash on and off.  

Thought this was a very good picture of the two of them.  For me doing a quick snap the picture shot before you go.

I would most definitely say Sofie approves of the new boyfriend, don't you think?  He treats her very sweet too.  Puts up with Summer bugging him and Reni and Alyona asking ten thousand questions.  Oh, and puts up with Logan trying to one up him all the time.  Yes, that's a lot to put up with just to come see Yana.  LOL.

Now Sofie giving Yana a hug goodbye.  

 Stand alone shot.  Got to love the diapers and wipes in the picture. 

A closer shot of Yana.  Looking way too grown up for me.  

They had a good time they said and earned pins in track for school.  He earned his varsity letter as well.  Congrats to them both! 

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