Saturday, December 21, 2013

Where have you been?

Umm, in survival mode.  LOL.  We have had a bunch going on lately.  Schools had parties last week and well, last just say I'm not superwoman and more than one epic fail on my part.  Used to go to school and you had a Christmas party the last day of school.  One party, small, and just fun.  Now, you have festivities spread amongst the week to remember, tons of stuff to bring in and can't call it a Christmas Party.  Nope, it's a winter celebration.  Geez, times have changed!  Why bring Santa in if it's not a Christmas Party?  Bring in the snow maiden then. 

I digress.  So, had to remember books for a book exchange, cookies, ornaments for an ornament exchange, pajamas for pajama day, hot cocoa for Polar Express stuff, napkins and paper products for parties and who knows what else.  Oh, and throw in that mix cupcakes and soda for a party for Summer's Birthday too.  And remember, I watch a little boy during the day too and have Alyona who can't really lift anything right now & who's pain is getting worse.  Forgot the stroller.  Epic Fail #1.  So, I'm trying to enlist the help of two small toddlers to carry stuff w/out smashing cupcakes.  Yeh, it was nuts.  And there must have been at least a dozen people pass me.  Maybe they thought I had it together.  I don't know.  So, after stopping at least thirty times, we made it.  Got to school and realized I needed to make cookies for Nik's class for Friday.  Thursday at midnight we're making stupid chocolate chips and they are burned on the bottom and raw in the middle.  Epic Fail #2.  Warren runs to Dollar General to get Chips Ahoy.  Why the heck we didn't do that to begin with, I'll never know.  Ornaments.  Needed them.  got those on Thursday b/c I didn't have any.  Realized just today we actually DID  have other ornaments we had picked up the previous week but totally forgot about them.  This was the way my entire week went and so hence, the neglected blog posts.

Friday, we went to take Reni to our ENT.  And another surgery is now scheduled for....wait for it....wait for it......Christmas Eve!  Yeppers.  Wrote this on FB and just copying and pasting. 

Let's see what happened at Chaos Manor now. Let me get this straight.
  1. Dec. 23rd-- Warren pre-op/ Reni pre-op
    Dec. 24th-- Reni tonsillectomy (yeh, that's a new one as of now!
    Dec. 25th-- Christmas
    Dec. 27th-- Alyona's surgery & mom stays in hospital w/ her next few days
    Dec. 29th-- Warren might come visit Duke w/ some of the kids so they can see Mom and Alyona
    Dec. 30th-- Warren goes in for surgery w/ possible overnight
    Dec. 31st-- May or may not come home from Duke/ Warren may be coming home this day and it's New Year's Eve

    So, busy, busy. I will say this, I am eternally grateful for the people that have helped us out w/ Christmas and other things this week. You all know who you are! We seriously could not have done it w/out you. As of right now, we have meals as follows (b/c many are asking when we need help & how w/ both parents being gone or out of it for a few days):

    Dec. 27th-- pizza
    Dec. 28th-- lasagna
    Dec. 29th-- cereal
    Dec. 30th-- spaghetti
    Dec. 31st-- Chicken enchiladas
    Rest of the time I'm hoping I can cook between patients. LOL. I have two friends who've volunteered to come and check on the kids while I'm gone & Warren is gone and can't do anything when home. As of now, I think Warren's dad is taking him to and from hospital if it is same day. If not same day, Jennifer will pick him up the next day. Now, I think I have it all right. If you are still asking can we use help? I will not turn it down if you offer right now b/c today we got that third surgery thrown our way in just 4 days and let's just say Mom & Dad are pretty behind on things around the house, for Christmas, etc. If anyone dare complains of a boring day on Facebook, I may have to have it out with them. LOL. Wish us luck. And after all this is over, the sign is going in the yard to sell the house. Can I please go to bed the next few days?
    Now, on top of all this, we got a call from Irina while we were out Christmas shopping saying Alex has a fever of 100.  not high at all for Alex.  He's one of our ones that runs high when he gets a fever.  As in 104/105.  So, wasn't concerned.  He's eating still and as of this evening, no fever.  Praying it's a 24 hour thing but deep down, think it's strep for him.  Time will tell.  IF he has a fever tomorrow, must take him in at least to get the antibiotic script for "stand by" b/c we won't be available w/ all the surgeries.  We have only ever done this ONE time before and swore I'd never do it again.  And that time was only Alyona and Bojan at the same time.  And not during the holidays and not w/ another parent out of commission.  But, Alyona ended up w/ a botched surgery job done at Wakemed and things went downhill that time.  Long story some of you may recall.  Anyhow, we're up for the challenge.  Just critical at this point, none of the rest of us get sick.  Suggestions for occupation for the others at home is welcomed.  Not worried.  Taking it one day at a time.  Normally, this would not all be scheduled at the same time.  But, it is for a reason.  2014 is to be surgery free!  Medically free too.  Ha!  Not w/ these kiddos. Really though, we are fortunate to have relatively healthy kids most the time.  We're going w/ the flow here.  So, this is part of the reason I've been busy and blog neglecting.  Won't even get into the deal of getting Bojan his new legs and Nik new implants.  Wahoo!  we're going to make it this coming week and be better for it.  And, knowing Alyona will be out of pain in a few weeks is reassuring.  More picture posts to come and what's happening to Chaos Manor.

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