Monday, December 23, 2013

"We're Gonna Move!!"

Remember that line from Cheaper by the Dozen and all the angry kids when they found out they were moving?  Well, that's us right now at Chaos Manor.  I know you've heard us say we were moving before.  But, this time, we have a realtor and we're jumping in both feet first.  This endeavour is not just a move.  There is much, much more to it which I'll explain a few months down the road w/ exactly what our dream is and what we may be trying to do.  Lots of pieces must fall into place but this is the start of it all.  We love this home.  See, we moved here w/ 2 kids in tow.  Did you read that?  Two kids!  I barely can remember when we just had Irina and Max.  But, we did.  Told the realtor at the time we don't need all this extra space here.  Ha!  She told us I have a feeling you all will.  That these won't be your last.  We were due in Russian court that week w/ Yana and Alex.  Anyhow, she was right.  We have made this home work as much as we could thus far.  It's not a small home by most standards.  It's 3400 sq. ft.  Well used space though.

Where will we go?  Not sure.  Our main thing is to find land.  We're flexible as to where (w/in an hour's commuting distance of SAS though).  But we are looking to find at least 30 acres, up to 80.  We will be building our own home. Yep, shoot me now!  I've heard horror stories from folks.  And, 13 of us, it may be more horrifying w/ the interim living situation.  LOL.  But, we'll get through and have another experience behind our belts.  Our goal is to have 13 bedroom home.  Goal.  Who knows though.  Many of our kids hate to sleep alone.  Want their own room yet don't.  Finding practical solutions for that as well.  We all our excited.  Getting ideas of what we want in our home.  Rec room for the kids for sure.  Movie theater is a dream room but can I say that is most likely a dream that will not come true.  have ideas of what it all will look like or turn out to be but we must first sell this one.  And that is the trick.  Kids and selling a home don't really go hand in hand you know. 

We're also open up to the idea of finding an older home w/ acreage and fixing up.  To a point.  Needs to be move in ready.  So locals, feel free to look.  If you hear of anything, let us know.  Want at least 4,000 sq. ft. but prefer 5 to 6K sq. ft.  So, come January, a sign will go up in the yard.  We'll be on the lookout for other property.  We'll do it w/ not driving each other insane.  I hear the whole house hunt thing can bring out all sorts of weirdness in people.  We have enough weird here thank you very much.  All of us are pretty much on the same page though as for what we want.  Keep you all posted when things start happening.

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