Friday, December 27, 2013

Update surgery #1

Little sleep and off to Duke. Went to x-ray and it was wrong place. Rerouted and x-rays done. Went to pre-op and taken back ASAP due to time. IV took another try. Alyona was silent the whole time in pre-op. she knows what's coming and that makes it hard.  Discussed many things. Surgery
Will take about 5 hours.   There are two types of scoliosis causes we are told. Idiopathic and neuromuscular.   Alyona is neither. So once they know, they'll know how much she'll bleed.  If she bleeds a lot, we then go to ICU. If not, we go to the floor.   Earliest out of here is Tuesday. Dread it. They will try to have her sit up tomorrow. She will not be eating today at all.   Keep you posted.

Reni is doing okay. She is finally drinking. Wahoo!!!  Sofie is really stuffed up but okay.   No fevers for anyone this morning so that is a huge relief.  More later. Very, very tired

Irina's birthday is today.   Happy birthday Irina.

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