Friday, December 27, 2013

Update on Chaos

Yes, that's the best title I could come up with with what all is transpiring here these few days.  So, here goes.  We made it through Christmas as you know.  Reni is fairing okay after surgery.  Pain, but to be expected.  Our problem right now w/ Reni is running a low fever still and NOT drinking enough.  We are trying everything to get her to drink more.  Hoping tomorrow she can turn this around. 

Tomorrow, we go to Duke for Alyona's big scoliosis surgery.  Warren and I will both be gone. Original plan was to have  a friend watch the kids during the day till Warren got home.  Well, we found out today that same friend has her kids sick with the flu.   We have already been exposed.  Praying it doesn't go through our house with three surgical patients.  We scrubbed and sanitized ALL day today.  Hey, at least it's clean in here.  LOL.  So, scrambled today to figure out what to do.  Sweet friend Rebecca is coming over for the bunch.  Kids love her so it's great.  Warren will then come home early in the evening once Alyona is stable and in room.

Saturday, trash hauled off and hopefully Warren can come visit w/ kids if we have no sick kids.  Right now, Summer and Sofie are coughing.  No fevers.  Gave them something this evening so hoping it's nothing.  Our docs have already been told it is a crazy week for Warren and I and IF a friend is to bring them, you'll know why.  Again, they know our family well and the kids and understand if something 'weird' happens.  Dinners are being provided the next 3 or 4 days I believe.  That's a big relief.   Warren goes in on Monday.  His dad is coming down to take him & stay w/ him.  A friend is watching the kids.  Now, Warren may or may not stay overnight.  So, he will probably be home Tuesday.  I'm hoping and praying we can get the heck out of Duke on Tuesday but that is yet to be seen.  Told that is the earliest we can be out and to just wait and see.  It's no fun staying there.  I'll tell you that much.  Always great to be home versus the hospital.  But, we always do what is best for the kids having the surgery.

In addition to all this going on, somewhat on a race against time for end of year stuff.  See, Nik's new implants need to be processed.  BCBS has permission to expedite.  However, hold up is Advanced Bionics who is now claiming to both of us they have received NOTHING.  Both BCBS and us have email confirmations.  UNC I'm sure has their confirmations as well.   Something is up.  AB is not even returning our case manager's calls.  It's nuts!   So, working on a call to AB w/ BCBS tomorrow as soon as Alyona is wheeled back to surgery.  Geez.  If it is not in by year's end, not sure we can get the implants due to insurance changes in our policy.  Hence, the rush.  Though our first contact to do this was w/ AB back in September!--- BCBS has that on record.  Again, not sure what's happening and even our case manager is simply perplexed that they're claiming no order was ever given despite us having proof.  Just weird. 

Much more happening here but truly need to get to bed and finish packing.  Please think of Alyona tomorrow.  Irina's birthday is also tomorrow. I'm too young to have a 21 yo daughter!  Nik fell apart tonight. It's very difficult for him to be away from me.  Very.  Other kids are trying to help with that as well.  I'm very grateful for a team of friends and neighbors that are pulling together to help out.  Checking on kids, bringing meals, watching kids, etc.  Means a lot to us.  Also relieved we only have to do this once in a blue moon.  Do have to get going.  Will do surgical updates as time permits but Alyona comes FIRST.  Course, being up all night woken by beeping machines, I'll have time to write.  Did last time but did most on Facebook.  Wish us luck.  Pray that the three surgical patients pull through w/ flying colors and no one here gets the flu or sick on top of it all. 

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