Saturday, December 7, 2013

Time to Play

Friday, Warren had off work.  Even though he felt horrible still, he came to the park with us.  It was near 80 degrees in December.  How could we not trek to the park?!  Just gorgeous weather and kids were up to it.  So, put Cole, Sofie and Alyona in the van and off we went. 

My beautiful baby girl.  She picks her own clothes out and likes the bold colors.  Love says it all.

Alyona climbing through the tunnel w/ Cole.  He was lightening fast through that thing.

Hard to believe in a few short weeks she'll be laid up for awhile.  She's growing up fast.

I love Alyona's smile in this one.  The way the sun hits her face was just perfect.

Never too old to go down a slide.  There was no one else at the park at this time of day.  It was awesome to have all equipment to ourselves for a change.  Yes, they love playing w/ the other kids but every once in awhile, nice to be alone and enjoy it all.

Can't really tell but Sofie was having so much fun jumping up and down on her butt.  She's actually really laughing in this picture.

None of them wanted to go on the little equipment made for their age.  No, they all wanted to tackle the big stuff of course.  Here she is trying to decide how to get down and Little Man was deciding whether or not to go down that slide.  We all truly had a fun and relaxing time at the park and glad we decided to go while the weather was nice.  Made our day.  

More tomorrow.  Today we had family visit for an early Christmas.  Got to get going.  Swore I'd get my Christmas Letter done this evening.  Yeh, not happening.  Maybe tomorrow.  we'll get there. 

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