Saturday, December 28, 2013

Surgery update #2

So on Facebook I am on update #8.  I will try to recap but bare with me as I am physically and mentally exhausted. Surgery went fantastic. It is corrected. However, since the length of her fusion is so long, her bending will be extremely limited. And that's okay.   Earliest we are out of here is Tuesday.

Now, recovery. Oy. Been beyond horrible.  We are in a step down unit. Should go to regular floor later today. PT will come in and set her upright and have her stand and maybe even walk. Poor Alyona can't eat until tomorrow.  She threw up alyl night long. Literally.  Been having a fever on and off. Heart rate was in the  170's. now, between 115 and mid 120's.

So no sleep for either of us. Good news is she has not thrown up since about six this morning. In addition, many lines and IV's taken out. Patches taken off and drain may come out today as well as not much blood draining which is good. Doc said today will be the worst day. Not sure how that's possible after last night. Geez.

Just got word we are moving in 30 minutes to a floor unit. Four doors down.   So, we will be at duke in room 5316 for a few more days. Reni is doing fine now which is a relief.   Update more later. AB finally called back BCBS.   Got to go pack up.   Pray for quick healing. Both of us need rest.

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