Monday, December 23, 2013

Summer's Birthday

The other day, it was Summer's birthday.  December 19th.  Hard to believe that just 7 years ago, this little girl was born in Pleven, Bulgaria and then spent the subsequent three years there before being transferred to Kardzhali, Bulgaria.  What an 'adventure' if you will, for this little girl.  So much change has happened in her young life but she's taken it all in stride.  Now, she is flourishing and a big 7yo little girl.  Yes, born in December yet named Summer b/c the season always seems to make us smile.  Though all referral pics were sad looking, we knew there was a smile in there.

 Here's a few of the referral pictures of Summer.  She's come a very, very long way from these.  Her physical appearance is pretty good but it is the emotional part where she was hurt.

Close up.  don't you just want to reach up and squeeze those cheeks through the screen?  Cute.

Another of little Ms.  Summer.

Lots going on in that little head of hers, I"m sure of it.

So very unsure here.  She could barely walk and was over 2 years old. 

Now, now we have a 7 year old Summer!  Still not believing she's growing up so fast.  And now:

 Summer pretty much stays smiling now.  She is always such a happy go lucky kid.  She is in kindergarten now and doing well.  She's learning many things.  This was a picture of Summer when she went  to school for her birthday.

Summer, a bit closer up and on her way out the door for school.  I brought cupcakes later that afternoon and we all sang Happy Birthday to her.  She was happy as could be.  Wished I could have captured it.  Made Alyona go back to the car but we then realized chip was gone.  No pictures.  No worries, she is also our camera hog so we have plenty of pictures of Summer.  Happy 7th Birthday Summer Grace!  You really have made us smile and all the joy you embrace.  Can't wait to see what the year brings for Summer.

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