Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sugery w/ these two??

Yes, I'd be a little nervous too.  The other day, Alyona had pre-op.  2 appointments actually but more on that later.  They give the kids all sorts of stuff to play w/ to get comfortable.  Of course Alyona brings it home.  Kids had a field day w/ it. 

Introducing Dr. Nik and Dr. Summer.  All ready to get to work.  And the first patient is...

Sofie.  Believe it or not, she was a willing participant.

They are just sewing her up according to the doctors.  And no, she is NOT screaming, she's laughing her behind off.  Guess she wasn't given enough anesthesia.  LOL.

Oh no!  They forgot to scrub down the patient.  Look how dirty her face is.  LOL.  And yes, she IS potty trained during the day but at night before bed we make her wear the pull ups to bed.   Kids thought it was cool they even got electrodes to put on her.  Alyona's hand has an X on it.  That's where they showed her at Duke earlier where the IV was going to go in.  Thank goodness that equipment wasn't sent home too.  BTW, this little girlie is now 30 lbs.  Crazy how fast they grow.

Chair is upstairs b/c had to move it w/ the Christmas Tree in the living room.  Patient is being moved to another room.  You know, b/c there are bunk beds there.  Max originally came upstairs for quiet.  Umm, guessing that didn't work this go around. These are noisy doctors.

And the patient survived surgery!  Now it was her turn to be the doc.  She's not as gentle as the sibs.  She wanted to do surgery on my arm while I was at the computer.  Her surgery consists of pounding on you w/ a fake hammer.  Enough said.  No wonder Summer and Nik didn't want to be Sofie's patient.  

Nik wanted me to take a picture.  Notice where he placed the electrodes?  He thought this was hilarious.  Boys.  Sofie was not happy he took her electrodes away.  Duke only gave us 2 to play with.  I'm relieved mine aren't performing any of the surgeries this month.  But, glad they had fun w/ Alyona's stuff and that Alyona helped play along and tell them what all it was for.  

Today is Saturday and it rained all day long.  We didn't end up going to the cold, wet parade.  Wise choice.  Got a few things done.  Kids voted to do cleaning the house tomorrow and just have a stay at home day today w/ movies and popcorn.  Fine with me.  Tomorrow we'll play catch up and really start getting it all done.  More to come on what is happening with (or to) Chaos Manor. 

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