Thursday, December 5, 2013

Slowly Decorating

Slowly but surely, we are decorating for Christmas.  We love to decorate. The more lights the better.   Trouble is, we are very, very, very short on decorations.  About 3 years ago, we lost everything under the house due to a hot water heater pretty much exploding under there.  So, everything got mildew and mold and had to be tossed.  Everything.  Slowly, I've been trying to build back at yardsales and things.  Not the same.  Trust me on that.  I used to have gorgeous decorations and an artificial 10' tree that looked real.  It was a $700 tree!  Now, before you all freak out (you know I'm frugal, right?), I must say I used to work for a florist/ interior design shop.  At market time here in NC, we were able to get 75% off the wholesale price and many would throw in extra sales as well.  Vendors.  So, that tree was I believe $72.  Gone w/ some hot water.  LOL.  Anyhow, I've been trying to replace things over the years on clearance or yardsales.  Getting there.  This year, my mom is bringing a bunch of ornaments down which will help our sparse tree.  Before this event that happened, think Griswald Christmas and you can imagine our lights.  We all miss the lights.  This year, boys laid all the ones out we have left.  We were able to do the porch, some bushes and the fence. 

Our front porch.  Looks better at night w/out the flash but if you do that, it turns out blurry.

Front w/ the bushes w/ colored lights.  We used to have candles in the window.  We have 4 left.  Used to have 10.  Definitely need to go to after Christmas sales this year.  Maybe that can be Alyona's day out before after sales.    Keep her mind off things, that's for sure.

Yeh, not sure what's up with that smile.  Summer and Sofie helped me collect the berries from the shrubs in the yard to put on here.

Used to have the big planters w/ artificial plants.  Now, we have the Target Charlie Brown looking trees.  Hey, it works.  Till we can find some good clearance deals.  You all please keep your eyes peeled after Christmas and let me know.  By next year, we want it to really look like Christmas when you drive up.

Our mantel always has room for more stockings.  Always. 

Summer in front of the tree.  My mom got her and Sofie dresses. Very pretty.  I think it will fit her next year too!  

Sofie, definitely ready for bed here, and Summer.  They got to see Santa tonight.  Summer was still beaming from that outing.  Sofie, well, she was terrified of the big guy.  More pics on tonight's event probably tomorrow.  Just so much to share!  More to come.  We love decorating for Christmas and everyone helps.  Now, we move onto the baking cookies part tomorrow.  Yum.

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  1. I find it ironic that Sofie is now afraid of Santa, since she spent so much time climbing all over him at the picnic this summer. :)