Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Reni's Surgery

Yes, Reni had surgery today, Christmas Eve.  We were first on the surgery docket so that was great.  Not so great getting up at o'dark thirty but hey, we made it.  While I waited for Reni, Warren ran to work to the pharmacy to fill all her meds post surgery as well as Max, Irina's and mine since we'll be unable to the next few weeks.  Surgery went well.  Tonsils and adenoids were rather large.  So, glad it was done.  I knew she'd do fine w/ surgery though a tad combative out of surgery.  The hard part was pre-op.  Memories came flooding back.  Something you future adoptive parents need to be aware of.  The surgeons' hats set her off.  Terrified completely of them.  We came up w/ a plan for the IV....no hats.  Worked and she was fine for a bit.  Drugs helped w/ that.  But, we learned something new we weren't told in Bulgaria nor did she tell us till now.  Logan told us Reni was sick a lot over there.  Guessing tonsils may have played a part in that.  However, she's been hospitalized over there.  Alone.  Yes, they leave them alone at the hospital.  This is tough on any kid, let alone an orphanage kid who already thinks they are throw aways.  So, Reni was terrified we'd leave her alone.  We promised we'd be there when she got up and we were.  She told us she's never getting surgery again.  I agree.  Since we've done this before, Reni was stable, etc., we were able to book it out of there at 10:30!  Her surgery was done around 8am so not a bad time frame in my opinion.  Reni really is doing great all things considered.  It IS surgery you know and will take healing time.  Now, onto Christmas tomorrow, prepping for upcoming surgeries and then Alyona's surgery on Friday.  Long week ahead but we've already started it and are moving right along.  Merry Christmas! 

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  1. Good news about Reni. Hoping your Christmas is lovely and the rest of the surgeries go as well.