Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Nik's Christmas Letter

Every year, Nik writes Santa a letter.  This year, he did the same.  Except Santa made a mistake and forgot to take it with him.  Ahh, mom fail.  Anyhow, he attached a picture and everything this year. 

A view of the entire picture and letter.

For this, he sat in the dining room and looked in the living room.  This is a very accurate view of it.

This is my room in the first section.  Notice mom and dad sleeping and stuff under the bed.  Ahem, apparently he's discovered things under the bed.  Second picture is the fire place w/ Santa's legs coming down I think.

Love, love what Nik wrote.  Irina writes it verbatim how Nik says it.

And Nik's picture w/ Santa.  One of my creative ones.  Love my baby boy.  Growing up way too fast for me.  

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