Monday, December 23, 2013

Miscellaneous pictures

Time to just stick some pictures in here for grins and giggles.  Some times I take some and forget.  So, here we go.

The other day I got to the living room and found most the girls sitting like this.  They were giving massages.  Thought it was really sweet.  You know, they weren't fighting.  LOL.

Reni looks a little surprised and poor Sofie is most likely being squished to death but was having fun.  

This was when Alex was sick a few days ago.  Do you think Bojan and Logan wanted to be  near him?  Kept him hydrated, gave pedialyte and didn't give fever reducer.  We don't give those until they hit 101 here as ours tend to run high when they get a fever.  As in 104/105 temps is the norm when they are sick. Especially, Max and Alex.  Freaks others out if they don't know that ahead of time.  Next day though Alex was out playing basketball.

Okay, so we gave ourselves a gift this year.  Thanks to my Aunt Elsie and Uncle Bob, we bought a Shark Steam Mop.  See, ours had broken months ago and we truly missed that thing.  So, new mop and new frying pan was just what we needed.  Very thankful and best part, the newness hasn't worn off so they all want to mop the floor all the time.

We did this backwards...bath first and then dinner.  Oops.  I know it's blurry but love how Sofie and Summer are looking at each other.

We were graciously given a few cases of apples the other day.  Giant pot here full of delicious apples getting ready to go in for applesauce.  Yum.

A new wreath for the front door also thanks to my aunt and uncle.  Will make things pop a little for when we go to sell the house.  It's a really big wreath and I love it.  Clearance made it better yet.  That and someone at the check out line asked if there was any more.  Kept saying how beautiful it was.  

Know I can't do it often but I know how hard it is firsthand having to raise money for adoptions.  A family was having an auction and these will make wonderful gifts.  Trouble is, they smell so good t he kids and I don't want to part with them.  We wish the Riebens all the best on their adoption journey.  I've bought from other auctions as well over the summer.  Here and there when I can.  You all really should check adoption auctions out b/c most the time you can use some items too.  I know we have.  

Kids are watching one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.  We need to go to bed soon to be up at o'dark thirty tomorrow for Reni's surgery.  Well, time to work on a few more posts.

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