Monday, December 23, 2013

Manic Monday

Ha!  That's an understatement.  Really, not sure where to begin this Monday.

  • Warren goes to pre-op today
  • Reni goes to pre-op today
  • need to finish wrapping
  • never did write all those Christmas cards
  • surgery tomorrow for Reni 
  • Christmas Eve tomorrow
  • need to make cookies
  • trying to organize for this crazy week
  • need to go grocery shopping
  • need to pay bills
  • used part of our redbox gift cert yesterday
  • got a massage gift cert from a friend
  • guess I'll never get that Christmas doormat out (still have the Halloween one down)
  • prepping house for sale
  • selling house as is
  • cleaned out linen closet
  • organizing like crazy (feels like nesting for a new one-- it's NOT!  it's NOT!!)
  • Irina's birthday is this week
  • need to celebrate Sofie's adoption w/ going to Kanki
  • Alyona goes to surgery on Friday
  • Christmas is this week of course
  • need more batteries
  • need to make tons of applesauce and apple butter w/ all apples we were given
  • trying to get Max to realize importance of school and finishing (senioritis)
  • exhausted
  • lots of posts to do
  • need to change blog look and title....eventually
  • asked to help out w/ possible webinar (FAS)
  • cleaned out the little girls' toys
  • treated ourselves to a brand new Shark Steam Mop thanks to my Aunt & Uncle
  • Logan got in trouble in school last week
  • Irina works this week
And much, much more.  We'll get through this week and learn a lot from it, I'm sure.  I have already realized we have more friends that we can count on than we can shake a stick at.  Awesome.  Will have more to come and more pictures of course.  Have a very Merry Christmas week everyone.

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