Monday, December 9, 2013

Manic Monday

I need to do part 2 of the Christmas early post but it is Monday. So, here goes as lots to get to:

  • Parents came to visit this past weekend and we had Christmas early
  • Had too many batches of burned cookies thus far.  (hint, never ask anyone to keep an eye on the cookies!)
  • Neighbor surprised us with cookies....not burnt
  • We are done decorating for Christmas
  • Need to go to Meadow Lights
  • Warren was/ is sick still
  • It's cold here but no snow or ice so grateful
  • Had Logan's IEP meeting this morning
  • Missed Alyona's pre-op (one part) this morning due to Warren sick & me at meeting
  • Rescheduled pre-op on Wednesday
  • Other half of Alyona's pre-op is neurodiagnositics lab at Duke (hooked up to all sorts of wires to see how nerve impulses work & such.  Takes 90 minutes)
  • Speech therapy all week and now Little Guy gets it at the house as well
  • Need to do Christmas shopping still
  • House was cleaned to the bone this weekend.  Parents came bearing gifts and well, all bets are off now.
  • Bojan's concert is this week
  • Going to the Christmas Parade this weekend.  Yana's marching in it.
  • Bojan's leg fitting is this week for a new socket for the other leg
  • Calling ENT for Reni so that she can get her tonsils out
  • Will most likely have 3 family members at 3 different hospitals at the same time.  
  • New Years is going to suck!  LOL.
  • Sofie loves to talk about Santa but is still terrified of the Big Guy
  • Wrote Christmas letter but need to finish writing the Christmas cards
More of course but too much to write.  Had a late dinner tonight and we all watched the Great Light Fight.  Pretty cool.  We love driving around seeing Christmas lights.  Kids were in rare form this evening, hence, the very late post.  Apparently tomorrow's bed time will be 7pm if that gives you an idea.  Haven't done that in ages but it's gotten out of hand lately the not going to bed when they're supposed to.  And it shows b/c this morning Alex missed the bus.  Got to love days like these.  Not really but have to get through them.  Good news is, tomorrow is a new day.  All of us have a fresh start.  Tomorrow, Nik has a whole day spent at UNC for his implant stuff.  He's excited b/c he doesn't have to go to school.  I missed a new local support group meeting tonight.  Bummer.  They'll meet next month though.  I think it will be a great group.  Can't wait to go.  Finishing up some other posts.  Busy season to be sure.  

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