Sunday, December 1, 2013

How's School Going

Oy, is that ever a loaded question right now.  All right, where to start.  We put our kids back in public school b/c I did not think I could properly teach them while dealing with Alyona's surgery & recovery and also House Guest  needing adjusting into routine again.  That being said, made the decision to put them all back in school.  They started August 26th.  Yana is doing fine and class work going okay.  So, no glitches or troubles.  Max is doing fairly well except in art. Ironic, huh?  Let me tell you why.  He seems to want to do his own thing.  Max has certain mediums in art he likes to use and when he has to use others, well frankly, he just isn't as cooperative.  We've discussed w/ him that it is to get him exposed to a broader range of things. Working on that.  He does have the stereotypical persona that some view artists having.  Now, our issue comes w/ math. I don't want to put it all out there b/c this is all public but suffice it to say, I am NOT a fan of the core curriculum bit.  Because of it, they wanted Max to redo three years of math!  We're still working w/ people and admin to figure this all out as he is supposed to graduate this year.  Clearly, this has affected his attitude toward school. Shoot, it would me too if I was told that.  That whole issue has been a thorn in my side.

Next, we have the middle school.  Clearly, it takes more work to get a kid w/ a wheelchair put on a bus than it does to buy a house or adopt.  Really, you have to inspect the chair??  That bit was taken care of.  Bojan is doing fine and joined stage band and I think trying out for jazz band or something of that nature.  He's a band fanatic and that's great.  I'm thinking of next year and being warned by other parents of the outrageous band costs.  One local high school, parents told me $3K.  Gulp.  Thankfully, not our high school.  That made the blow of $1,000  a bit more bearable...NOT!!!  Yes, that # is correct though I'm told you can do $200 a month payments.  Yes, b/c I have an extra $200 a month for band.  Sarcasm voice used there.  I have been told we can work it off.  That will be great but I'm sure they'll give me a hard time for having to take a few kids w/ me to work it off.  I can just imagine how well that will work but I'll give it a shot.  They also do fundraisers.  Let's face it though, those don't do much.  I don't have family that buys from the fundraisers and every other kid in the neighborhood's doing one so makes it tough.  I'm still keeping an open mind and finding ways to make it work.  Glad I think ahead.  And this would be one main reason my sons that are really good in soccer can't play on a certain league. Other parents told me cost was $5K.  I'm still wondering how some folks do it.  Even when we had just Max and Irina, there was no way we could do that.  No way.  It used to be you had a passion or a talent when we grew up, you tried out, participated and local businesses that locals supported, helped out w/ the teams. Not any more.

Side tracked.  Bojan is doing fine academically.  Alex is shocked that he knows a lot of stuff as we learned it in homeschool.  The other day, one of his teachers did not know the Gettysburg Address. Last year, Alex really got into the Civil War that we studied.  So, he knows it.  I said Alex, you should have raised your hand and said it.  May have gotten you extra credit.  He didn't though.  Alex is shocked at what the kids who were in public school don't know regarding multiplication.  I told Alex to help them.  This truly has given him confidence.  See, before he left to be homeschooled, he could barely subtract and multiplication was out of the question.  Now, better handle on things.  He gained a lot of self- esteem back and hoping it stays that way.  Teachers said he's holding his own and his grades reflect that.

Now, Logan.  He's a mess.  I don't say that to be mean.  Part of it is his past but part of it is him being lazy last year.  See, when I homeschooled him, he didn't want to do anything.  Told him he'd regret it. He didn't even try.  Whereas Reni was trying SO hard, asking me for help, practicing on her own, etc.  She is almost caught up w/ her peers.  Teachers are impressed and so am I.  Logan, not so much and htey came at the same exact time, taught in the same exact way.  But his stubbornness and mean attitude towards everything really took a toll on his academics.  Now, it is reflecting in his work at school.  They have made accommodations but I'm not sure that's the answer.  I will give him this, he has been doing homework since he started school.  But, he is not really getting what he's given.  So, to rule out other stuff, had him tested and that's what he's in the process of now.  If all comes back okay, I will have to get really tough w/ him.  I had to do the same w/ Bojan years ago b/c he was being pitied at school.  Now, he's all A's and B's, playing in band and doing really, really well.  The reason I'm telling you all this is so that people can see orphanage life can take it's toll on these kids.  However, it can also be turned around and they CAN succeed.

Started this quite a few weeks ago so just going to hit publish and catch up w/ school stuff later.  Bojan made Principal's list this report card.  Reni was a wise owl and got that award.  Proud of them both to be sure.  Summer's IEP is the 26th.  Logan's IEP is awaiting me getting the DEC17 which will be tricky.  Long story.  He needs help, teachers agree, testing proves it but school district wants to slap the ESL label on him ONLY & not give him help till he's 16!  by then, it will be too late.  Teacher and I are going to fight for him but uphill to be sure w/ this district.  Trust me, after 14 years of this garbage, we still do not see eye to eye in the school systems here. but, I"m willing to fight for my kids.  Will be bad enough to go to Summer's meeting and have to explain all about the brain and how that works.  Maybe I can bring our neuro w/ us.  I can tell they totally don't grasp the grand scope of Summer's issues.  She will need specialized help.  Anyhow, that's all for another day.  Irina is working still.  Max needs to complete a math course in order to graduate but has come down w/ a bad case of senioritis...aka...laziness.  Yana is doing great w/ school and ROTC.  Joined raiders and doing winter track as well.  Bojan is in jazz band, stage band and band.  More later.

Yes, started and stopped this so many times.  Let's just say we have a lot to think about school wise.  The core curriculum is something I truly do not like.  So, we're all thinking hard what we will be doing with all our kids but see homeschooling in the future as well.  Time will tell.  Hitting publish before I start and stop this thing again.  

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  1. I'm in CA so things might be different. Do you know/have an advocate you can take to Logan's IEP? We got the same run around for ESL students but a few threats of discrimilnation suits go the students the same treatment as EO's.