Sunday, December 1, 2013

Goofing around

Been a busy few days with Thanksgiving and all sorts of stuff happening around Chaos Manor.  That being said, have quite a few pics stored up.  Will share Thanksgiving and all that goes with it.  For now, just some miscellaneous pictures. 

The other day I was making sugar cookies w/ Cole (boy I watch) and Sofie.  They parked themselves in front of the oven to watch the cookies.   After letting them lick the beaters and spoon, they were waiting for the end product.  There were no sugar cookies on Thanksgiving b/c once the other kids got home, the platter was gone!

Nik with his giant lobster  Still not sure the fascination of it but hey, he likes it and that's what counts. 

Closer view of said lobster.

Some of the kids making rainbow loom bracelets.  They love those things.  And it's non-electronic which I love.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving.  A dear friend got us gingerbread houses.  We saved those for Thanksgiving.  Younger kids and their friends really enjoyed making these and kept them all entertained.  Thank you Katherine!

Irina snuck in on this shot just to make Nik mad.  LOL.

Nik showing off his long necklace creation.  Of course, my children found an alternate use for it.  They were bungee jumping naked Barbie and Ken off the balcony.  Nice, huh?  Only my kids can turn a sweet necklace into a bungee cord for naked barbies.  

Much more to come!  Family portrait being done tonight.  Trying to get ready for everything. 

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