Monday, December 2, 2013

Family Portrait Attempt

Notice the word attempt in the title right?  Okay, so I got this hair brained idea that we'd actually get a family portrait done this year since we are forever family now.  Plus, we never did get one done of the Bulgarian kids once home.  Tons of computer pictures but no formal ones.  So, it was time.  We slept in today, Sunday.  Warren made eggs and bacon for breakfast.  Yum.  Then, we all decorated for Christmas.  Sorting lights and all.  Tree looks gorgeous.  Fresh tree from the farmer.  Love it!  Max put the lights on and I decorated w/ help.  Then, we started to get ready.  URGHH!!!  Irina decided to straighten Reni's hair. Reni has beautiful hair.  Then decided this btw b/c they found the straightener.  Never dull.  Boys start fighting.  Fighting.  Over what?  Not sure really.  Something stupid though, I can guarantee it.  Yana tried to wear something other than what was picked out before.  She does this every time we get pictures.   Sofie was not in the best of moods.  So, none of us off to a banner start.  Everyone also waited till two hours before to take showers.  At the same time.  And we were off to the studio.  For once in our lives we got somewhere early. 

Got there and I thought it would be fine letting them play at the play table.  But nooo.  Nik wouldn't share with Sofie which initiated a meltdown that was to last the entire time of taking pictures.  Most of the studio pics are of her w/ her bottom lip out and tears.  Nice.  Kid that is always smiling ended up being the one crying.  I was not amused. So pics I wanted to get of Sofie alone did not happen.  Hey, it is what it is.  Just really wanted a nice family picture.  Headed home and I made them take another pic to try to get one w/out Sofie crying.  This is what we ended up with.

Take one.  Not that bad.  Not sure what's up with Logan though.

Take two with everyone.  Not too bad.

Again, Logan and Alyona holding Sofie back b/c she wanted to run and cry. 

Do you think she's had enough?  Mad at me yet? 

All in all, not bad I suppose.  We never ever have gotten all to smile so why start now.  And Summer, our VERY smiley kiddo gave a fake smile at the studio the whole time.  I can't win!  But, it is done and now I need to start Christmas cards.  I may actually get it done this year.  I'm trying.  Going to Meadow Lights this week as well.  So, we're getting things done and starting to enjoy the season and the spirit that comes with it.  More to come later tonight.  Having a late dinner.  This is now Monday. 


  1. Wow - nice (and fun!) to see your bunch all together! Really, with all those kids, I actually think you've got some pretty good pictures. It's nearly impossible to get a group of that many adults even looking half that good! Ha ha.

    I had no idea Yana was so tall now, even crouching down, and that Logan is NOT as tall as I thought (and that Reni is taller!). Summer's really looking older (and taller) as well, though perhaps having Sofie and not being the youngest adds to that.

    And I have to say, I think ROTC agrees with Yana. She is just radiant and glowing in each of those! Heck, probably a good thing she's doing ROTC to beat away all the boys that I suspect will be (or are) chasing after her!


  2. Your pictures look amazing and the family is so beautiful! Loving this family from afar! Ginger