Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

Well, after Reni's surgery, life goes on.  So, thought I'd share some pics of a little of today.

Yana helping Reni through surgery post op. 

And Warren got this from work.  Cute!  We're going to possibly do it Christmas Day or day after for somethign to do. 

Bojan, Logan and Max helped peel a pile of apples.  HOwever, then they had a peeling fight.

Peelings everywhere!

More of the peeling.  They filled the pot!  We have much, much more to do.

Sofie licking the beater after Chocolate Chip cookies.

We made these late at night b/c that's when we remembered we needed cookies for Santa.  Yana bought her this shirt for Christmas.  Not my style but Sofie loves it and that's what counts.

Nik, loving his little sister.  He really does love her. 

Non traditional Christmas movie on Christmas Eve, we all watched Pirates of the Caribbean.  Here's Summer and Alyona eating burnt cookies.  Yes, burned them.  No one wanted to go to bed.  Drove us all nuts.

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