Monday, December 23, 2013

Band, bracelets, and broken

The other week we went to Bojan's Winter Concert.  Notice, it's not a Christmas Concert any more or even a Holiday Concert.  Think that's sad but that's a whole other post.  This set of concerts was held at the high school.

Little girls were dancing around and admiring the trophy case.

Alex was shocked that the band got trophies too.  Alex is our sports fanatic remember.  Bojan's concert was good.  Just wished we would have heard Christmas music from the band this time of year.  Miss Jingle Bells and Frosty.  Something upbeat and Christmasy would be nice.  But, it was good music and they did a nice job.  Always nice to hear Bojan play.  

Nik showing me all his bracelets he made.  Do you think there are enough?

He made that anklet all one giant piece.  He did it by sort of knitting it.  He loves these things.  We really need more rubber bands soon.  Ran out.

Yes, think it's time for a new colander.  Gave this one a good run.  Frankly, we need a bigger one but they won't fit under the counter.  The legs are melted from where htey leave it on the stove.

Got a Christmas card the other day from VA.  Post office sent it to me like this.  That's right folks, just the front of the envelope left.  No letter no back of envelope, no nothing.  Thank you Hamiltons if you read this blog.  Just wished I could have read what they were up to.  

Today is Monday.  Doesn't feel  like it.  Getting last minute things done around here.  Getting ready to make a ham dinner so that Reni can have some.  Her surgery is tomorrow.  Not worried.  She'll do fine.  Every three days we're having surgery for the next week.  24th, 27th, and 30th.  Can't say it's dull here, huh?  Doing more posts.  Need to go put the ham in and dice up some things for fresh salad.  Relax and just enjoy the time.  More picture posts to come. 

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