Thursday, December 12, 2013

And Christmas Came Early (part 2)

Of course I fell behind.  Write now I have some sleeping toddlers which is code for time to get stuff done.  Been trying to call an ENT for Reni.  She's going to need tonsils out and that too will have to get done before year's end.  Got to love it. So, high likelihood I will have a daughter at Duke for a week, a husband at Rex, and another daughter who knows where (but most likely Wakemed/Western Wake) is my guess.  No, we can't do things the easy way.  Great news is Reni's will be outpatient and Warren's is outpatient w/ observation listed in case he needs to stay.  Sounds pretty common w/ this surgery as that's what they did w/ my friend as well. The awesome thing is once these are done, surgeries should be well behind us for quite some time.  All are healthy except for common time of year stuff.  Reni has strep right now but not a big deal.  She went to doc this morning.  We are pretty right on for dx'ing stuff.  Wish sometimes docs could just write a script with parents' dx but doesn't work that way.  LOL.  Reni is out of school tomorrow as well.  Tonight, we are getting ready to go to Bojan's concert.  Irina will stay home with Reni.  Everyone else is going.  Concert starts at 7:30.  Our prosthetist comes to the house tomorrow to measure Bojan for his new socket on his old leg.  That way, he'll be good to go for the new year. 

Well, time to actually get back to finishing some of these posts.  I left off w/ my parents' visiting so thought I'd finish up some pictures.

Max helped all the younger kids set stuff up.  Here he is helping Nik get the Angry Bird racetrack in order.

Sofie with her baby doll and most definitely in a sugar induced coma.  LOL.  Nap time.

Yes, these are my two 14yo's.  Can you believe it?!  Both have grown up.  And after surgery, Alyona may even gain up to an inch!

Sofie and my mom deciding what ornaments to put on the tree.  My mom brought a bunch down b/c of how many of ours had been thrown out.  Good thing too as the tree was pretty sparse.

My mom and Sofie decorating the Christmas tree.

Summer got into hanging ornaments on the tree.  Let's just say it is ornament heavy in one spot.  I left it that way.  We're not in any contests and kids are just proud as can be they helped decorate.

Umm, sorry kiddo, not a baby any more.

My cousin Allison and my mom.  Allison has this passion for snow despite being an NC native.

My cousin's husband cracks us up all the time.  Great guy and pretty much a kid at heart.  Earlier, he was running around w/ Alex and Logan shooting them w/ Nerf guns.

 Alyona enjoying soda. We don't really have soda in this house unless there is a party or special event.  Can you tell she likes it?

My parents treated us all to pizza and wings.  Yum.  Everyone else brought dessert.

Got out some sketching stuff as well as ornament making things.  Again, thank you Katherine!  Girls had so much fun w/ this.  

My cousins' kids and our kids.  Awesome thing is, they all play and get along SO well together.  It truly is pleasant when they're all together.

My mom and her brother (my uncle obviously).  Only one missing is my other aunt, their older sister, from PA.  My uncle lives near me so I actually see him more than my parents as they live out of state.  He's the jokester of the bunch for sure!

Was really great having everyone together.  Wished they could have stayed longer but they had to beat the ice storm home.  Was a great way to kick off the Christmas season.  

And on that note, got to go get kids ready for Bojan's concert.   Christmas concert I'm told that is not going to have Christmas music.  Do hope Bojan is wrong about that one.  Last year they played the comments in the audience were the same.  Where'd the Christmas music to sing to, dance with?  Was depressing music.  This year, hoping to go hear some good music & festive music.  I'll let you know.  Warren is going to meet us there as it's at the high school and he's at work.  Try to get pictures but truly, I like just listening to the concerts and watching Bojan play.  Enjoy your evening.

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