Sunday, December 8, 2013

And Christmas Came Early (part 1)

Yesterday, my parents came to visit and have an early Christmas with the kids.  In addition, my cousins came to visit along w/ my Uncle.  Thought I'd share a few pictures from the day though not many as we were too busy talking, playing with toys and catching up.

This was the start of the piling of the gifts. They kept coming in.

Sofie loved this little cart for sure!  Very cute too.

Summer has not stopped playing w/ the leap pad she got for Christmas.

Alyona showing off her new Wii game of Tangled.

And a Dora cartridge to go with that leap pad.  Think she loves it.

Sofie also got a pink flamingo.  She's hugging it in this picture.  She got man y things but her favorite by far is a baby doll that will not stop laughing.  URGHH!!!  But we found the master switch to it finally last night.  Ahh, peace.

Angry Birds candy and a hot wheels set were among his favorite things.

Alex showing his glider.  Nerf guns were one of his favorite things.

Yana enjoyed some new clothes and some jewelry.

Some of the aftermath.  Babies, Nerf guns, chocolate, strollers, etc. everywhere.  Not to mention wrapping paper.  Lots and lots of wrapping paper.


This is Bojan opening up his birthday and Christmas present.  A new keyboard just for him.  There's games and remote control cars in background.  Definitely enough entertainment for awhile.

A shot of Sofie with that flamingo.  Matches her dress.  Who knew?!

Irina is styling with her new Coach perfume and lotion.

We even got a new popcorn popper!  Love it!  Remember, Reni broke the last one last week.  We've been through 3 air poppers thus far this year so hoping this one lasts.

My parents also came bearing lots of goodies.  As in chocolate and things.  Toblerone bars, Williams & Sonoma hot cocoa (VERY good), and too many other goodies to name them all.  Kids loved all the gifts.  We got new movies, video games, doll babies, nerf guns, clothes, and so much more.  Kids have enjoyed the gifts and played with them nonstop this morning too.  Much more on our visit in part 2.  Selling some items today to continue our mission to purge our house of clutter.  Doesn't help that I've been buying stuff at the same time.  LOL.  Bought a deli meat slicer the other day. It's awesome as we buy huge things of meat to slice for school sandwiches and things as it's cheaper that way per pound.  So, I'm off to do some laundry in my new slippers.  Comfy and cozy.

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