Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A visit with Grandparents

This past weekend we went to Warren's parents' house.  As usual, we had a late start.  But, we finally did get started and on our way.  They live in the same state so a day's visit.

Why is there a picture of an overpass?  Well, this is where we had to pull over and stop the van b/c Logan decided he shouldn't listen.  So, time to switch seats.  Put him between the two car seats.  Summer and Sofie were NOT amused.  They are in the first row.  Anyone else have issues in the car ever?  We haven't for a VERY long time but it was either move him or I think some of the kids were going to be tempted to revolt and open the door if you know what I mean.  LOL.

Now, you must remember, the previous few nights we had been up very late w/ events and things and we were all just exhausted.  Max more so than the rest of us.  

Kids decided to play some cards to pass time before dinner.

URGHH!!!  Another Angry Bird drawing.

Summer delighted she drew a picture even though you can't see it w/ the flash.

I know I've shown this before.  Should have taken some shots of new pieces.  My mother inlaw is an artist and talented at that.  This is painted on the glass.  Lighted up it is just gorgeous!

Kids playing some games and Sofie getting ready to show me her drawing.

Have I ever mentioned before just how nervous I am w/ my kids in this house?  There is glass and crystal everywhere.  Nik was eyeing it.  Scares me every time.

We got an early Christmas present and can't wait to use it!  I've seen these before but never had one.  It dehydrates too.  We're going to try it out this weekend.

Some of the kids playing a game of Chinese checkers with their aunt.  Kids went running through the mini forest in their backyard and visited.  We ate a delicious lunch and then headed home.  Once home, Warren & I headed to Sam's sans kids as to get done faster.  Was a fun and pleasant visit and sure we'll see them again soon. 

More soon.  Been a very hectic few days and trying to sort stuff out for upcoming surgeries & events.  My family is coming to visit this weekend.  A realtor came today.  Listing the home in January.  Onto our next adventure...moving.  More on it all in a later post.  Again, busy few days to be sure.  Kids are well and healthy.  I'm over my respiratory infection and such.  Got to get to bed.  Trouble is, I have a little girl who for some reason is NOT tired.  Enjoy your evening everyone. 

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