Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Practical Christmas List

I did one of these lists last year and thought it would be a good idea to do it again.  If nothing else, than to just laugh.  So, here goes.

  • Toilet paper.  Former orphanage children just can't ever seem to regulate the amount.  Do you really need half a roll kids?

  • Candy.  Well, that's self-explanatory.  You can never have too much candy.

  • Toilet seats.  We have gone through 6 toilet seats this year for the kids' bathroom.  Why?!  Why on earth do they keep breaking?  

  •  Trash can for outside.  Yesterday, poor Max lifted it up and well, let's just say the bottom fell out.  Was not a pretty sight from what I'm told.  Apparently, a critter got to the bottom of the can.  Now, down to one trash can and well, that's not going to work but for so long.

  •  Lysol Wipes.  OMG.  I make homemade stuff for some things but let's get real, nothing can clean up kid stuff like Lysol.  LOL.  

  • Gift card to a hair cut place.  I'm very grateful Max is able to cut some of the boys' hair.

  • Gift card to Lowes Home Improvement b/c let's face it, with a house full of FAS kids, things are always and forever going to need repair. That's just fact.  Ask any other FAS parent.   

  • Glue sticks.  I buy them by the caseload it seems.

  • Binders.  My children eat them.  They must.  

  • Backpacks.  Bojan's was brand new and ruined just two months after school started.

  • New phones.  Okay, NC went to having to dial the area code.  That's fine but our area code is 919.  911 call center got tons of calls that first two months this rule was enacted.  And yes, some from our home as well.  But, our phones get a lot of use.  We have one system but 3 phones to it.  Trouble is now some of the phones are sticking...on the number one.  You can see now where this would present a problem, right?  We now all super duper take our time to call just to make sure we don't hit the one twice or that it doesn't stick.  

  • Lighters.  For some reason they disappear around here and it's always when we need to light the charcoal.

  • Food of course!  There's 13 people in this house and plus forever guests here and there.  Food is more than the mortgage.  So food at Christmas would be awesome.  

  • Socks.  For everyone.  I just bought socks for everyone but we apparently have one of those sock eating monsters of a dryer.  

  • A vacuum.  Ours is being held together with a rubber band to keep the container on and duck tape around the cord.  House is vacuumed twice a day typically so tons of use.  

  • Bandaids.  They fix everything.
That's the more practical Christmas list.  You think I can get my kids to put some of these on theirs?  Doubtful.  Though I must say, I am very impressed w/ their Christmas Lists.  Not but one or two things on there and no high ticket items.  I asked do you want anything else and all their responses were I have everything I need.  I'm good.  Now, if I can just get some of them to learn a little more about empathy.  They'll sell their sibs up the river for anything.  LOL.  Of course, I do believe I did the same thing as a kid w/ tattling on my sister.  So, I can only say but so much.  More to come.  I'm on a writing roll!  Watch out. 

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  1. I absolutely adore your family! I don't get to read about you all as much as I would like to. Thank you for sharing! I hope that you get all the things on your practical list! Maybe even a few non practical items (like a nap, I always need a nap, and I only have 2)!