Friday, December 6, 2013

A Night to See Santa

Last night, we decided to go to a local event and see Santa.  Kids were ecstatic jumping up and down in their seats in the car.  Crazy.  Only younger kids went with us.  Plus, Reni didn't feel like going.  So, off we went.

Sofie's first look at the big guy and she went running back to daddy.

Summer walks right up and tells him all about wanting Dora shoes.

Nik and his Angry Bird list.  Angry bird chocolate, shoes, soap, and anything Angry Bird.  LOL.

Santa did eventually get a high 5 from her but nothing more.  She would not sit on his lap.  Not even close.  Maybe next time.  Talks about Ho-Ho-Ho non-stop at home.  Excited as all get out when we told her we were going to see Santa and then a no go on sitting on his lap.

Santa gave them a dollar to go buy from the table.  All my kids picked the chocolate.  Yep, definitely mine.

Helping Sofie tie on her bracelet.

Nik made the bracelet.  Loves the bell on it.

They had a nativity scene and kids could dress up.  Sofie was a lamb.

Summer, the angel.  I questioned this costume choice for her.  LOL.

Nik a Shepperd.  I think he pulls it off.

And this is Sofie's way of telling us she is done.  Wants to go home.  Over stimulation sometimes happens.  She takes it all in stride though.  Got to talk to some folks from the church and they want to ask me about a special needs ministry they are starting.  Never know who'll you'll meet.  Met someone who adopted from India.  Met so many interesting folks in a short time.  Was nice.  

Very pleasant, warm December evening.  Wasn't crowded and was perfect for my kids.  Logan went too but did not want pics taken.  You know, he's a teen now.  My parents are coming into town tomorrow so I'm sure we'll have more pictures to share from their visit.  Some are asleep now, some watching Star Trek Movie, cookies baking in the oven and much more.  A good evening.  Warren has a bronchial infection and is on some antibiotics.  No big deal.  He can NOT get sick.  Neither can Alyona.  Nor any of us for that matter due to multiple surgeries.  Have a feeling Reni may get tonsils out too around t he same time as the other surgeries.  Ahh, the joy of a busy hospital month.  we're thankful that typically, we have very healthy children.  Praying that continues.  Once these surgeries are behind us, the real work begins.  2014 is going to be a very changing year for us in more ways than one.  More soon.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

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