Sunday, November 24, 2013

What is Nik Thankful For?

The other day we went to an adoption party at Warren's work.  They host it every year for anyone in the company who has ever adopted.  They have crafts for the kids and pizza.  Pizza, fresh fruit and dessert.  Yum.  Kids got the chance to play with others.  I didn't bring the camera because well, we just wanted to relax and talk to others.  Doesn't always have to be a camera around.  Enjoy the moment.  So, Nik made this:

Thought it was sweet.  My kids tend to write everyone's names on various projects. They truly are family oriented.  Not sure if it is due to orphanage background or just being here w/ us.  We had a good time and headed home late once again that week.

Lateness that Thursday landed me a call from the school on Friday morning.  About Reni's red eyes.  I promised them it was not pink eye.  Sorry, but after 11 kids, we can indeed dx that ourselves.  I said she has tired eyes. They said that's what she told us!  I said it was an usual week w/ the circus in town, the adoption party and then another night spent w/ friends.  Hey, we don't just sit home all the time you know.  LOL.  Went to Reni's Thanksgiving Day feast at school w/ Alyona, Sofie and Cole (little boy I watch).  Nik was there too.  Was pleasant until a fire drill.  Left for home early w/ Reni and Nik too.  So, kind of a full week for everyone. 

Today, Sunday, we had a great time w/ friends of ours.  We went to their house for a late lunch of chilli in bread bowls.  Kids played all afternoon today and then we were headed to AWANAS only to find out there wasn't any tonight.  

Anyhow, enjoyable weekend.  Think I may have a double ear infection but waiting it out a tad.  Kids are all doing well health wise. Trying to keep everyone as healthy as possible so that Alyona doesn't get sick.  Her big surgery is in December and she MUST be healthy for this major surgery.  This year our track record isn't so bad w/ surgeries.  Max's shoulder surgery, Bojan's amputation, Alyona's tethered cord, Warren's surgery coming up, and Alyona's scoliosis coming up.  Never dull but that's okay.  We go with the flow here for sure.  Got to go.  Thanksgiving coming up this week and need to at least attempt to plan but those coming know me better than that.  LOL.  I seriously can't wait till Thursday.  More to come.  Got to go prep for Summer's IEP which is on Tuesday morning.  I think I know more about the brain than I care to.  By the end of the meeting, they should all be schooled in c-ACC(agenesis of corpus callosum), colpocephaly and very low white matter amounts.  Summer will be getting OT, speech and more I know for sure.  I know one major disagreement the school and I will have though so we'll wait and see.  Maybe I should bring donuts to the meeting.  IT's going to be a long one.

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