Saturday, November 30, 2013

Passing on the message

IMPORTANT!!!  Parents of children adopted from Kazakstan, please read:

A Kazakh delegation was in Washington DC  two weeks  ago and reported that
there are 600 missing post-placement reports.  The  Kazakh government was on
a path to reopen adoptions when concerns of children  already placed arose.
 The Kazakh government expressed that they may  consider reopening
adoptions if some of the post-placement reports were sent,  showing a good
effort on the part of US families.  As most families  know, reporting on the
well-being of adopted Kazakh children was to  continue until the children
reach the age of 18.
The reports do not have to be formal.  They can be one  page self reports
in English indicating the childb s Kazakh and US names, address, DOB, age
 year and region of adoption.  It should briefly address family adjustment,
 school, health and any activities of the child.  Some recent photos of the
 child, family and hopefully, one of the home should be included.  The
reports do not have to be formally signed (but should have the names of the
adoptive parent(s)).  They do not need to be translated,  notarized or
apostilled. They simply want to know that the children are  alive and still
their adoptive families.
The reports can be sent to:
Across The World Adoption, c/o Lesley Siegel,  395  Taylor Blvd., Suite
116, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
Please help us spread the word by sending this message to  other listservs
and blogs where parents with children from Kazakhstan may see  the appeal.
Thank you for your help!
Lynn Wetterberg

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