Saturday, November 16, 2013

Need to get back to life

with so much going on in our lives, I need to get back to blogging and try to pull things together after such a devastating loss to our family.  I have a lot to say but for now, need to slowly get things back on track.  I will take things one day at a time as that is all I can do.  So, today.  Warren went to work.  Usually doesn't work on weekends but it was an outage weekend and had to go in.  Stinks b/c he is also fighting a nasty cold.  His lungs work a little differently than most so we watch.  When he was a teenager, he was accidentally crop dusted on a field.  Seems to have had some lifelong lasting effects.  Warren is taking a nap. 

Today, we got up and did our Saturday cleaning.  Yana went to a Raiders meet w/ the ROTC.  They came in 2nd.  Wahoo!!  Rest of the day, we simply hung out at home for a change.  Kids played w/ friends and Nik & Summer were invited to a friend's house.  That was exciting b/c that does NOT happen often at all.  As in not hardly ever.  So, that was really great to witness today.

Nik, Summer and Sofie were playing outside earlier.

Summer is explaining just what exactly Sofie did to her 'flowers.'

Sofie pretending not to have done anything wrong & giving me that look.

Camera hog Nik could careless what is going on around him.  Summer, well, Summer is still pretty ticked off her sister knocked down the flowers she planted. BTW, the stick in front of Nik is a 'flower.'  They planted flowers all over the yard so I had a yard full of sticks sticking straight up.  Hey, they're being creative, right?

She's something else.  That look is the look of I think I got away w/ something.  She is dirty.  They played in my potting soil.  Why she put on a white shirt to play, well, you just have to wonder.

Nik came in and made me take a picture of him. He is so proud that he can now make Ramen Noodles.  He told me he's big now.  LOL.  Yep, preparing him for college folks.  

Well, Alex is spending the night elsewhere as is Bojan.  Rest are here.  Grilled chicken, baked potatoes, and broccoli.   Late, late dinner b/c frankly we started our day late anyhow might as well continue w/ it.  Kids have been watching a documentary on Primordial Dwarfism.  Why?  No idea.  They also watched Dennis the Menace Christmas earlier.  House got cleaned up today and now we'll probably just all have a late dinner, pick a nice movie out and relax.  It was nice not having to be somewhere for a change.  

Lots of upcoming events soon including two more surgeries for this household.  Thanksgiving is here this year for any and all who may want to come.  Would love to have visitors.  We just could not do it alone this year.  Our family doesn't feel complete any more and having friends new and old around will help I do believe.  So far, one other family is coming over.  If you are interested in Thanksgiving here, come on over.  Let me know.  Trying to make preparations now.  Asking for others to bring a dish to share if they come.  Think it will be a lot of fun.  I do.  

We had an unexpected visitor today.  Kyle from over 2 years ago stopped by to see us again!  Very cool.  He stayed with us one summer before moving onto college.  Great when visitors come back.  We've had several guests over the years and nice to see how they've done.  Kids enjoyed it as did I.  Just wished he could have stayed longer.  Maybe next time.  So, that was our day.  I needed to start somewhere on this blog so that is what I did.  Now, in the groove again.  So, do I blog some more or watch a movie w/ the family?  The family is most likely going to win out on that one.  LOL.  More soon, I promise.  I had just needed some time off is all. 

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