Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Max's drawings

Well, this one is a little different.  He did a self-portrait.  It was great but another classmate drew all over it.  Max was not happy and I wouldn't be either.  Classmate drew a beard on him.  But that is not important.  What I thought was cool is Max has never done a self portrait before.  I truly think he nailed it.  You have to see past the beard stuff though.

This is Max.  And no, he doesn't have a beard.  Hoping he'll redo this and not have people touch it.

Tried to get a shot of just the eyes so that you can see what I'm talking about.  He really did a good job I thought.  For a first attempt at a self-portrait.  

We had art class here today for homeschoolers.  And public school kids after they get home as well.  So, busy day and very late.  Need to get to bed.  Will have a bit more time tomorrow to do a few posts I hope.  I have been catching up on appointments, work, and so much organizing.  Actually, quite proud b/c trying to do some of these lingering things for weeks now.  STraightened out a bunch of medical bills & just got on track for some things.  Hoping this streak continues.  Can't say it will but here's hoping.  ENjoy your day folks.  More tomorrow. 


  1. Do you think the art lessons spurred him on to try self portrait? If so, it's a great rendition.

  2. It really is great. I hope he's not discouraged about the beard, because if he did it once, he can do it again. Faces are very difficult to draw and he did a wonderful job.