Monday, November 25, 2013

Manic Monday

Wasn't sure I'd actually have time to get this done today but figured I'd give it a shot.  Here goes:

  • Had a great weekend w/ some friends
  • Digby has stopped limping
  • I'm letting a double ear infection (I think) ride out.  Seems to be better today
  • Sofie is over her cold
  • Warren will be getting surgery soon in December
  • Alyona's surgery is still a go
  • Critical at this point we stay very healthy so surgeries can occur
  • Speech therapy off until December
  • Kids only  have 2 days of school this week
  • Summer's big IEP meeting is tomorrow
  • Need to get Logan's DEC17 in to doc
  • I've been able to use Santa's watching for awhile now.  LOL
  • Planning lots of events beginning of this coming month
  • Ready to see Meadow Lights soon (locals know what that is)
  • Having Thanksgiving here this week
  • Getting a fresh Christmas Tree this coming Friday
  • Need to go food shopping for turkey day
  • Heat is out.  Being fixed most likely today.  Fortunate the backup heating we use in the RV and tents can be used in the house as well for times like these. 
  • Kids have made Christmas lists
  • Trying to figure everything out for next year w/ all the healthcare changes
  • Trying to gather documents for tax time believe it or not
  • Deciding on a moving plan now that surgeries and adoptions will be behind us and kids are settled 
  • School is still causing me headaches to deal with
  • Max is trying to figure out what he's doing after high school
  • Yana is seriously looking into joining the military after school
  • Bojan is trying out for all county & all district bands I believe
  • Not ready for Christmas at all, let alone Thanksgiving
  • We're continuing to purge closets
  • Have piles of paperwork to do for various things that are just waiting for me
  • Need to mail off a few packages
  • Behind on thank you letters
  • Kids are off school starting on Wednesday
  • Trying to see if I want to buy into the whole Elf on the Shelf deal yet
  • And the heat is up and running again.  Wahoo!!!
Those are some of the highlights but as you are aware, much more happening than I can write about.  Would take too long.  Anyhow, need to get Warren a list to stop off at Sam's this evening before food is gone.  Not sure how it is where you live but folks here tend to wipe shelves out at various times of the year.  Even mention snow in the state of NC and shelves are emptied.  I kid you not.  Ask anyone here. It truly is a sight to behold.  Hence, why I always make sure during winter season we are never w/out hot cocoa.  Hey, isn't that all you really need during a 'snow storm?'  Even a 'dusting' here is considered a storm.  My first two Russian kids home cracked us up the first year.  It was the biggest snow storm NC had seen.  over 2 feet of snow.  Ran upstairs to get the kids and they go to the sliding glass door and look out.  Irina stands there points and says "this no snow.  Where's BIG snow?"  Remember, they had doors on second floors in Russia to be able to get out in winter where they lived.  To them, it was nothing.  Nonetheless, we all had super fun that day.  So, all of us in NC are snow dreaming for some miracle snow at some point this season.  Time will tell if that happens.  If anything, keeps us all dreaming.

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  1. I have lived with something similar to "elf on the shelf" all my life. I call it "silly elf tricks." To think somoene capitalizes on it and gets rich.

    When I was a kid elves would visit us and leave us notes that they were watching and stuff. On Christmas Eve, Grandma often spotted them hiding behind trees poking their heads out but I never saw one.

    When my sister had kids, the elves got mischevious. They would pull pranks around the house when I was visiting. Usually when I was hanging out with the nephews but sometimes sister was hanging out with them. One time, sister came down the stairs and yelled at her middle child to clean his room if he expected Santa to come. He told her he'd already spent the whole morning cleaning. But he went upstairs and sure enough, his bedsheets were strewn around the room and the clothes were all over the room and all the dresser drawers were open. They left notes around, seems that they traveled through the house in the AC vent.

    While my sister was watching Santa Movies with them, a whole bag of oreos went empty and only an empty bag and crumbs were left in the kitchen.

    I often saw them running into the kids playhouse when coming over to begin my pre-Christmas visit.