Saturday, November 23, 2013

Blessings Abound!

Can I just say we have the BEST friends in the world?  So many people care about our family and it just melts my heart every time.  These last few weeks have obviously been especially hard on the family and the kids are still grieving a big loss. That being said, we have had many thoughtful people thinking of us and the kids.  Friends have taken the kids places, ordered pizza for our family, come over to visit and so many other special things that have cheered quite a few of us up in here.  The other day, we received a package from a dear friend.

Waiting to open the box.

 All of them looking to see just what is inside this huge box.

Reni really happy about finally having a rainbow loom.

I know it's blurry but do you think Sofie is excited about the candy in the box?

Alyona w/ a picture of a friend she met this summer.

Summer loved all the rubber bands and gorgeous colors.

Alyona and Sofie w/ the antler ears she made.

Nik looking at instructions on how to begin.  He also has watched it on YouTube and come up w/ some great ones.

 Alex chose to do the bracelets on his fingers.  BTW, this was the beginning.  There are quite a few more bracelets on that wrist now.  Box was filled w/ such great things to help distract the kids. Remember, they have a long road to healing.  Can not thank Ms. Katherine for thinking of us during this time of transition and helping put some fun back in the house.  Awesome crafts and things to do.  

A dear friend has chickens that are producing some beautiful eggs.  She decided to share that bounty with us on several occasions.  And yes, by far fresh chicken eggs taste WAY better than caged ones.  You really can tell a difference.

Same friend that brought us the eggs, even brought us biscuits that morning!  Mmmm.  Delicious!  Big thanks to Ms. Amy for making our morning special.

 Another package came from our friend Anna.  Kids love her. 

 Alyona holding some neat straws.  Ignore the lovely laundry boys never took up. 

Think Summer is happy about an entire bag of yo-yo's?

Reni checking out her new bag.  So many goodies and possibilities.  Really was sweet of her to think of all the kids.

Nik and company LOVED the vampire teeth.  Though, they couldn't figure out how to swallow while they were in.  Let's just say gross and leave it at that.  St. Bernards drool less.  

Just was very sweet of our friends to think of us.  What wonderful blessings they are.  Put many a smiles on the kids' faces this past week.  And mine for that matter!  

today is Saturday.  Just vegging out mostly.  Cleaned house as usual.  Now, looks like we did nothing.  You know the drill.  Garbage got hauled off.  Thanksgiving is almost straightened out.  Any last minute stragglers, please let me know.  They'll be two turkeys here so plenty for everyone.  I think current head count is close to 30 so not bad.  Can't wait really.  Day after we will try to prep for Christmas tree. Get a fresh one from the farmer.  My parents and other family are coming to town the following weekend after Thanksgiving to celebrate Christmas early.  Kids are excited.  So, we need to get on the ball and decorate for Christmas soon after Thanksgiving week.  Being that we're the ultimate procrastinators here, I'm sure this will occur like at midnight the night before.  LOL.  We have many fun events coming up.  School stuff and all.  More to come.  Lots to catch up on.  Hope you're having a great weekend.  We get to go to a friend's house tomorrow and have chili with them for lunch.  Can't wait.  Kids love playing together so should be fun.  Got to go.  We're all watching a movie but all debating which one.  Warren & I may go to Redbox if this indecisiveness keeps up.  Enjoy your night.

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