Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Night at the Circus

After Bojan's amputation surgery, we were obviously connected to the Shriners.  AWESOME group of people!  The amount that these people do are extrodinary.  Well, found out about the circus and were blessed with some tickets.  This was for Tuesday evening.  It had been a very long day for us all and so Warren wasn't quite up to going  or was Yana as she had a migraine.  So, I called up my friend Rebecca to see if she'd want to do an impromptu circus trip w/ her daughter.  And well, off we went!  Once we all found the place, we were excited.  Made the mistake of following other cars that thought they knew where they were going.  Luckily, due to that police investigation ongoing about the faulty sabotaged vortex ride at the fair, a police officer has to guard it as evidence.  So, car in front of us asked where to go. Thank you officer.  Wasn't sure Big Bird was going to fit in the parking space but no problems, we parked on the grass.  Went inside and quickly realized that Sofie is terrified of....clowns.  Umm, did I mention we were at the circus folks?  But, clung to me, we managed to find some seats.  After switching a few times. 

Lighting was bad so did not get a whole lot of pictures.  But, this was before it started.

Summer is very much ready for it to start and got to sit by her great friend Ally.

Do you think she's happy for the show to start?

This was the look BEFORE I told her it wasn't all hers.  LOL.  Irina was sweet and bought all of us two giant bags of cotton candy to share.

they had acrobats, dogs, tigers, fire people, and so much more.  We all loved the guy on that wheel that turns way up high.  Scared the entire audience when he fell.  And recovered though.

Summer and Alyona showing off the picture of them w/ their friend at the tiger.  Very cool.

Some of the crowd after intermission.  Sofie was fading fast.  LOL.  We decided to go ahead and leave a bit early as it was still a school night.

Can you tell Summer looks like she's falling asleep on her feet?  This was on the way out.  Nik loved it.   Got the little girls princess crowns and flashing necklaces for the boys.  We didn't end up getting home till 11.  But, once in a life time deal.  All of us had a great time and really did enjoy going out.  We all want to plan more trips together b/c it really was nice.  Big thanks to the Shriners for all they do.  Incredible people to be sure.  Without them, Bojan would still be in pain.  If you get the chance, visit the circus as you never know what child you may be helping next. 

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