Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Day Out

The other day, a local salon put on a small event that we attended.  Was something to do on a Saturday and the weather was superb.  So, took a friend along w/ her daughter and we all headed out to the event.

Sofie enjoying the balloons.

Sofie w/ a dog face painting.

Nik was thrilled he got an Angry Bird face painting.

Pure Alyona face. LOL.   Sure she'll love this on here.

Thought this was cute of Ms. Summer in pigtails.  Kept messing w/ the balloons so we tied them to her pig tails.  Hey, we're problem solvers in this house.

Nik riding the horse.

This and another picture of house guest were two of my favorites from this event.  Sofie loved the horses to be sure.  They all went on twice and then played other games and such.

Reni showing off her cupcake face painting.

Irina out and about.  Was a cute little set up they did here and such a sunny day.

Alyona getting her hair done.  Sofie watching her big sis waiting for her turn.

My baby is losing that baby face so fast and growing up into a preschooler.  She may possibly be going to preschool some this next semester.  Time will tell.  

This is Summer.  Almost always smiles.  It was so nice to go out with a friend and her daughter.  Such a pleasant outing.  And, her daughter even won one of the door prizes!  We all had a really good time before heading home that day.  Enjoyable to be sure. 

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