Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Yeh, he's twisted

Okay, so once again I am beyond far behind on this blog. However, I honestly have felt under the weather.  On antibiotics and hoping tomorrow is the upswing day.  Found a pic from the other day I wanted to share. 

Nik is really happy here.  He took some of his b-day money and bought this Air Hog thing.  Lucky he got it b/c Dad read the price tag wrong.  URGHH!!!  Anyhow, it flies in the air but best watch out for the blades.  They do hurt and get stuck.  What do I mean?

When it lands, it tangles everything in it's path.  Yes, it is stuck in Summer's hair.

Closer view for you.  It did have to be cut out.  No saving this.  But, Summer has such thick hair it truly didn't matter.  From then on, everyone stayed away w/out being asked.  LOL.

Oh I have so much to say.  Just been so exhausted.  Coughing so hard at night, can't sleep.  Again though, hoping we're on the upswing now.  Definitely be back to share more.  Have a great evening everyone and at least tomorrow is Thursday.  We have an awesome weekend ahead of us.  Going to Camp Woodbine for the day.  Older kids are helping my friend out with a petting zoo while the other kids go.  Weather should be fantastic which is awesome.  Kids are also excited about the following weekend to our camping trip.  We're ready to travel, have some fun, and enjoy the fall. 

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